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Who Is Thetford and What Do They Make?

Thetford is a manufacturing company responsible for various products you’ll find in RV’s and boats. Looking for a toilet, refrigerator, holding tank treatment, or even evacuation products for your RV? Thetford can help you out. 

We dug up information about this particular manufacturing company, so you can decide whether or not to go for a Thetford product. 

Who Is Thetford? 

Thetford is a leading manufacturer and distributor of marine and RV toilets, refrigeration, cooking equipment, holding tank helpers, and sanitation materials. Avid campers have probably had experience with a few of their products along the way. 

Thetford Toilet
When you think of Thetford you might think of toilets, but they make a whole range of other RV products too.

In November 2021 Monomoy Capital partners purchased the company, taking Thetford manufacturing global. The company now has two manufacturing plants to produce its wide range of products. 

Where Are Thetford Products Manufactured?

Thetford is headquartered in Ann Arbor Michigan. Like most large manufacturers many of the parts and pieces of Thetford products come from China. However Thetford has assembly and warehousing facititeis in Dexter Michingan and Recently, the company added a new plant in Etten-Leur, Netherlands. Though Thetford products get distributed worldwide, these two manufacturing locations are the source of their products. 

What Does Thetford Make? 

You can find the long list of products produced by Thetford on their website. However, make sure you visit the site for your country. Otherwise, you might feel a bit confused scrolling through their product pages. The company does have standard categories, however. Take a look at some of their products below. 

RV Toilets

If you’re not “in the know” when it comes to various RV toilets, you should know that Thetford offers many options. They produce portable, cassette, gravity flush, and macerating toilets. When you figure out which setup best suits your RV, this company will be there to provide a nice place to do your business. 

Norcold Refrigerators

Thetford manufactures Norcold RV and marine refrigerators. You can find pretty much any sized refrigerator in their lineup. They make portable fridges like a cooler, and they make refrigerators with four doors and 18 cubic feet of storage inside. 

Norcold Fridge
Thetford manufactures Norcold RV and marine refrigerators.

Holding Tank Products

Don’t forget to take care of your holding tanks. Thetford has you covered. They offer holding tank treatments, holding tank maintenance products, and even some fast-dissolving toilet paper that won’t cause clogging issues. 

Thetford toilet products
Thetford makes holding tank treatments, cleaners, and RV-safe toilet paper.

Evacuation Products

When you park your RV somewhere without sewage hookups, managing the toilet needs of your whole travel party could get messy. Thetford’s portable evacuation products allow you to empty your tank while out in the boonies. Some items include portable waste tanks, sewer hoses, sewer adapters, and sewer hose supports.

Thetford 17854 Titan 10 Foot RV Sewer Hose...
  • [VERSATILITY]: Titan 10' can be used to increase the reach of...
  • [DESIGN]: Made of TPE, the hose is uncrushable - bounces back in...
  • [FUNCTIONALITY]: Puncture, abrasion and extreme temperature...

Thetford also manufacturers a popular macerating pump called the Sanicon that can pump your tanks out even uphill. We personally use the sanicon on both our RV’s and got it from Mobile Must Have. They are a MOTM partner and offer 5% off to our readers with coupon code MOTM5.

Thetford sanicon pump
This is our Thetford sanicon pump installed in our truck camper.

Cleaning Products

Thetford makes a cleaning product for nearly every cleaning job you could imagine regarding RVs and marine vessels. They have kitchen cleaner, awning cleaner, bug and streak remover, roof cleaner, RV wash and wax, and even lubricant for your slide-out

Thetford Premium RV Wash and Wax, Detergent and...
  • [VERSATILITY]: Premium RV Wash & Wax works on cars, RVs,...
  • [PERFORMANCE]: Cleans black streaks, dried bugs, bird droppings,...
  • [FUNCTIONALITY]: Coats surfaces leaving a non-oily, anti-static...

RV Kitchen Products

In addition to cleaning products for the kitchen, they also make a pretty cool two-burner range. The company offers three different stove options, and they’ll hook you up with a quality sink as well. If you’re building a new RV from the ground up or taking your aftermarket ideas to fruition, Thetford offers solutions. 

Marine Products

Nearly every RV product produced by Thetford is also made for marine vessels. As the two travel methods are similar in a few ways, Thetford makes marine toilets, refrigerators, and offers a range of treatment products for boat holding tanks. Their website even has a separate site specifically for purchasing marine products. 

Who Are Thetford’s Competitors?

Thetford has many competitors, none of which are quite as threatening as Dometic. Dometic manufactures products for the mobile lifestyle space as well and offers many products in the same catagories.

However, it’s probably best that you work with a mixture of the two company’s products to build the most reliable camper possible. 

Dometic CFX Cooler
Dometic is a direct competitor of Thetford.

Are Thetford Products Good Quality?

Because they manufacture so many different products you will find varying quality across the board. Many of the products have multiple options that offer products in the (good, better, best) categories. Reading reviews or getting hands-on experience with the product you are looking at will be the only way to make a quality determination. Personally, we have owned both great and poor quality Thetford products over the years.

Regardless of quality sometimes a specific product is needed to meet the mobile lifestyle needs, and lots of times Thetford delivers.

Furrion is also a competitor of Thetford. Find out what kind of products they make and Who Owns Furrion?

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