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The Biggest RV Brands You Need to Know About

If you’ve been looking at recreational vehicles for any length of time, you may know that three brands dominate the industry: Winnebago, Forest River, and Thor. But when it comes time to start your shopping, it can get a little confusing. Let’s take a closer look at all three RV brands and see which one might be best for you.

Three Biggest RV Brands to Watch Out For

Interest in RVing has grown by leaps and bounds, and the RV industry is trying to keep up with new demand. Today’s recreational vehicles offer various floorplans, options, and amenities, making it hard for RV buyers to choose. Three manufacturers have emerged as the biggest players. Let’s take a look at what they have to offer.


A staple in the industry, Winnebago has been creating motorhomes since 1958. The Winnebago brand makes motorhomes and towables, including Class As, camper vans, Class Cs, fifth wheels, and more.

RV Brands Owned by Winnebago

Today the company produces motorized recreational vehicles under the Winnebago name. However, it also produces travel trailers and fifth wheels under the Grand Design RV brand. Additionally, it owns Newmar, a luxury, hand-built Class A motorhome company.

And for those interested in seeing the country from the water, Winnebago recently added Chris-Craft to its lineup. Plus, the Winnebago Specialty Vehicles line produces things like accessibility-enhanced and commercial vehicles.

Forest River

Started in 1996, Forest River has grown into one of the biggest North American RV brands. They produce Class As, fifth wheels, Class Cs, toy haulers, camping trailers, travel trailers, and more. 

RV Brands Owned by Forest River

Forest River has a huge array of RV and vehicle manufacturers under its roof. From Aurora to Ozark to Sonoma, Forest River brands include just about every type of RV under the sun. In fact, they own more than 20 brands now. If you go looking for an RV, you’re likely to run into a Forest River.

Those looking for a family-friendly travel trailer might check out the Aurora brand, for example. Meanwhile, people seeking a fifth wheel could seek Cedar Creek’s rugged outdoor line. 

Forester produces Class Cs, or you can go for something more compact with Sonoma’s travel trailers. Forest River also owns brands that make Class As, luxury trailers, toy haulers, and more. 

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Almost 25% of motorhomes sold every year come through Thor in one way or another. This upstart came onto the scene in 2010, though it had the backing of Damon Motor Coach and Four Winds International. Today, Thor produces just about every type of motorhome out there, from Class As to toy haulers and everything in between. You’ll find Class Bs and Cs and even some recreational utility vehicles

RV Brands Owned by Thor

Thor owns brands in both North America and Europe. One of the most notable is Airstream, a well-known brand that makes travel trailers and touring coaches. 

You also might recognize the likes of Jayco and Heartland among their lauded brands. Jayco offers a robust range of RVs, including Class A, B, and C RVs, as well as travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers. Heartland is a little more specialized, offering travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers only.

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Do You Have a Favorite RV Brand?

With these three brands, you can find just about every type of RV on the road today. These three powerhouses own dozens of familiar brands you might already trust for travel trailers and motorhomes. Do you have a favorite RV brand? Are you surprised to see another brand owns them?

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Sunday 23rd of May 2021

Unfortunately, I have found bigger doesn’t always mean better.

Marc Stauffer

Sunday 23rd of May 2021

Ours is a 2019 Jayco Jay flight 145rbs Baja designed for boondocking . We have upgraded it with solar, heavier tires,larger battery bank, air ride suspension, water filtration, a marine grade stainless wood stove and a few other comfort and storage items. Although considered an entry level size, this trailer shows a 4 season quality build and has features that the big boys have.

Tommy Capotosti Jr.

Sunday 29th of May 2022

We bought a new 2019 Jayco Redhawk 25R from Camping World in MyrtleBeach,SC and although we like the motorhome the service has been horrible at Camping World at the beach as well as in Columbia SC. We wouldn't buy anything from Camping World ever again. We called their corporate office of Camping World as well as Jayco to try and get something done with little success. Once they got the money--it has been downhill. Contact me anytime and I could tell you quite a few things about Camping World and they are all negative!!!!

Jason Grendahl

Sunday 23rd of May 2021

Thor is actually much older than 2010. Thor was created in 1980 by two people, Wade Thompson and Peter Orthwein, taking the first two letters of their last names as the company name. They formed in 1980 specifically to buy Airstream from Beatrice Foods. They have acquired or created additional brands under the Thor group since then.

Jackson Seltzer

Sunday 23rd of May 2021

In December 2020 Thor industries bought Tiffin Motorhomes. They are a high end manufacturer of class A and C RV units.

Carl Jehle

Sunday 23rd of May 2021

I purchased a Winnebago Forza 38 coach in January of 2021 and 13 days later the electrical part of the furnace caught on fire as we drove on the freeway. Winnebago never acknowledged our warranty even though the dealership called and informed them of the fire. I had to hire an attorney who was able to talk to Winnebago. My insurance company totaled the RV and made me whole again. Winnebagos warranty and company are horrible. Don’t buy one the workmanship has gone down hill recently. If you buy one get a good insurance policy and several fire extinguishers.

Mortons on the Move

Friday 28th of May 2021

We're sorry to hear you had an unfortunate experience with your Winnebago.