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The Call of the North | Go North Episode 1

The Call of the North | Go North Episode 1

After almost 4 years traveling the contiguous US, it was time that we see some of Canada and Alaska.

Watch Go North Episode 1 and join us as we kick off our adventure!

It has always been our plan to do it with a truck camper because of being smaller and more flexible, while still having the capabilities of a truck. While we have never tried this form of travel we are very excited to be hitting the road!

The Call of the North: Journey to the Arctic Ocean | Go North Ep 1

The Expedition Begins: Go North Episode 1

The north had been calling to us. After 3 years of roaming the Lower 48 of the U.S., it was time to expand our horizons and look north. Tom grew up in Alaska as a child and had always wanted to return.

lance truck camper for go north expedition

Our partnership with Lance Camper Manufacturing is helping us make our dream come true sooner that was initially planned.

Taking a Lance Truck Camper North

We are looking forward to testing out the Lance truck camper 1172 as we tackle our travel goals through Canada and Alaska, all the way to the Arctic Ocean. This journey is going to take us approximately 6-7 months covering around 10,000 miles.

We depart Lancaster, CA (where Lance is located) at the end of April to enter Canada in early May, and enter Alaska in early June.  After exploring Denali, Fairbanks, the Dempster Highway all the way to the Arctic Ocean, and the Kenai Peninsula, we start making our way back south in mid-September and re-enter the Lower 48 in mid-October.

More info about our preparations and planning can be found on our Go North pages, as well as the Frequently Asked Questions and Explore More pages! 😀  

The Go North Expedition is made possible by Lance Camper Manufacturing, Battle Born Batteries, Truma North America, Dometic,, Hellwig Suspension Products, and viewers like you through Patreon. Thank you!

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Friday 14th of February 2020

I'd like to just take a minute of your time and thank you for sharing your photos and videos with your followers.. They are nothing short of being fantastic and keep you glued in your seat... I must of missed an episode for I remember seeing one video with a trailer, then I see the Lance on the back.. I must of had a senior moment, can you tell me which episode I missed.. Keep up the great work and enjoy life while you both have the time and youth on your side.. Aloha, from WA. ted