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5 Toy Hauler Interior Renovation Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

RV owners are growing tired of the cookie-cutter RVs that manufacturers produce. As a result, you can find plenty of #rvrenovation posts from RVers overhauling their rigs to fit their personalities and lifestyles. Lately, we’ve seen several toy hauler interiors that have caught our eye.

Today, we’re sharing several renovations with toy hauler interiors that are simply brilliant. Let’s get started!

What Is a Toy Hauler?

A toy hauler is a type of RV with a rear garage space. This space often has a more industrial look and feel but can serve various purposes. RVers can use the garage space of their toy hauler for extra storage and to bring larger toys with them during their adventures. The multi-purpose functionality of the garage space makes toy haulers a great option for many types of RV owners.

RV Buying Guide: Finding The Right Toy Hauler

What Are the Advantages of a Toy Hauler?

The primary reason many RV owners choose toy haulers is the flexibility of the garage space. Even smaller toy haulers make it easy to bring large toys like golf carts, dirt bikes, and kayaks on adventures. This can help encourage outdoor and aquatic activities among your camping crew.

Many full-time RV families opt for toy haulers even when they don’t bring large toys on the road. They’ll renovate the toy hauler interior into a livable space. This space often has a distinct and separate feel from the rest of the RV. This can maximize privacy for parents or serve as ideal office space for those working from the road. Plus, many toy haulers have beds on a hydraulic lift, so you can raise them out of the way when not in use. 

Toy haulers must handle larger amounts of weight. As a result, they often have upgraded axles, sometimes even an additional axle. This allows RV manufacturers to install massive freshwater and waste tanks. For those RVers who enjoy boondocking, these rigs can be a fantastic option.

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Toy hauler
Toy haulers add extra space not just for toys you may bring along but also for extended living space.

What Are the Disadvantages of a Toy Hauler?

Before you go falling in love with the idea of buying a toy hauler, you need to know that they’re not perfect. For one thing, you’ll likely need a massive truck to haul a toy hauler. Many toy hauler owners drive dually trucks, which typically aren’t cheap. You can easily find dually trucks that cost well over $60,000.

Another disadvantage of a toy hauler is that they can be rather massive and may not always be compatible with every campsite. The ramp doors on a toy hauler often double as a makeshift deck, but many campsites aren’t large enough to provide space for the massive rig, the massive truck, and the additional space necessary for a deck.

Sometimes, you might need to unload your toys before backing your rig into your campsite.

5 Toy Hauler Interior Renovation Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

If you’re looking for some toy hauler interior renovation ideas or motivation, we’ve found a handful of rigs that will blow your mind. When renovating your RV, your creativity, imagination, and bank account are the only limiting factors.

Man painting walls of toy hauler interior
Remodeling your toy hauler interior can turn the space into an office, extra bedroom, or movie room.

The Jurgys

Who They Are: Bryce and Nellie are The Jurgys. The couple worked hard to play hard early on in their relationship. However, everything changed when Nellie discovered a lump in her chest, and the doctor said it was likely cancerous. 

This was a pivotal moment for the couple. Bryce and Nellie decided to launch their brand to inspire others to adventure while building careers. The couple has grown their presence in the RV community and on social media. Their most recent adventure was to build their dream RV park/campground, The Park at Swan Valley.

RV Model: 2021 Keystone Raptor 423

How They Renovated the Space: The couple transformed the main bedroom into a custom space for their girls. They took out their king-size bed and installed custom bunk beds. Bryce used his imagination to create a custom set of stairs that makes it easy for the girls to climb up to the beds. However, that’s not the only custom modifications the couple made.

Bryce and Nellie ripped out the cabinets in the living space to open up the room. While they were losing storage space, it was only temporarily. They created a custom bench to replace the missing storage and add a place for people to sit. 

The garage space was supposed to be the easiest part of the renovation. They thought they could slap some paint on the walls and call it a day. However, that wasn’t exactly the case. They had to add a layer to the flooring to level it out and remove the metal siding that protected the walls. Also, they installed a closet from Ikea that has a built-in charger. They use the garage space as office space and occasionally use the rear deck space to hold their inflatable hot tub. 

Full Tour of our Renovated RV | We Added a Hot Tub!

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Where Wild Ones Roam

Who They Are: Kristen, Andy, Kieghan, and Kinsler are a family of adventure advocates known as Where Wild Ones Roam. They’ve spent several years on the road and have made it their goal to take risks, seize opportunities, and learn from others. They share content about roadschooling, family travel, and successfully living the nomadic lifestyle. If you’re passionate about families enjoying the outdoors, you’ll love their content!

RV Model: 2019 Keystone Fuzion 

How They Renovated the Space: The couple made many changes to their toy hauler garage. While the current trend is to lighten up an RV, Where Wild Ones Roam went in the opposite direction. They painted their walls a dark green color called “Jasper.” They also upgraded all of their window shades to bamboo shades from Ikea.

Like many toy hauler owners, they use the garage space for a bedroom and office space. This maximizes Andy’s privacy for work and allows the family to still go about their day without worrying about disturbing him. The desk space is very minimalistic but gets the job done.

Kristen and Andy changed several things about the garage space to make it multi-functional. They installed new flooring that can withstand abuse from travel days and two floating shelves to help maximize storage space. However, one of the biggest changes was adding a laundry cabinet. 

RV Reno - Toy Hauler Garage Bedroom Tour!

Rolling by the Dozen

Who They Are: Ryan and Kristin, aka Rolling by the Dozen, have been married for 14 years and have 10 children. They love adventure. Instead of running from transition, they embrace it and find comfort in what many find overwhelming. They renovated their toy hauler interior to help them travel the country while homeschooling their large family.

RV Model: 2020 Keyston Fusion 430

How They Renovated the Space: Rolling by the Dozen transformed the garage of their toy hauler into the ultimate bedroom for eight girls. They laid new flooring, put together Ikea furniture, and maximized the space by installing tall lockers and clothing storage. Since the bed raises, there’s plenty of room for their girls to play and do homeschool on the road. They maximize their space by using ottomans that can hold games and removing the garage TV to make more room for storage. 

Toy Hauler Garage Renovation - Traveling Family of 12

The Flying Hens

Who They Are: Chris, Molly, Eli, Selah, and Lily are the family behind the brand The Flying Hens. They hit the road in 2020 after Chris’s job as a pilot was majorly impacted by the events of the year. The family decided to sell everything and hit the road. They bought their RV and embraced the nomadic life for the next few years. They share content about their adventures, life on the road, their renovations, and just about anything a new RVer could want to know about the lifestyle. 

RV Model: 2021 Heartland Cyclone 4007

How They Renovated the Space: The Flying Hens remodeled the entire space, and absolutely nothing about their home on wheels is cookie-cutter. However, some of the most impressive renovations are what the family did to the toy hauler garage interior. 

They bought a toy hauler for the multi-purpose space the garage offers. Then they remodeled it to have real floors, brighter walls, and space for a Peloton bike. They have a fold-down table that makes it easy for the family to do school work and eat meals. Like many toy hauler renovations, they removed the extra set of couches from the garage to free up room for their family.

RENOVATED RV 2021 Heartland Cyclone 4007: FULL TOUR + SOLAR!

Freedom Calling

Who They Are: Freedom Calling is a family of five with two dogs. They sold everything in 2017 to hit the road as a family. They were tired of being tied down by jobs, a mortgage, and living the life that most come to accept as normal. Thus, they moved into their 2014 Keystone Raptor and made some pretty impressive modifications to make the rig work with their travel lifestyle.

RV Model: 2014 Keystone Raptor 410LEV

How They Renovated the Space: Their rig has opposing slides in the living space, which means a tremendous amount of open space. The couple uses the toy hauler garage as their bedroom and office space. This family shows that you don’t have to hire a professional to make your rig work for you. The couple maximizes the space by using the HappiJac lift in the garage to keep their bed out of the way when they want to use the space for everyday life. They make the space work for them as they travel the country in their rig.

Full Time RV Living Toy Hauler Renovation Tour

How Much Does It Cost to Renovate a Toy Hauler Interior?

One of the perks of a renovation is that you can adjust it to accommodate your budget. With a larger budget, you can spend thousands of dollars upgrading furniture and lighting and even hiring professionals. This can radically change the look and feel of your toy hauler’s interior. However, you don’t have to spend huge amounts of money renovating your toy hauler interior.

Depending on the size of your RV, a gallon or two of paint and all the supplies needed to paint your toy hauler’s interior can cost $40 to $50. It’ll require a bit more effort, but the savings can be worth it. You can spend a few hundred dollars on decorations and lighting to give your entire toy hauler new life. If you want to upgrade furniture, you can try selling the old furniture to help offset the cost of purchasing a new couch or chair for the space.

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Fifth wheel toy hauler parked at campsite
Make your toy hauler feel homier by updating its interior.

Don’t Be Afraid to Make Your Toy Hauler RV Interior Truly Yours

One of the main reasons an RVer renovates their toy hauler interior is to make it feel more like home. If you’re spending the money on an RV, you should make it work for you. So don’t be afraid to spend a few extra bucks to make the space as comfortable as possible for you and your fellow campers. If you play your cards right and do a good job renovating your RV, you can enjoy it and help it retain some of its value.

Do you own a toy hauler? Tell us your reno tips in the comments!

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