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7 Lesser-Known Perks of a Tow Behind Camper

There’s a debate between RVers whether towable or drivable RVs are best. While we likely won’t solve that debate for you today, we have some reasons to love tow behind campers. Today, we’re looking at a few of the lesser-known perks for choosing one. Let’s get started!

What Is a Tow Behind Camper?

A tow behind camper is a trailer that must connect to a vehicle to move it. It can be a fifth wheel, travel trailer, or a pop-up camper. You may have also heard this type of camper called camper trailers, pull behinds, or a towable camper.

RVing with a Motorhome vs Travel Trailer

7 Underrated Benefits of Using a Tow Behind Camper

Some of the lesser-known perks get overlooked when talking about the benefits of a tow behind camper. Let’s look at a few benefits you might not consider when choosing your next RV.

1. You Can Camp in Smaller Spaces

Some tow behind campers are incredibly small, squeezing into some of the smallest campsites in a campground. When you can fit in any campsite, this gives you a wider selection when making reservations. With the increased demand for campsites, you’ll have a significant advantage over other RVers with larger rigs.

Even those planning to use their RV outside of campgrounds enjoy camping in smaller spaces. A tow behind camper lets you boondock in some pretty epic places that aren’t possible with larger rigs. This can maximize your privacy and allow you to camp in remote locations.

tiny travel trailer
Tight spots, no problem.

2. They’re Lightweight

Having a lightweight camper means you don’t need a massive vehicle to tow it. You might get by with the vehicle you already own. So there’s no need to upgrade your truck just because you’re getting an RV. If you’ve seen the price of trucks lately, you can take a major sigh of relief.

lightweight trailer

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3. Less Maintenance Than a Motorhome

Tow behind campers require much less maintenance than a motorhome that’s much less complex. Because these campers don’t have engines, you won’t be dealing with overly complex systems that need maintaining.

A large majority of the maintenance needed on towable campers is likely something you can handle by watching a YouTube video or two. You may feel intimidated at first, but it can be straightforward once you get started. 

Truck towing airstream.
Don’t waste time worrying about engines and car systems with a tow behind camper!

4. They Can Be Budget Friendly

A towable camper is your best option if you want to make camping memories without breaking the bank. You can find brand new towable campers for under $10,000. When you compare this to some motorhomes that can easily cost six figures, it makes them much more appealing.

5. Keep Your Vehicle Separate

A major benefit of towable campers is that your RV and vehicle are separate. This means that if you experience an issue with your RV, you’ll still have a vehicle to get you around while your RV is in the shop. On the other hand, if you experience a significant issue with your truck, you can send it to the shop without losing your place to sleep at night.

Many who have drivable RVs also often complain about the separation between driving and living spaces. Having a towable RV makes it easy to keep the spaces separate as they’re two distinct spaces.

Truck towing fifth wheel
There’s big debate in the RV community about what is better…tow behind campers or RVs.

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6. Road Safety

Overall, vehicles are much safer than motorhomes in a crash. Many motorhomes don’t have any safety mechanisms other than seatbelts, whereas cars and trucks have a host of airbags and safety designs.

Anytime you’re traveling with kids, you want them to be as safe as possible. Being able to buckle them into a car seat in your vehicle is typically the safest option. You can’t under-appreciate or undervalue safety.

Many families will keep their kids strapped into their car seats until they complete the dangerous aspects of unhitching their RV. This maximizes the safety of children around the campsite and can help prevent you from being distracted by energetic kids running around the campsite.

Truck towing fifth wheel camper.
There is a towable camper to fit all of your wants and needs.

7. The Floorplans Are Spacious & Diverse

Because the designers are not working around a drivetrain floorplans can be much more unique. Drivable units always have space for the driver up front too which limits layout options.

There’s no shortage of space and options in the floor plans for these campers. Whether you’re a family, a couple, or a solo traveler, there are layouts and floor plans to fit just about every possible scenario.

You can find floor plans with bunkhouses, second bathrooms, and enough seating space for the whole gang. Every manufacturer offers different floor plans and layouts. So if you can’t find what you’re looking for from a particular manufacturer, choose a different one.

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Enjoy Travel in a Tow Behind Camper

Tow behind campers are great for traveling the country quickly. When you want to get somewhere fast or get into a tight spot, they’re the way to do it. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make memories and see the country. This type of camper can make it easy and allow you to get started on your adventures sooner. 

What do you love about tow behind campers? Drop a comment below!

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Friday 16th of February 2024

Not listed: You can leave for a day trip without breaking down your camp. Of course, this can also be accomplished by towing a vehicle behind a motorhome, but then you are maintaining 2 engines, so #3, extra maintenance, counts double.


Tuesday 8th of February 2022

#5 !! - by far, imho....the greatest plus. Truck breaks on a Class A, you're sunk and heading to Motel 6. Kitchen, bedroom,'s all gone. Insurance is sky high to boot. 5th wheel has all the features of a motorhome, without the crazy costs of maintenance.