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TrailManor Campers: Compact Tow, Expansive Stay, Impressive Engineering

If you ever see a TrailManor camper pull into the campground, you’ll likely do a double-take. These unique Trail Manor travel trailers step away from the cookie-cutter look and feel most manufacturers use. Rather, they look like a transformer RV.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll instantly have questions when you see one for the first time. Lucky for you, we’re the type that likes to dig deep and get answers when we have questions.

Today, we’re sharing details about an innovative camper. Could these fit your camping style? Let’s look and see!

I Bought Popup Camper! Hard sided Trailmanor 3023! Setup & Tour

TrailManor Campers: Convertible Hard-Sided Campers

When you hear the term “pop-up” camper, you likely get the mental picture of a tiny canvas tent. However, TrailManor hopes to change that. These convertible hard-sided campers combine travel trailers and pop-up campers into one design.

They claim to have the stability and comfort of a travel trailer, but they’re light enough to tow with some crossovers, minivans, and SUVs. While they may not look like your typical camper initially, they can be worth considering.

Who Makes TrailManor Campers?

William J. Hulsey established Trail Manor in 1983. He used his 25 years of experience and Ph.D. in Metallurgical Engineering to design his camper. His wife loved camping but wanted a lightweight camper with hard walls and a bathroom. However, Bill wanted to avoid hauling around a heavy trailer.

The camper attracted attention whenever Hulsey and his family parked in a spot. He adjusted the design and eventually produced more in Lake City, Tennessee. He was doing so well that he moved the operation into a 60,000-square-foot facility.

Unfortunately, Mr. Hulsey experienced a severe health issue. After being in business for over 25 years, he sold the company. However, in 2017 a Hutterite Colony in South Dakota purchased the brand. The group incorporated it as TM Industries, LLC and moved the facilities to the manufacturing plant they built in Parkston, South Dakota.

trailmanor camper in desert
TrailManor pop-ups are stylish and lightweight campers.

How Do TrailManor Campers Work?

You have to watch a video to fully understand how these work. The main trailer structure splits into three individual sections that fold into each other for transport. You release the four latches around the bottom when you arrive at your site. 

Move to the front and unlock the torsion locks on each side. You will then be able to life the large roof and upper wall pieces up and out to the sides. The torsion lift system helps you to raise the sections with minimal effort. Remember to lock them in place to avoid any pinching. Pull out the front bed before repeating the process at the rear.

From there, you’ll set up the double-hinged door and move inside to raise the interior walls, cabinets, and closet. The setup process typically takes about five minutes and one person can supposedly quickly manage it. You’ll be relaxing and enjoying your campsite before you know it. At the end of your trip, repeat the process in reverse.

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Pros and Cons of TrailManor Campers

When spending your hard-earned money, you must consider the pros and cons. Do the TrailManor campers have a unique or cool design? Absolutely. For any engineer or Lego nerd out there, you will likely love the satisfaction you can get from literally building your camper in each setup. However, that probably shouldn’t be enough to convince you to sign on the dotted line.

One of the biggest selling points for TrailManor is that they’re lightweight. Even their largest model has a dry weight of 3,200 pounds and a tongue weight of 490 pounds. Being so incredibly light allows drivers of minivans, SUVs, and crossovers to haul them to a campsite.

Thanks to Mrs. Hulsey, all their models have bathrooms. The 2518 Series has a cassette toilet, while the rest of the lineup uses recirculating toilets. If you know anything about these recirculating toilets, they’re generally a less popular choice across all RVs. We were honestly confused by them at first. They recirculate the chemically-sanitized and filtered wastewater for flushing. This is typically the biggest complaint, as they typically have a small capacity and use a lot of toilet chemicals. However, you can opt for a cassette toilet in any of their models.

Another con worth mentioning is that Trail Manor campers require several steps to set up. While it goes by quickly, remembering everything you need to do can be overwhelming. Most other campers don’t require you to install cabinets or put walls into place as a part of the setup.

TrailManor pop-up camper side view
While TrailManor campers have a unique design, they do require several steps to set up.

A Closer Look at the TrailManor Lineup

Which TrailManor camper is right for you? There are four options with various floorplans. Let’s look at the specs and floorplans to see which will be best for you and your adventures.

Trailmanor 2518

The Trail Manor 2518, when closed, is 18 feet long and 25 feet when open. It has a dry weight between 2,580 and 2,600 pounds. Its petite size makes it easy for you to store it inside a standard-size garage. 

With three floorplans, you can sleep anywhere from four to six people. No matter which model you choose, one of the sleeping spaces will be a king-size bed. The various floorplans play around with the space to add a double bed and reposition or remove the dinette. If you typically eat outside, the 2518KS has the most floor space of any model in its class.

As we mentioned, one of the most notable differences from the other Trail Manor trailers is that it uses a cassette toilet. They can be odor-free when appropriately maintained, but they’re much more work. Typically, people either love them or hate them.

Trailmanor 2720

Bumping up to the Trailmanor 2720 camper series results in a rig two feet longer when closed (20 feet) and only two feet longer when open (27 feet). However, the weight jumps up to 2,960 pounds to 3,040 pounds dry. A capacity of 1,600 to 1,650 puts these over 4,500 pounds fully loaded. If you have a minivan, crossover, or SUV, ensure it’s up for the weight.

Like the 2518 Series, the 2720 series has three floorplans that sleep four to six people. The floorplans lack creativity and are identical to the 2518 series. However, you get more space because it is a longer camper, and they replaced the king bed with a queen. It may be tight, but many people can still store their 2720 in a standard-size garage.

One of the COOLEST RV's You've EVER SEEN! Trailmanor 2720 Setup and Tour

Trailmanor 2922

The Trailmanor 2922 camper series is for larger families. The three available floorplans offer sleeping space for four to seven people. It measures 22 feet when closed and 29 feet when open. As it is slightly larger, it’s no surprise that it weighs slightly more. 

It tips the scales between 3,040 and 3,130 pounds. Unfortunately, when you factor in its 1,594 to 1,700-pound load capacity, it’s too much for most minivans, crossovers, and SUVs to handle. You’re getting dangerously close to the highest towing capacity of any of these vehicles. 

The same floorplans apply to the 2922 series as the 2720 and 2518 models. However, they return to offering the king bed in this series.

2022 Trailmanor 2922KS Transforming Travel Trailer Walkthrough

Trailmanor 3124

The final series in the Trailmanor camper lineup is the 3124 series. This model measures 24 feet when closed and 31 feet when open. As it’s the largest in the lineup, it’s also the heaviest. It comes in at 3,140 to 3,200 pounds and has a load capacity of 1,520 to 1,600 pounds.

While the 3124 series has the same basic floor plans as the other models, including the king-size bed, it adds a feature. The 3124KB changes the dinette to use a sofa bed to create a more comfortable seating area. If you want to have as much open space as possible in a TrailManor, the 3124KS is for you. Its increased size and open living area are roomier than the rest.

Trail Manor 3124KB Walk Through

How Much Do TrailManor Campers Cost?

TrailManor campers are pricier than your average pop-up camper. Generally, you can expect to pay between $34,000 and $42,000, depending on which series you choose. However, it’s crucial to remember that pricing varies based on several factors like features, packages, and dealer negotiations. 

Their website doesn’t list the MSRP (manufacturer-suggested retail price). However, they have a FAQ asking, “Why does a TrailManor cost more than some other travel trailers?” 

This isn’t something we typically see on manufacturer websites, but it means they get the question a lot. However, the average customer should expect an innovative product will come with a premium price tag. 

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Trail Manor pop-up camper
A TrailManor camper is lightweight and aerodynamic, which helps improve fuel efficiency.

What Fuel Economy Do You Get Towing a TrailManor?

Fuel economy can vary significantly on the vehicle, the towing conditions, and many other factors. However, one of the most significant selling features of TrailManor has to do with its fuel efficiency. They claim that drivers typically expect 80% of their typical mileage.

We haven’t hitched up or towed one of these trailers ourselves, but we could see how that would be possible. They’re much lighter and more aerodynamic than a standard travel trailer. The air can pass over the top of them and produce less drag. 

What Do People Say About TrailManor Campers?

Overall, TrailManor gets some incredible reviews. One of the biggest complaints concerns their toilets. Many owners replace them entirely, especially the recirculating models.

Randall Malone is a believer in TrailManor. He left a review and says he has owned three of them. He shared, “Beds are very comfortable, roof air is cold, heater is hot.”

Wisconsin native Karen Engen bought a 2021 Trailmanor 2720QB for her family’s adventures. She said, “The beds are all very spacious. I have a family of six, and all of us fit comfortably in the three beds.” 

TrailManor Pop-Up Camper - Let's Insulate It Better!

Are Trail Manor Campers Worth It?

Owners of Trail Manor campers generally leave solid reviews. Their unique design and ease of setup make them appealing. We’ve seen a handful of them in campsites and on the road. From the looks and sounds of it, they’re well-built and durable.

However, we’re disappointed with their floorplans. We’d love to see some variety among the different sizes and how they use the spaces. We’ll watch in the future and see if Trailmanor gets more creative with its interiors.

What do you think of TrailManor campers? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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