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Is Tesla’s Electric RV A Reality or a Rumor?

Is Tesla’s Electric RV A Reality or a Rumor?

With the automobile industry moving toward electric vehicles, it’s no wonder people are asking about electric RVs. The German Iridium E-Mobil has been on the road for a couple of years, but are there electric RVs in the United States? Many people think the future of electric RVs lies with Elon Musk’s Tesla company. So let’s take a closer look at the possibility of a Tesla RV. 

Will the Cybertruck be towing a trailer any time soon? Perhaps the Tesla Semi will be in the build of an electric motorhome. Let’s dive in!

electric semi truck
Electric semi trucks are real, and we have seen them in person. Seems this would be a great platform for an electric motorhome.

Are Electric RVs the Future?  

Although manufacturers are toying with the idea of electric RVs, and some are even producing concepts and working on models, it’s still far into the future before electric RVs become the norm. We have very few electric cars on the highways compared to gas and diesel engine vehicles. There are still fewer charging stations than fuel centers.

However, the future of electric RVs is encouraging. Even if they aren’t widespread for decades, manufacturers are moving in the right direction with environmentally-friendly concepts. Winnebago released its e-RV vision with a range of 125 miles. Airstream revealed its eStream concept with independent motors that allow the travel trailer to move down the highway. This addition provides efficiency to the towing vehicle. It’s possible to see these concepts move into mass production in the future.

Is There a Tesla RV?

The short answer is no. However, people are dreaming up many concepts and wonderful ideas, but nothing is a reality yet. The closest is the space camper topper concept that is taking pre-orders. While they have the designs ready to go and are taking pre-orders, the truck is not road ready yet.

Tesla Space Camper electric RV product image from company website
The Space Camper from Tesla will be a game changer in the electric RV industry.

However, some Tesla cars have a camper mode allowing you to sleep in your vehicle. The Model S with a DreamCase lets owners lay down the seats and rest comfortably on a mattress. This bed-in-a-box system fits easily into the Tesla’s trunk.

There are also manufacturers toying with using the Tesla CyberTruck to tow RVs or the Tesla Semi to build a motorhome. While they dont exist yet, its sure fun to look at the concepts and do some dreaming.

tesla RV concepts
Tesla RV Concepts are fun to look at

How Much Would a Tesla RV Cost?

The Tesla Space Camper starts at $24,000, excluding accessories and upgrades. This doesn’t include the Cybertruck that you would attach to the Space Camper. The camper is easy to operate with the flip of a switch. It opens or retracts by the air-powered actuators and the truck’s onboard compressor. The sleeping space is 50 inches wide and 6 feet, 8 inches long. When not sleeping, you can use the area to work, dine, or lounge. You can even move the table and bench extensions outside to sleep under the stars.

tesla cybertruck space camper
The space camper concept is the first Tesla RV options taking pre orders

There are other ideas for fifth wheels and campers that the Tesla Cybertruck would tow, but nothing is a concept yet. Depending on whether they produce models as trailers or fifth wheels, the price will vary. Fifth wheels are more expensive than travel trailers.

Using the Tesla Semi to build an electric motorhome is another idea. Unlike other electric RV concepts companies have released, the Tesla Semi has a 900 kWh battery pack and can travel more than 500 miles with a full load of 82,000 pounds according to Tesla. However, efficiency could increase if they find a way to keep this heavy motorhome closer to 70,000 pounds. There is no price tag for this concept yet as the Tesla Semi is still in its early launch phases.

tesla Semi Motorhome concept

Can Tesla Cars Tow A Camper?

Tesla cars can tow campers, however, it depends on the model of the Tesla car and the weight of the camper. Tesla’s Model S, Model X, and Model Y are all equipped with towing capabilities. However, Model S and Model X have a towing capacity of up to 5,000 pounds, while Model Y has a towing capacity of up to 3,500 pounds.

Just like a gas car, however, towing a trailer with an electric car can reduce the car’s range and mileage. This is because when towing a trailer, the car’s electric motor has to work harder to pull the extra weight and fight wind resistance which can increase energy consumption and decrease the car’s range. Additionally, the added wind resistance from the trailer can also decrease the car’s range.

The exact mileage reduction will depend on a number of factors such as the weight and shape of the trailer, the speed at which the car is traveling, and the terrain on which the car is being driven. Therefore, it’s recommended that you plan ahead and take into account the additional energy consumption when towing a trailer with an electric car. It’s also important to take into account the availability of charging stations when planning a long trip with a trailer.

Tesla Car Towing A Trailer

What Are the Benefits of an Electric RV? 

The main benefits of an electric RV are the same as electric cars. Less expensive to operate and fuel, smoother quieter ride and zero emissions. However, RVs could add other benefits like the ability to run all the household needs of the RV off the battery. Most RV’s also have solar that might be able to charge the drive battery.

Another benefit is the ability to charge the electric RV at home or a campground overnight. Owners can travel 100 miles or more, depending on the RV, stop at a campground with a charging station or electrical hookups, and then head out the following day for another destination.

Furthermore, electric RVs are much quieter than traditional gas or diesel-powered RVs, allowing for a more peaceful camping experience for everyone.

What Are the Downsides of an Electric RV?

Currently, the most significant downside of an electric RV is the range. For example, the Winnebago e-RV has a limited range of 125 miles. For local travelers who want to go down the road to a state park or camp at the beach for a weekend, this range isn’t limiting. But for RVers who like to travel long distances, 125 miles won’t get them very far in a day.

Charging an electric RV, even a Tesla model, will also probably take longer than charging a standard vehicle because of the far larger battery pack. So owners can’t pull over at a charging station for a quick 30-minute charge and get back on the road. They’ll need to stop for a night. That could turn into an extended road trip.

Bowlus Volterra electric RV parked at campsite
The Bowlus Volterra is a pricy trailer that is marketing itself as an option for towing with an electric vehicle.

Are There Fully Electric RVs Currently on the Market? 

We wrote an article all about electric RV’s that dives into this a bit more, but as of this article, there are still no electric RV’s for sale in the US.

Like the Winnebago e-RV and Airstream eStream, Thor has revealed the Vision Vehicle. Its range is approximately 300 miles. However, like the other two concepts, the Vision Vehicle has yet to hit the market.

Pro Tip: Looking for a new electric truck? Read more about the Canoo Electric Truck to decide if it’s right for you.

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Is a Tesla RV the Wave of the Future?

Tesla is leading the way in electric vehicles and other technological innovations. Therefore, the company could also lead the way in mass-producing electric RVs. The Cybertruck will need to tow heavier trailers, and the range of electric motorhomes will need to increase to meet the needs of many RVers. However, the future looks promising. Is a Tesla RV possible? Innovative technologies continue to change the way we live, so it won’t be surprising to see these technologies change the way we RV.

Tesla RV is Officially Happening!

If and when electric RVs become readily available, will you want to make a purchase? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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Wednesday 18th of January 2023

Absolutely, I'm waiting impatiently... would not afford a large RV camper, but a Ram, Ford or Sprinter-sized RV would be in my range... to live full-time...

I think its the future, and an answer to manys' homelessness, housing cost inflation...

I'm 76, and such for a person alone in retirement, it provides mobility to enjoy one's last years...

Society will have to bend its restrictions though...

C'mon, Elon!...

Mortons on the Move

Monday 23rd of January 2023

Love It and completely agree!

Mike LaMagdeleine

Sunday 15th of January 2023

When you hit 500 miles and are a lot more competitive on price, I live in Alaska where it is very cold in the winter and like the rest of the US no plan. We should be working on infrastructure harder than the vehicle it self.

Mortons on the Move

Monday 16th of January 2023

Infrastructure will be required for any electric type travel for sure.


Sunday 15th of January 2023

I have a hybrid car and love it. If there was a hybrid class C or class A I would like to get one.

Mortons on the Move

Monday 16th of January 2023

Right, it seems like every car should be a hybrid, just makes them so much better all the way around!