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7 Super Teardrop Campers with Bathrooms that Will Blow Your Mind

Can you get a teardrop camper with a bathroom? We have good news! It’s not only possible; they’re super cute and practical. In fact, we just might blow your mind with the campers in this article. They take the pressure off of finding a toilet while boondocking or driving out on the open road. Let’s dive in!

Do Any Teardrop Campers Have Bathrooms?

Indeed, they do! Teardrop camper RV manufacturers have more innovative offerings than ever. Teardrop campers don’t weigh much and tow easily, but in the past were often missing a bathroom. Fitting a toilet, let alone a shower, into one of these tiny campers seemed impossible until now. Customers have asked for more options, and some brands answered the call.

Not all teardrops have bathrooms, and you’ll typically find them in the larger models of these slick campers.

What Kind of Bathroom Will You Find in a Teardrop Camper?

To calm your expectations, we want to point out that teardrop campers will not have full-suite bathrooms. Often, the bathrooms of these tiny trailers will be wet baths versus dry baths, meaning that the whole room is waterproof as it also serves as the shower. These types of camper bathrooms are generally smaller and include a very small vanity sink in a corner. The RV’s toilet will frequently be either a standard gravity flush toilet, a cassette toilet, or even just a portable toilet.

Bushwhacker teardrop camper without a bathroom
Teardrops started out as tiny campers with a bed. Now, you can get full-sized teardrops with more amenities.

Why Do You Want a Teardrop Camper With a Bathroom?

It’s important to keep in mind that the addition of a bathroom in a small camper like a teardrop is to provide somewhere to relieve oneself especially when no public restroom is available. Teardrop trailers with bathrooms allow campers to experience dry camping without hookups and even boondocking without nearby facilities. Being self-contained expands where you can camp and adventure for longer periods of time.

Pro Tip: While living in a tiny home isn’t always easy, it is possible! We took a closer look at teardrop life to uncover Can You Live in a Teardrop Camper Full-time?

The 7 Best Super Teardrop Campers with Bathrooms 

A teardrop camper with a bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean less space for other features. Even with showers and toilets, these seven still leave plenty of room for sleeping, eating and storage. See for yourself!

1. Little Guy Max

About the Max: This sleek teardrop comes loaded with high-quality features throughout, including 100% hardwood cabinets. It has a queen master bed, a dinette that also drops into a bed, and a small yet fully equipped kitchen. This 21′ long camper also includes a 6′ 2″ tall wet bath, so you won’t feel cramped.

Bathroom Details: The Little Guy Max has a full wet bath with a residential shower and adjustable faucet head. It has a marine-style toilet and a waterproof toilet paper holder. Additionally, you’ll find a Fantastic Fan to vent steam or odors out of the bathroom.

Take A Look: We took a closer look at Little Guy Campers brand to help you choose which model is right for you.

Little Guy MAX - 2021 Model - Walkthrough Tour

2. nuCamp TAB 400 Teardrop Camper

About the TAB 400: TAB 400 teardrops are loved for their rounded teardrop shape and unique port windows. With a length of only 18′ 3″, a width of 7′ 6″, and an optional Boondock Package, this trailer can go just about anywhere. Plus, it has everything you need for a comfortable camping trip: a queen bed, dinette, kitchen, and wet bath.

Bathroom Details: The TAB 400 offers one of the most spacious wet baths on the market. You’ll have plenty of headroom to take advantage of the adjustable showerhead. This bathroom also features a fold-up sink and a corner toilet, which keeps both out of the way while you shower.

nuCamp TAB 400 Teardrop Camper Bathroom
nuCamp TAB 400 Wet Bath

3. Braxton Creek Bushwhacker Plus 15 FK

About the Bushwhacker Plus 15 FK: This Bushwhacker Plus model is only 15′ 6″ long, but it still has all the essential features you need in a camper. You’ll find a small kitchen, a 12V refrigerator, a wet bath, and a dinette with a swivel table that folds into a queen-sized bed. The 15 FK is also one of the most affordable teardrops in its class, averaging $15,000 for a new unit.

Bathroom Details: This teardrop camper has a traditional wet bathroom. It has a shower and a toilet with a sizable 8.5-gallon black water tank, so you can camp longer without worrying about finding a dump station.

Pro Tip: We did a deep dive into Bushwhacker campers to help you decide which model is right for you.

Braxton Creek Bushwhacker Plus 15 FK Floor Plan
Braxton Creek Bushwhacker Plus 15 FK Floor Plan

4. Aliner Grand Ascape ST

About the Grand Ascape ST: This unit is the smallest trailer on our list at only 14′ long. Surprisingly, though, Aliner managed to fit a wet bath into this little teardrop camper. It also has a dinette that folds down into a 77″ x 64″ bed, a kitchen sink, a two burner stove, and a small 3-way refrigerator.

Bathroom Details: Unlike other teardrop campers, you enter the Grand Ascape ST from the rear of the trailer. This design left plenty of room for a shower and a cassette toilet combo to the right of the entryway as you walk into the camper.

2019 Great Ascape ST Travel Trailer by Aliner Walkthrough Tour

5. Homegrown Trailers Timberline

About the Timberline: This eco-friendly teardrop camper has wood paneling inside and out, giving it a rugged look. It features your choice of a queen bed and three bunks or a queen bed and a dinette. The Timberline also has a kitchen and bath. If you tend to feel claustrophobic in small RVs, you’ll appreciate the interior height of this teardrop, which is nearly 7′ at its tallest point.

Bathroom Details: To add to its eco-friendliness, Homgrown Trailers have installed a composting toilet in the Timberline’s wet bath. Of course, there’s also a shower with plenty of headroom for taller folks.

Feeling hesitant about buying a camper with a composting toilet? This article might change your mind: What’s So Great About RV Composting Toilets?

Homegrown Trailers Timberline Teardrop Camper
Homegrown Trailers Timberline Teardrop Camper

6. Forest River R-Pod 171

About the R-Pod 171: Forest River R-Pods have become a popular travel trailer choice for RVers seeking full amenities in a small, well-built space. The 171 model is the smallest R-Pod at only 19′. Yet, the interior is fairly luxurious compared to some other teardrops. You’ll find a spacious kitchen with ample dinnette seating, a queen bed, and a wet bath in this trailer.

Bathroom Details: The wet bathroom in this teardrop camper has a toilet with a whopping 30-gallon black tank – the largest on our list! It also has a shower with a built-in sink making it easy to wash up after using the toilet.

Curious if R-Pods are really all they’re cracked up to be? Find out here: Are R-Pods Good Campers?

R-Pod 171 Wet Bath
R-Pod 171 Wet Bath

7. Winnebago Minnie Drop 170S

About the Minnie Drop 170S: The Winnebago Minnie Drop 170S comes in at 21′, but with that length you get the benefit of a dry bathroom. It’s also the only teardrop on our list with a slide-out, making this camper feel open and spacious. This RV features a kitchen, dinette, pantry cabinet, and a queen bed.

Bathroom Details: The bathroom in this teardrop camper is rather impressive. Because it’s a dry bath, the shower and toilet are separate. This also means you get a vanity with a sink and plenty of counter and storage space. What really stands out in this bathroom, though, is the large wardrobe cabinet, which you rarely find in teardrop trailers.

Winnebago Minnie Drop 170S (Unbiased RV Review)

How Much Is a Teardrop Camper with a Bathroom?

Teardrops vary widely in price. The campers on our list range from $15,000 to $75,000, with quality and craftsmanship playing a huge role in the price. We always recommend shopping within your budget and focusing on the overall construction and layout that will work best for you.

What Is the Smallest RV with a Bathroom?

The Scamp Deluxe is 13 ft long and has a toilet and shower. This is the smallest RV on the market that we could find with a bathroom. Have you seen any smaller ones? 

Pro Tip: Check out these 7 Surprisingly Small Camping Trailers with Bathrooms for additional small camper ideas.

Scamp Deluxe 13 towed by a Jeep.
Scamp Deluxe 13 towed by a Jeep.

Are Teardrop Campers with Bathrooms Worth It?

Having a toilet in your RV is always worth it. You never know when you’ll have a lack of facilities on the road, so having a bathroom in your teardrop camper can really save the day. Not to mention, it makes camping easier when you don’t have to hunt down the nearest bathhouse.

Teardrops are lightweight and give you more flexibility than larger RVs. But that doesn’t mean you need to forego luxuries. These manufacturers have made good use of the space in the campers we shared by adding bathrooms, and we know once you hit the road in one, you’ll appreciate it.

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Row of Teardrop Campers

If you have a teardrop camper with a bathroom, drop a comment below. We’d love to hear about your experience!

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We have a Rove Lite 14FD we love the lay out and the weight is perfect. It has everything we need including storage.


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Author left out the information that almost everyone who is reading about teardrops or other small campers look for: The weight. If your vehicle can’t tow it, nothing else matters.