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Tour of the Lance 1172 Truck Camper

Curious to see the Lance 1172 truck camper as we Go North to the Arctic Ocean?

Watch the video below for a detailed walk-through of the inside and outside of our expedition vehicle!


While it is quite a down-size from our 33ft fifthwheel, after a month of traveling in it though Canada we are pleased to say that we have pretty much wholly adapted to this new space. We’ve got a dedicated work space, plenty of space for the dogs to chill on the floor, and a big DRY bath (vs. a wet bath where the whole ‘room’ is the shower).

truck camper and fifth wheel rv

We are also very pleased with how the modifications we made are working out – from the extra fridge/freezer space that the Dometic CFX Electric cooler provides, to the RV Water Filter Store drinking water filter, to the Truma VarioHeat Furnace retrofit (which is SOOO quiet and efficient!).

We can say now that we have had this rig down some pretty hairy dirt roads – all to be shared in the upcoming Go North episodes – and we have been so happy with the performance (thank you Hellwig suspension!) and the versatility of this mode of travel and RV.

tour of the Lance 1172 truck camper pin

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Daniel and Virginia Hinz

Sunday 2nd of August 2020

Enjoying your “Go North” series. Great job - 10/10. Thank you - we plan to join your Patreon club. We are about 5 years from retirement, have purchased a Ram 1500 and a Lance 1995 TT, so plan to do some camping/traveling in the future. We have 4 children who are now grown up…tent camped with them and did road trips in a Explorer Conversion Van as they were growing up. Once again, we think your channel is awesome, thank you for the content. Enjoy seeing your dogs…we are dog and cat lovers. One question Ginny has about your Alaskan trip is, with all of the dry camping you did, where and how often did you have to dump and manage the tanks…the important stuff:)

Caitlin Morton

Monday 3rd of August 2020

Hi Daniel & Ginny, Thanks for the kind words! So glad you enjoyed the series! In case you missed it we did a video talking about how we planned our trip and cover the questions of resources. Check it and the corresponding article out here: (in the article, you can scroll down to "Resources")