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Who Owns Torklift?

Who Owns Torklift?

Torklift is a major producer of camper stabilization gear. Enjoying the great outdoors usually necessitates a safe and stable spot to crash. You need a good camper to make yourself comfortable. 

You also need reliable equipment when out in nature. No one wants a faulty or cheaply made camper, so it’s important to vet various companies before making any purchases. 

Take a moment to investigate what the company has to offer, and consider whether or not you’ll be doing business with Torklift in the future. 

What Is Torklift? 

Torklift is a company that specializes in manufacturing hitches, camper tie downs, and stabilizers for all types of towing needs. A stable load is super important when hauling a camper. You can trust Torklift for safety and stability. 

The company’s creator, Jon Kay, understood the mechanics of towing and suspension. If you need a specific hitch or help with your truck camper, the company can help iron out the issues. 

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Torklift made itself popular by providing quality products for such a long time. The hardworking nature of its founder bred respect among others in the industry. The company has been in business for more than 45 years. 

They make important pinpointed products for truck campers. If you’re in the RVing world, you’ve likely heard their name and used some type of Torklift product. 

Arctic Fox truck camper using Torklift products
Torklift makes securing your truck camper easy and ensures your safety.

Who Owns Torklift?

Currently, Jack Kay owns Torklift. Jack’s father, Jon Kay, owned the business but passed away in early February of 2017. Jon Kay founded the one-man, one-bay operation. He focused on custom fabricated trailer hitches and offering repairs for trailer owners. 

His hard work and dedication to the operation grew his business into the international success it is today. His business is still run in the same spirit and tenacity. 

Torklift stairs installed on the Mortons on the Move camper
Enter your RV with ease by installing Torklift stairs.

History of Torklift

Jon Kay founded the company in 1976 in Kent, Wash., after working at a shop for several years, gaining knowledge and experience. He worked for years to compile the tools and space he needed to start his own venture. He had one bay and two hands to get the work done, but it worked. By 1981, his shop had grown to accommodate three bays. 

In 1990, Jon invented the TRUE frame-mounted tie-downs, and the shop had another growth spurt. When 1999 rolled around, Torklift International was born. 

Since then, the company has continued inventing new things to keep its products fresh and useful. They have continued to grow, and the huge facility now lies in Sumner, Wash. 

Torklift products are easy to install and reliable.

What Products Does Torklift Sell?

Understanding the value of Torklift International starts with understanding what they offer. Here are a few things the company specializes in manufacturing. 


The sky’s the limit when it comes to RV products but they specialize in truck camper equipment. Torklift offers towing hitches, tie downs, turnbuckles, and RV steps. Additionally, they provide stability and security for your battery/propane tank trays, truck camper stability kits, bumpers, and so much more. 

Pro Tip: Use your Torklift tie-downs and turnbuckles, plus our guide on How to Secure a Truck Camper With Tie-Downs and Turnbuckles, to make sure your truck camper is road ready.


In the way of your automobile, Torklift can also help. They offer products such as suspension upgrades, towing hitches, and auxiliary battery storage. The company also has steps, handrails for your truck camper, and more. 

ATV, Marine, Snow

If you need something for your ATV, marine vessel, or snowmobile, Torklift has you covered here too. They can help ensure your vehicle can tow the weight and find you the right hitch to carry the load. 

Our Torklift products give us peace of mind when securing our RV for our adventures.

Where Can You Buy Torklift Products? 

You can find many places to purchase Torklift upgrades and accessories. For one, you can visit Torklift Central online, and they will get you the products you need. 

You can also use the Torklift International website to locate a seller near you. The company has quite a few locations in the West. But you might have to use the internet if you live in the East. Either way, you shouldn’t have a problem finding the necessary parts or accessories. 

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Torklift International Product Displays

Is Torklift a Good Brand? 

If the word of others matters to you, you would be hard-pressed to find a terrible review of Torklift products. We have used many of their products including hitches, hitch stingers, stairs, and truck camper tie-downs. We have taken their equipment on strenuous off-road journeys and destinations as far away as the Arctic Ocean.

If our words are not enough, take a quick peek online, and you’ll find many raving reviews about their products.

Laurie from Nevada says, “Can’t say enough good stuff about the products and the people who work there! We have purchased several items for our truck and hopefully will be setting up a new truck very soon as well. Staff has answered all our questions and gone above and beyond to help us with outfitting. Keep up the great work, we are customers for life.” 

Other reviewers attest to the company’s great products and customer service, such as Tom from Canada. He says, “I had heard that Torklift’s after-sale service was the best, and now I can attest to that fact. Companies who act like their customers are important to them are all too rare these days. Torklift is one of those and should be supported whenever possible. Thanks again!”

Overall, we think they are a reputable company that is well worth the premium price for their products.

Will you go with Torklift for your camper needs? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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