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4 Best Trailer GPS Tracker Options for Stolen Camper Recovery

Safeguarding your trailer against theft is of the utmost importance. In the unfortunate event that someone steals or tampers with your camper, a reliable trailer GPS tracker can be the key to its successful recovery. If you’re looking for some extra security for your rig, a trailer GPS tracker can give you peace of mind. Personally, we use a tracker on all of our trailers.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at how trailer GPS trackers work and are sharing some of the best options on the market. Let’s dive in!

What Is a Trailer GPS Tracker?

A trailer GPS tracker is an external device specifically to track and monitor trailers. You can install this device on trailers of various types, including utility, cargo, and recreational trailers. The tracking system allows trailer owners to monitor the precise location of their trailer in real-time. The primary purpose of a trailer GPS tracker is to enhance security and provide peace of mind to trailer owners. By keeping track of the trailer’s location, owners can quickly recover stolen or lost trailers. 

A trailer GPS tracker typically comes with a wide range of features to help monitor a trailer. From real-time tracking and location monitoring to trailer tampering alerts, a trailer GPS tracker provides extra security on the road. While users can track their trailer through an app or web platform, many come with monthly monitoring subscription options to ensure constant tracking. 

How Do You Power a Trailer GPS Tracker?

You can directly connect some trailer GPS trackers to the trailer’s power system if it has one. Many trailers have batteries installed on them to run motors, lights or other appliances. This involves tapping into the trailer’s electrical wiring to provide a continuous power supply to the tracker. While the installation will require some electrical knowledge to ensure proper wiring and connection, this option provides continuous power and tracking of the trailer. 

Additionally, many trailer GPS trackers come with built-in batteries. These batteries provide a power source for the tracker, allowing it to function when not directly connected to the trailer’s power system. The internal battery of the tracker can charge either by wiring it to connect to the trailer’s power system or by using an external power source. Some trailer GPS trackers come with solar panels that harness energy from the sun to charge the internal batteries. The device’s battery capacity and runtime will vary depending on the model and usage.

Trailer GPS tracker
A trailer GPS tracker can help you locate your trailer and get notified if anyone tampers with it.

Things to Consider When Buying a GPS Tracker

Finding the perfect GPS trailer tracker for your specific requirements can be a crucial step in ensuring the security of your trailer. Let’s take a closer look at the key things to consider when buying a GPS trailer tracker.

Ease Of Installation

Ease of installation is key when choosing a trailer GPS tracker for your rig. Opting for a device with a user-friendly installation process can save you time and effort. While not all trackers are completely wireless, for those that require wiring to set up, look for something simple that you can do without extensive electrical knowledge or professional assistance. With an easy installation process, you can have your trailer GPS tracker up and running in no time, ensuring a smooth and efficient tracking experience.

Driving Durability and Weather Resistance

Driving a trailer can sometimes be a bumpy ride, especially if you plan on going off the beaten path. You want a trailer GPS tracker to withstand the roughest roads so that even if it shakes along the way, it stays firmly attached to your rig. Additionally, as you are bound to encounter inclement weather at some point, you’ll want to ensure your trailer GPS tracker is waterproof and can withstand high winds. Many trailer GPS trackers will come with specific casing to ensure they are durable while driving. 

Battery Longevity 

You can’t track your trailer if your battery keeps dying. Look for a device with long-lasting batteries or efficient power management systems to avoid frequently recharging or replacing your battery. A solar trailer GPS tracker is helpful as it allows the battery to naturally recharge while on the road. A long-lasting battery is crucial for continuous tracking without interruptions.

Alert System 

If something happens to your trailer, you will want to be notified quickly. From tampering alerts to trailer movement, you want a trailer GPS tracker that will quickly alert you to suspicious behavior. Additionally, you can use alert systems to ensure you’re safely driving your trailer, with some offering speed limit warnings or harsh braking alerts. Consider devices that offer instant alerts as they monitor your trailer. 

Live Monitoring Options

Quickly recovering your trailer is crucial when dealing with theft. Look for a trailer GPS tracker that offers live monitoring options. These devices use satellites to monitor the location of your vehicle throughout the day. Devices through a live monitoring subscription service will send location updates around every thirty seconds to a minute, ensuring you can see the exact location of your trailer in real-time. This allows for a quick resolution should someone steal your trailer. 

Towing travel trailer
A live tracking trailer GPS option can ensure you get immediate updates about your rigs location.

Can You Use an AirTag As a Vehicle Tracker?

An AirTag or similar device like a tile or samsung tracker is a small tracking device about the size of a nickel that you can use to find lost items. Many people will attach an AirTag to their keys or wallet, and sometimes even their pets. While these tiny devices are useful for keeping track of personal items, they aren’t intended or optimized to track a vehicle or a trailer. 

AirTags send out signals via Bluetooth that the nearby devices in the Find My network can detect. From this, you can see the location of your AirTag on a map. AirTags need to be within around thirty feet of an iPhone for the device to ping its location. In the case of a stolen vehicle or trailer, if the thief does not have an Apple device or doesn’t come near one, you will only have access to the AirTag’s last known location, restricting the effectiveness of its tracking capabilities. 

While it is possible to attach an Airtag to a vehicle, it would not provide the same level of functionality and reliability as a vehicle tracking device. If you’re looking for real-time, accurate updates when tracking your vehicle or trailer, a GPS tracking device is a better option than an AirTag. However, its likely that an AirTag will eventually ping a device and is cheap and easy to hide.

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Car tracking: Apple AirTag v Samsung SmartTag+ v GPS comparison review: Which is best?

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4 Best Trailer GPS Trackers

To make your search for a trailer GPS tracker easier, we’ve found four amazing options for additional protection on the road.

TitanLTE 4g Trailer GPS Tracker

Get real-time tracking with the TitanLTE 4G Trailer GPS Tracker. Setting up this GPS tracking device requires only a positive and negative wire connection and a connection to a DC 8V to 32V power supply. Once you install it, you’ll get instant GPS updates every sixty seconds. 

Designers built the TitanLTE to withstand the toughest travel conditions. It comes in a rugged, waterproof shell, ensuring no weather or road conditions stop it from keeping your trailer safe. The internal battery backup can last up to sixty days and will continue tracking for sixty days even if your trailer battery dies or the device disconnects from your trailer.

You can monitor the TitanLTE 4G Trailer GPS Tracker via a subscription with Lonestar Tracking. A subscription costs approximately $14.95 per month or $149 per year, with the first month free. The company provides coverage across the US, Canada, and Mexico, thanks to its compatibility with 4G and 5G Cat-M1 towers. If someone steals or tampers with your trailer, Lonestar Tracking will notify you via texts, e-mails, and in-app notifications to give you peace of mind no matter where you travel. 

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Global View Solar Magnetic GPS Tracker

The Global View Solar Magnetic GPS Tracker is ideal for tracking trailers, trucks, and large vehicles. The convenient installation process uses integrated magnets and screws to attach the tracker to your trailer. A solar panel and a lithium polymer battery power the unit. It comes with 4G LTE connectivity and a 2G EDGE backup antenna. The long-lasting battery recharges itself as you drive, ensuring you always have tracking coverage. 

Global View offers monthly subscription plans starting at roughly $18.33 a month with no additional activation fees. All technical support agents work in-house to help quickly troubleshoot any issues and track your trailer.

Solar Magnetic GPS Tracker - Equipment, Truck,...
  • Solar Powered Magnetic GPS Tracker
  • 4G LTE Connectivity with a 2G EDGE backup Antenna
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Using trailer GPS tracker
A trailer GPS tracker is a better tracking option than an Airtag.

Linxup GPS Asset Tracker

The Linxup GPS Asset Tracker measures 2.4 by 1.8 by .07 inches and can withstand strong weather in an IP66 weather-proof case. This trailer GPS tracker uses a rechargeable battery that wires into a power source. The battery on average lasts 3 months between charges. 

The device comes with an app that alerts users if the trailer moves out of the boundaries of the rig. Additionally, you can monitor usage habits, unauthorized movements, and maintenance events through the app and set up alert systems to report any suspicious behavior. The device pings its location every minute while in operation. When it’s not in operation but is still moving, the device tracks the location every 20 minutes, and additionally, once a day when on battery but not in motion.

Logistimatic Asset-432

The Logistimatic Asset-432 trailer GPS tracker has an impressive 3-year battery life to make tracking your trailer easy. While the battery is replaceable but not rechargeable, it can track your trailer for a long period with accuracy. It comes in an IP67-rated waterproof case and has a powerful built-in magnet attachment to ensure it is durable while on the road.

Even when traveling in remote areas, the 4G tracker has capabilities to track your trailer almost everywhere in North America. You can track the Logistimatic Asset-432 via a phone app or web browser. It also sends text and email alerts when the trailer tracker moves outside of the previously input geographical area. 

RV travel trailer
While not common, trailer theft can happen. Give yourself peace of mind with a trailer GPS tracker.

Other Tips to Prevent Trailer Theft

If you want a little extra security, in addition to adding a trailer GPS tracker, there are a few quick and easy upgrades you can do to your trailer for some additional peace of mind.

Use a Hitch Lock

After unhitching your trailer, anyone could take it. A hitch lock helps protect it. Hitch locks make it so others cannot hook up their hitch to your trailer. This ensures theft won’t occur when you’re away. Give yourself peace of mind while exploring away from your rig by using a hitch lock.

Pro Tip: Secure your trailer with one of these 5 Best Trailer Hitch Locks to Secure Your RV.

Change Your Door Locks

RV manufacturers only use a few types of door locks. This makes it more convenient for dealerships to access all the RVs they have in stock. However, the standardization also means it is easy for anyone to get into your RV. Before you hit the road in your RV, change your door locks to help prevent break-ins.

Install Security Cameras

Add some extra surveillance to your trailer by installing security cameras. From dash cams to doorway cameras, there are many security camera options to help you have eyes on your trailer even when you’re away. Installing a security camera in your trailer provides surveillance and acts as a deterrent against theft. 

Is a Trailer GPS Tracker Worth It?

A trailer GPS tracker offers many benefits that make it a valuable asset for trailer owners. With features like real-time tracking and tamper alerts, these trackers provide enhanced security and peace of mind. A trailer GPS tracker helps prevent theft and aids in recovery efforts. The convenience of accessing tracking information on an app or through an affordable subscription plan makes trailer GPS trackers a worthwhile investment. 

Would you install a GPS tracker on your trailer? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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