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Does Travel Lite RV Make Good Travel Trailers?

Does Travel Lite RV Make Good Travel Trailers?

Many RVers are looking for a camper they can tow with a smaller vehicle or place in the bed of a truck. They’re looking for one that won’t cost them an arm and a leg but still has all the necessities to enjoy a camping trip. Travel Lite RV aims to answer this call with ultra-lightweight truck campers and travel trailers that don’t scrimp on the amenities but won’t rob you blind either. Haven’t heard of a Travel Lite camper? It’s time we educate you on this small company that’s growing a big reputation.

Travel Lite Rove Lite camper in campground

Travel Lite RV Is Aptly Named for Making Lightweight Campers

Initially known as the manufacturer of lightweight truck campers since 1998, Travel Lite RV has added lightweight travel trailers to its product line.

Travel Lite RV was started in Syracuse, Ind. by Larry Johns who saw the need for affordable truck campers. His goal was to produce beautifully designed truck campers that were not only light in weight but also light on the pocketbook. They accomplished that goal easily with a honeycomb composite material covered by gel coat fiberglass. What came about was a camper that used no wood substrate and was also impervious to leaks.

By 2011 Travel Lite RV expanded its product offerings into ultra-light travel trailers like the Rove Lite, which weighs in at a mere 1,500 pounds. Recently, they have also introduced the Rove 24Sur toy hauler trailer with a thoughtful design and plenty of space to bring toys along on any camp outing.

Who Owns Travel Lite RV? 

Travel Lite is keeping it in the family with the ownership handoff to Larry Johns’ son, Dustin, and his wife, Lindsay, in 2015.

Since then, the company has gone through a restructuring process and came out with a new lineup of products and a reconfigured management team. Ryan Rebar is the new COO and general manager of Travel Lite RV. The company is now held by a group of local investors. In 2023, the company completely reset its truck camper line-up and added a new toy-hauler option to their trailer products.

Does Travel Lite Make a 4-Season Camper?

Some RVers state that several Travel Lite campers are for four-season camping. But based on the criteria needed to make a four-season camper, we tend to disagree. Travel Lite does include heaters in their truck campers and travel trailers. However, we wouldn’t recommend long trips in freezing temperatures.

Additionally, none of the units come standard with air conditioners. That means RVers might not be quite as comfortable in some of the most popular summer destinations. You can, however, add an RV air conditioner as an optional add-on. 

Also, the underbellies and walls of Travel Lite campers are not particularly well-insulated. The roof is one consistent piece of fiberglass without extra insulation, and the floors are not double floors. The windows in a Travel Lite are not double-pane. To comfortably withstand true 4-season conditions, you should probably check out other options.

Does Travel Lite RV Make Good Camper Trailers?

Travel Lite RV aims to make excellent ultra-lightweight campers with higher-quality materials. But to produce a rig that doesn’t weigh much, it inevitably must erase certain items from the build.

The appearance of each rig has a clean and modern look. But, instead of cabinet doors, there are cargo nets to hold items in.

The freshwater tank is only 10 gallons, meaning that boondocking trips might be short-lived. There’s no standard air conditioner with any of the campers either. So be prepared for a quality-made RV with fewer amenities and finishes.

A “good camper” however, simply needs to meet your camping needs well. If lightweight, weekend camping is your goal, this camper may very well check all of your boxes. Let’s learn more about their offerings in detail.

Travel Lite RV interior
Travel Lite campers have modern interiors that are aesthetically pleasing.

About Travel Lite RV Travel Trailers

Built with a weekend warrior RVer in mind, Travel Lite travel trailer campers are lightweight, aesthetically pleasing, and affordable. They make 4 models under the Rove Lite brand, the Rove 24Sur toyhauler, and the relaunched Falcon 2.0 travel trailer. Let’s take a look at their lineup:

Models and Floorplans

The Rove Lite has four floorplans. The 14BH floorplan has an end sofa with a fold-down bunk over it and a double dinette that makes it into a double-size bed. Similarly, the 14FD has the same double dinette/bed, a sofa on the side, and an end cabinet. The 14FL has a double sofa bed with a single dinette on the side, which makes it into a single bed. Finally, the longer 16RB has a rear dry bath, front bed, and small dinette on the side across from the kitchen.



  • 16 feet 6 inches long
  • 2,500 pounds GVWR
  • 1,702 pounds UVW
  • 8 feet 1 inch exterior height


  • 16 feet 6 inches long
  • 2,500 pounds GVWR
  • 1,846 pounds UVW
  • 8 feet 1 inch exterior height


  • 16 feet 6 inches long
  • 2,500 pounds GVWR
  • 1,746 pounds UVW
  • 8 feet 1 inch exterior height


  • 18 feet 9 inches
  • 3,500 pounds GVWR
  • 2,020 pounds UVW
  • 8 feet 1 inch exterior height

The freshwater tanks in the three 16-foot trailers are 10 gallons, with 30-gallon gray water tanks and five-gallon black water tanks. The 16RB has the same size freshwater and gray water tanks but an increased black water tank at 30 gallons.

New Rove Lite campers typically cost between $20,000 and $35,000 depending on model and options.

SUV & MINIVAN Towable!! 2022 Travel Lite 14FD


Three smaller Rove Lite models have a wet bath and a kitchen setup that includes a sink, a two-burner propane stove, and a refrigerator. The larger 16RB model has a dry bath and the same kitchen amenities. All models also have a 20,000 BTU furnace, an on-demand tankless water heater, and a ceiling vent with a fan.

➔ A wet bath may be better than no bathroom at all, but how does it really compare to a dry bath? Find out: RV Wet Bath vs Dry Bath Comparison: Which Is Better?

The 24SUR Toy Hauler Travel Trailer

The new 2023 Rove 24Sur is a toy hauler floorplan with an RV queen bed in front and a drop-down double bed in the garage. It has a garage door at the rear of the vehicle and a wet bath and full kitchen in the center of the unit. The 13-foot garage offers plenty of space to bring along your outdoor toys or create a second bedroom space if needed.

Here are the specs for the Rove 24Sur toy hauler:

  • 26 feet 10 inches
  • 7,000 pounds GVWR
  • 3,500 pounds UVW
  • 8 feet 1 inch exterior height

The freshwater tank is 30 gallons, the gray water tank is 30 gallons, and the black water tank is five gallons. The Rove 24Sur has the same wet bath features as the other travel trailers, but the kitchen has a full range with a stove and oven replacing the propane stovetop. The refrigerator is much larger at 10 cubic feet of space, and there are several tie-downs throughout the vehicle, so there is no other furniture installation.

Travel Lite Relaunches Falcon 2.0 Travel Trailer

Travel Lite recently announced the relaunch of its Falcon series camper. After undergoing a complete overhaul, the Falcon 2.0 lineup has an improved design and construction from its predecessor. The lightweight aluminum frame keeps this series at a dry weight of 3,100 pounds, providing another solution for campers who want a larger towable RV without having to purchase a heavy-duty vehicle.

Other features include double-sided Azdel wall construction, honeycomb composite flooring, an aerodynamic design, a 200-watt solar panel, LED lighting, and a tankless water heater. The Falcon 2.0 21RB was the first released floorplan of this line. In early 2024, we should also see the debut of the 21MB and 21MK floorplans.

Falcon Travel Lite RV Trailer
Travel Lite travel trailers are a good option for weekend warriors.

Is a Travel Lite RV Trailer Worth It?

A Travel Lite RV camper can be worth its weight in gold to the right person.

Looking for simplicity, the basic creature comforts of home, and a stylish camper for a reasonable amount of money? Travel Lite travel trailers may be the perfect match. They come with most of the features needed to enjoy a camping trip to its fullest. If it’s not in the camper, you might not need it!

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