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Top 10 RV Parks to Go Camping With Your Dog

If you’re an animal lover, you know how painful it can be to leave your four-legged best friend at home while you’re out enjoying your vacation. Well, with these amazing RV parks, you can go camping with your dog and take advantage of tons of pet-friendly amenities. Keep reading for the best places to go camping with your dog! 

How to Go Camping With Your Dog

If you’re ready to go camping with your dog, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Most importantly, remember that an RV is a vehicle. When it gets hot outside, your RV is not a safe place for your pup to be left unattended. Even if you run the air conditioning, you should have safety protocols in place, like a temperature monitor to alert you if the AC goes out. This alert will give you enough time to rescue your pet from the heat if necessary. 

Also, not all RV parks and local attractions are dog friendly. Make sure you do your research beforehand so you don’t find yourself without appropriate accommodations. For example, most National Parks don’t allow dogs on most trails.

With a little planning, though, you might be able to find a National Forest or other activity nearby where Fido can come along! 

Dog-Friendly RV Parks

Dog-friendly RV parks are not too difficult to come by, although some places do restrict breeds or size. Additionally, most RV parks have rules that your dog cannot be a nuisance or vicious.

If your dog likes to bark at everything or is still working on its socialization, you might need to practice these things before you go camping with them at an RV park. Remember, “pet-friendly” does not mean “anything goes.” Your dog should still be well-behaved even at a pet-friendly campground. You might want to brush up on the rules for RVing with your pets and the Golden Camping Rules.

Top 10 RV Parks to Go Camping With Your Dog

The good news is the parks on our list are not just dog-friendly but also places your pooch will be excited to stay! Here are the best places across the US to camp with your dog as an RVer: 

1. Four Paws Kingdom Campground

Address: 335 Lazy Creek Dr., Rutherfordton, NC 28139


Pet-Friendly Amenities: Four Paws was designed with your four-legged friends in mind. They have a dog park where your pup can run off-leash. They also have an agility park and swimming pond. And because your dog will probably be good and dirty after a day of fun at the park, you can take them to the doggie bathhouse and grooming station before bringing them back into your RV.  

Why You’ll Love It: The RV park itself has tons of wonderful amenities your pooch will love. Nearby, you can hike one of the many trails in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Or, you can visit one of the state parks, restaurants, shops, or dog-friendly vineyards in the surrounding area, so your fur baby can go everywhere you go! 

Morton Road Trip Rating: 8/10

2. Rovers RV Park

Address: 3299 E Alesa Hwy, Walport, OR 97394


Pet-Friendly Amenities: Rovers RV park has a great off-leash dog area. Not all dog-friendly RV parks have a place where your dog can just be a dog. But Rovers took care of this with their outdoor play area. 

Why You’ll Love It: The Oregon coast is beautiful and also very dog-friendly. You’ll love walking along the beach while your pooch plays with other puppy friends, enjoying the great outdoors. If your dog loves to swim, there is no better place for them than the Oregon coast. There are also plenty of dog-friendly hikes if your pup likes more of a challenge. Rovers was created by dog lovers for dog lovers. After traveling to many different places, the owners of Rovers fell in love with the area. Now, they work to ensure the same love for every pet owner who comes their way. 

Morton Road Trip Rating: 7/10

3. Lake George RV Park

Address: 74 State Route 149, Lake George, NY 12845


Pet-Friendly Amenities: Lake George has such an amazing range of amenities for camping with your dog. They will probably have even more fun than you! There is a fenced-in Bark Park with a pet treat vending area, dog spray fountain, and agility events. Your pup will also love playing on the synthetic turf and you won’t have to worry about any digging or mud. But if your pup does get a little dirty, no problem! You can bring them to the indoor dog wash station. If your dog is more of a walker, there are also plenty of shaded walking trails to take them on. 

Why You’ll Love It: The Bark Park is not your typical “dog area”. It has over 2 acres of off-leash area for your four-legged friend to explore. Plus, there are small and large dog areas to keep the big pups and little pups separate. There are also so many dog-friendly activities in St. George, NY. Your pup will love meeting new friends at the multiple dog parks throughout the town. There is even a dog beach for your friend who likes to swim! And if you want to get out on the water, you can take a pet-friendly cruise on the lake through Lake George Cruises. Lake George also has plenty of dog-friendly restaurants, so you can take your bestie out on a dinner date. 

Morton Road Trip Rating: 10/10

4. Wakeda Campground

Address: 294 Exeter Rd. (Rte 88), Hampton Falls, NH 03844


Pet-Friendly Amenities: Wakeda Campground has many things your pooch will enjoy. They can run free in the large fenced in dog area and test their skills on the agility equipment. They’ll also get endless joy out of their own personal fire hydrant and doggie drinking fountain! Trust us! 

Why You’ll Love It: This is a beautiful RV park with plenty of places to enjoy a walk through the shady forest with your pup. Not too far away are several dog-friendly beaches and parks, an orchard, and plenty of state park hiking trails your pup will enjoy. Then, after a long day of adventuring, you can have a drink at the local brewery with your pup in tow. 

Morton Road Trip Rating: 8/10

5. Kamp Klamath 

Address: 1661 West Klamath Beach Road, Klamath, CA 95548


Pet-Friendly Amenities: This amazing campground has 33 acres of off-leash space where your pup can run! They will feel so free, and you won’t have to worry about them. Keep in mind, though, the area is not fenced, so make sure your pup has good recall. 

Why You’ll Love It: Kamp Klamath is full of places to explore with your dog. They will love the freedom to run around and take in all the smells. There are also dog-friendly hikes and dog parks to enjoy in the surrounding area. Even though dogs aren’t allowed in the National Park, you won’t miss anything by seeing the Redwoods on one of the nearby dog-friendly hikes. 

Morton Road Trip Rating: 6/10

Kamp Klamath Overview - Klamath, California

6. Wanderlust Crossings RV Park

Address: 1038 Airport Rd, Weatherford, OK 73096


Pet-Friendly Amenities: Wanderlust Crossings has a great dog run area if you plan to camp there with your dog. We also love that they have a pet wash station, so you won’t be bringing any dirty dogs into your RV! 

Why You’ll Love It: If you’re headed south, you’ll want to check out Wanderlust for your next pet-friendly camping experience. The park is nicely maintained, and your pup will love having a dog run area designed just for them. If you want to switch things up, you can also take your dog to the in-town off-leash dog park nearby. This will give your pup a chance to meet even more friends! And don’t worry, if your buddy gets dirty during his day of running around, you’ll be so thankful for Wanderlust’s dog wash! We also love that you can enjoy dinner in Weatherford at a dog-friendly restaurant, so you never have to leave your pup unattended. 

Morton Road Trip Rating: 7/10 

7. Normandy Farms

Address: 72 West Street, Foxboro, MA 02035


Pet-Friendly Amenities: Normandy Farms is a great place to go camping with your dog because it is bursting at the seams with dog-friendly amenities. They have a 1.5-acre fenced-in dog park where you will find agility equipment, a separate area for small dogs, and a doggie drinking fountain. If your pup has a little too much fun, you can take advantage of the dog wash! This RV park also has day kennels that allow your dog to hang outside. All kennels have a doghouse and a water spigot. And if you need to leave your pup at the RV, you can also take advantage of  dog walkers available for $20/hour/dog and/or the option to have someone let your dog out for a potty break while you’re out and about 

Why You’ll Love It: We love all the dog-friendly amenities onsite. It is also great to have the option to leave your pup at a kennel or have someone let them out during the day or take them for a walk. This way, you can enjoy a non-dog-friendly activity without feeling guilty. Just 30 miles from Boston, there are tons of sites to see nearby. Boston also has a lot of dog-friendly stores, activities, and restaurants so you can enjoy the trip together. And not to mention tons of dog parks for your pup to meet friends all day long. 

Morton Road Trip Rating: 10/10

8. Lemon Cove Village RV Park

Address: 32075 Sierra Drive, Lemon Cove, CA 93244


Pet-Friendly Amenities: Lemon Cove has a fenced dog park so you can let your baby run around without worrying about them. There are also many shady areas to walk your pup on a hot, sunny day. 

Why You’ll Love It: This is a pretty park that allows for RV camping or tent camping with your dog. There is a small dog park on-site and another large, grassy dog park in town nearby. There are also a lot of great outdoor activities, including hiking, that are dog-friendly. You’ll love being able to bring your pup to Sequoia National Forest, which is close to the RV park.  

Morton Road Trip Rating: 7/10 

9. Sagadahoc Bay Campground 

Address: 9 Molly Point Lane, Georgetown, ME 04548


Pet-Friendly Amenities: When you bring your pooch to Sagadahoc Bay Campground, they are treated like family. That means no extra charge for up to 2 pets. Your pup will love walking around this park and taking in all the smells. 

Why You’ll Love It: This waterfront RV park is located close to a lot of pet-friendly activities. You and your furry friend will enjoy taking in the views during your daily walk around the park. Then, when you’re ready for adventure, there are walking paths, shops, and pet-friendly boat cruises. When you go camping with your dog in Georgetown, you’ll never run out of things to do together!

Morton Road Trip Rating: 7/10 

10. Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground

Address: 4510 North Fort Wilderness Trail, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-8415


Pet-Friendly Amenities: Like everything Disney, Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground is magical. You’ll love the off-leash dog park and many trails through the forest for on-leash walking. While you’re out enjoying the attractions, you can take advantage of the day and overnight kennel care available. 

Why You’ll Love It: You will love coming back to this secluded campsite after a day of hustle and bustle at Disney World. You will really feel like you’re in the wilderness surrounded by forest. And the best part is, you can enjoy Disney without having to leave your pup at home for the entire trip. You can head out for a day at the theme parks knowing your pet is well taken care of at the on-site kennel. The park also has a lot of awesome human amenities for the entire family to enjoy. 

Morton Road Trip Rating: 7/10

If you’re a pet owner like us, you hate the thought of leaving your dog behind while you go on a camping trip. At these dog-friendly RV parks, you can go camping with your dog! There are enough amenities at these parks and in the surrounding areas to make your next vacation one your pup will remember!

Just remember, if you’re bringing your pet along on your travels, you’re going to want to make sure you don’t get separated. Read this article on how to find a lost pet while traveling so you’re prepared should the worst come to pass.

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Edith Horn

Sunday 13th of December 2020

Fort Wilderness was a fantastic trip for me and my pup Jacque, he’s a four year old min schnauzer who loves to run and play. Disney was wonderful taking care of Jacque while I enjoyed the parks. The campground as all things Disney, was immaculate.

Mortons on the Move

Sunday 13th of December 2020

Good recommendation! Fort Disney is a great park for sure :) We haven't been there in years tho.