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The Tiffin Allegro Bus: Luxury Motorhome or Overhyped Money Pit?

In the world of RVing, Tiffin seems to want their name to be synonymous with luxury and quality. Among their lineup of motorhomes, the Tiffin Allegro Bus may be one of the most coveted options. Nevertheless, luxury often comes with a hefty price tag. So, is the Tiffin Allegro worth the investment? 

Today, we’re take a deep dive into the world of Tiffin Motorhomes, with a focus on the Allegro Bus model. We’ll explore its specifications, features, pricing, and reputation. Let’s dive in. 

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Who Makes Tiffin Motorhomes? 

Before Tiffin Motorhomes became what it is today, Alex Tiffin owned the Tiffin Supply Company. This family-owned and operated business sold home furnishings in the 1940s and was relatively successful. In 1972, Alex’s son, Bob Tiffin, bought a failing RV production company out of Red Bay Alabama. It was here that Tiffin Motorhomes was born.  

Since its founding, Tiffin Motorhomes has established a reputation for quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. Customers have praised the company for its attention to detail, luxurious interiors, and robust build quality.

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How Reliable Are Tiffin Motorhomes? 

Ultimately if you are going to spend a fortune on a luxury motorhome, a critical factor to consider is reliability overall. Is the unit going to do what it’s supposed to without breaking down?

With any RV, there is both the cassis and house components. Tiffen has used both Spartan and Freightliner chassis, which are the big names in the bus and RV industry. While Tiffen needs to integrate with these components, they don’t actually make them, so as for engine and drivetrain reliability, you won’t find much difference in Tiffen vs other major motorhome manufacturers. As with most vehicles, if maintenance is followed properly, there is a good chance you will have a reliable ride.

As for the house systems, we will be honest: we have seen plenty of problems with Tiffen rigs over the years. But being honest again, we have seen problems with ALL RV manufacturers. Overall, Tiffen’s build quality is on the higher end, which helps avoid some catastrophic frame, wall, and structure problems we have seen with some RVs. However, componentry and interconnected pieces have caused plenty of problems. This is true of almost all RV’s, however, because they are so complicated and do a challenging job driving down rough roads.

Luckily, Tiffin has built a strong reputation for the reliability of its motorhomes. Their commitment to quality control during the manufacturing process and the use of reputable components contribute to their reputation. Additionally, the company’s customer service and support network ensures that owners have access to assistance and service when necessary.

We like to be honest that you will have problems with any RV, and being willing to try and figure some of them out yourself will greatly improve the ownership experience. While we don’t own a Tiffen, we do have a luxury motorhome, and while its upfront pricetag might seem like you will get a problem-free product, I can tell you for a fact that that is not true.

Are Tiffins Money Pits?

Let me be frank: Yes. If you have not owned an expensive large motorhome before, I can tell you that they are all money pits and will cost a lot to maintain and keep up. Does that mean they are not worth it? No. It means that they are the most expensive way to travel in an RV, but they do come with some of the fanciest features and the nicest ride and driving experience.

As for Tiffin, compared to other manufacturers, we have not seen much evidence that they are significantly more or less costly than other options. It’s similar to owning a luxury boat or an airplane. You must expect the high cost of ownership regardless.

How Much Did Thor Pay for Tiffin Motorhomes? 

In the ever-evolving RV industry, acquisitions and mergers are not uncommon. In December 2020, Thor Industries, one of the most prominent RV manufacturers in the world, acquired Tiffin Motorhomes for $300 Million dollars. This acquisition raised eyebrows among RV enthusiasts who were concerned about the potential changes that might come with new ownership. However, Bob Tiffin and his family continued to be actively involved in the business. This reassured some loyal customers that they’d keep Tiffin’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Tiffin Bus motorhome towing SUV
Tiffin Motorhomes is known in the industry for producing high quality, unique rigs.

The Tiffin Allegro Bus has some pretty impressive features, like its engine, specifications, layouts, and more. Let’s take a closer look at what makes it so unique.

What Engine Is in a Tiffin Allegro?

Tiffin chooses to use Cummins engines in their motorhomes. Cummins is a well-respected industry leader in diesel engines and one of the only options for motorhomes today. In the smaller models, the 6.7lieter B6 engine is used, which is similar to what is in the Ram diesel trucks. In the larger busses, the L9 or even X15 are available to provide enormous power.


The exact specifications of the Tiffin Allegro Bus vary depending on the model. The length of each model ranges from 37.5 to 45 feet, allowing buyers to choose the size that best suits their needs. All Allegro Bus layouts can accommodate up to six people, making it a good choice for family vacations or extended trips with friends.

The interior of the Allegro Bus is approximately seven feet high, creating a spacious and open atmosphere inside the motorhome. The slide-outs help as well; all of the Allegro Bus layouts come with multiple slide-outs to expand the living space when you park. 

Allegro Bus 45 OOP model
Travel comfortably and in style in a Tiffin Allegro Bus.


The Tiffin Allegro Bus offers a range of floorplans and layouts. These include the Allegro Bus 35 CP, Allegro Bus 40 IP, Allegro Bus 45 FP, and Allegro Bus 45 OPP, which all offer multiple sleeping spaces and at least one bathroom.

The Allegro Bus 35 CP features shadow-stained cabinets, a Chai décor suite, Tatami Mat Ultraleather, and Postitino flooring. In the front, there’s a couch and bar-style seating under the entertainment center. As you move to the back, you’ll pass through the kitchen and bedroom, and then enter the main bathroom in the rear.

The Allegro Bus 40 IP features Glazed Canyon Cherry stained cabinets, Silver Lake décor suite, Rice Paper Leather, and Catalina Maple flooring. As you enter the front, you’ll see two couches facing one another, a dinette, and a stunning kitchen with a large double sink. As you make your way through the rig, you’ll pass the half-bathroom, a bedroom, and a main bathroom. With the second bathroom and various seating areas, this layout would be useful for a family. 

The Allegro Bus 45 FP features Glazed Canyon Cherry stained cabinets, a Chai décor suite, Tatami Mat Ultraleather, and Catalina Maple flooring. It has double couches in the front, a small seating area, and a beautiful kitchen with hardwood cabinetry. In the back, you’ll find a bedroom, an entertainment area, and a large main bathroom that features a massive walk-in closet. 

Finally, there’s the Allegro Bus 45 OPP, which features Black Truffle stained cabinets, Picasso décor suite, Rice Paper Leather, and Positano 2 flooring. This classy layout also has double couches in front, a small seating area, and a kitchen. In the rear of the bus, you’ll find the bedroom and entertainment set up, as well as the luxurious main bathroom and large closet area. 


The Tiffin Allegro Bus typically has lavish features and amenities. While the features can vary depending on the model, there are highlights you’ll commonly find. 

Regardless of the layout you pick, the Allegro Bus boasts a gourmet kitchen with residential-style appliances, hardwood cabinetry, solid surface countertops, and plenty of storage space. The main bedroom features a comfortable bed, ample wardrobe space, and an en-suite bathroom with high-end fixtures and heated porcelain tile floors.

The Allegro Bus models come with state-of-the-art entertainment systems, including multiple flat-screen TVs, home theater setups, and outdoor entertainment options. You’ll also have unlimited internet to stream your favorite shows and work on the go, as all models feature Starlink Pro Wifi

Tiffin Allegro Bus Interior
The Tiffin Allegro Bus comes in four unique floorplan options.

How Much Does a Tiffin Allegro Bus Cost? 

Luxury comes at a price, and the Tiffin Allegro Bus is no exception. The cost of an Allegro Bus can vary widely depending on factors like the model, length, and additional options. On average, you can expect to pay around $600,000 or more for a brand-new Allegro Bus. Prices can go even higher if you opt for upgrades and customization. If you’re lucky, you might find used Allegros for a fraction of the price. Still, you’ll probably end up paying at least $100,000 for a well-used Tiffin Allegro, as they tend to hold their price well. 

While this price point may seem steep, the Allegro Bus competes with other high-end motorhomes in its class, like those from Newmar and Entegra. When compared to the cost of luxury homes or other forms of travel, some buyers find that the investment in an Allegro Bus is justifiable for the comfort and convenience it offers.

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Tiffin bus motorhome parked by lake
Tiffin motorhomes are built to last for many adventure-filled years.

Tiffin Motorhomes has garnered a following of enthusiasts for multiple reasons. Tiffin’s commitment to its luxurious builds is evident in its motorhomes’ construction. Buyers appreciate the attention to detail and the use of premium materials.

Tiffin also has a reputation for customer service. Their family-operated business model offers a more personal touch when addressing customer needs and concerns. Even though THOR Industries owns it now, Bob Tiffin and his family still provide this service from all their original locations. 

Moreover, Tiffin incorporates the latest technology and features into their motorhomes, enhancing the overall experience for owners. Because of these factors, they tend to hold their value well. Tiffin Motorhomes can be a smart investment for those who may consider reselling in the future.

Tiffin Allegro 33aa Tour | Diesel Pusher Walkaround | Full Time RV Living

Is the Tiffin Allegro Bus Worth the Price?

When we first got into RVing, the steep price tag of luxury motorhomes seemed absolutely outrageous. However, after being on the road as long as we have and eventually choosing to buy a luxury motorhome, we have realized that you are getting a superior product for the price. Not necessarily in every detail, but the size and strength of other chassis alone is on par with a semi-truck. Add a luxury home to the price of a new semi-truck and the price tag actually starts making sense.

However, that is not to say choosing a luxury motorhome is a good choice. These buses not only cost a lot to buy but are the most expensive RV to maintain by far! The big diesel engines and drivetrains, giant tires, and complicated systems get very expensive to keep up.

If you have deep pockets and prioritize comfort and luxury in your travels, the Allegro Bus could be an excellent choice. On the other hand, if budget constraints are a significant concern, you may want to explore more affordable motorhomes. Ultimately, the decision to purchase a Tiffin Allegro Bus should align with your personal preferences and financial situation.

Would you ever buy a Tiffin Allegro Bus? Let us know in the comments below!

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Sunday 3rd of March 2024

We purchased a used 2016 Tiffin Allegro Bus 40AP. Had just 60k miles when purchased. We are full timers and love it! It's basically a rolling house. So yes some expense is involved. We get 7.6 mpg, while towing a Chevy Equinox. No regrets!


Monday 30th of October 2023

There all money pits just like the article says. 5 mpg and stressful to drive. We had one for 2 years.


Monday 30th of October 2023

I like the older Monaco motorhomes better for quality. I'm bias because I own a 2000 Dynasty.


Monday 30th of October 2023

I don't need to read the article. Not in my pay grade.