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Are There Travel Trailers with King Beds?

Travel trailers must use every inch of space as efficiently as possible. In this pursuit of efficiency, you might have to make sacrifices. One place you don’t have to sacrifice, though, is a king bed. We’ve found more than a few travel trailers with king beds that we want to share with you!

Are You Really Getting A King Bed Mattress In A Travel Trailer RV?

Spoiler alert: No, you’re not getting a real king bed in your travel trailer. A standard king bed mattress measures 76 inches by 80 inches. Sadly, you’ll frequently see the “RV king bed” measuring in at just 70 or 72 inches wide. They may even be shorter than 80 inches long!

More and more, we see RVs coming with “king beds.” However, as you look at floorplans and brochures for RVs with king beds, you’ll notice that some of the measurements fall short of the standard king bed measurements.

This is not new in the RV space – for a long time, “RV mattresses” have been their completely own category of mattress sizes.

Regardless, you still get 10-12 more inches of mattress width in your RV king bed. Just be sure to check the exact measurements of your king bed before you buy.

Pro Tip: With just 4-6 inches difference, you might get a real standard king mattress on the bed with just 2-3 inches of overhang on either side. We did!

couple on rv mattress
RV mattresses have their own category of size – often requiring custom mattress shapes and sizes.

9 Awesome Travel Trailers with King Beds

After a long day of hiking, the last thing you want is to go to sleep in a too-small bed. The good news is you don’t have to. Travel trailers with king beds do exist! 

1. Dutchmen Kodiak Ultimate 3221RLSL

The Dutchmen Kodiak Ultimate 3221RLSL is a 36’11” travel trailer. You’ll find a king bed, built-in seating area, and even a fireplace in the bedroom. The main living space has a second fireplace and a large walk-in pantry. 

Dutchmen Kodiak Ultimate 3221RLSL Travel Trailer with king bed floorplan
Source: Dutchmen Kodiak Ultimate 3221RLSL Travel Trailer with king bed

Despite the sizable bedroom, you still have a spacious kitchen with plenty of counter space, including an island. With so many comforts of home, it’s easy to see why this rig made our list!

2. Keystone Sprinter

Keystone Sprinter has three travel trailer models that fit a king-sized bed. The 352FKS and 360RLS have spacious rear bedrooms that accommodate a 70″ x 80″ king bed. Additionally, both models have a washer, dryer, and wardrobe with plenty of storage space in the bedroom.

However, the stand-out Keystone Sprinter model is the 372BHS. This Keystone Sprinter layout differs from the other two as it has a front bedroom that accommodates a king-sized bed. The large bedroom comes with a dresser, wardrobe, and washer and dryer. In the rear of the 372BHS is an additional sleeping space with two bunk beds, a sleeper sofa with storage space, and a closet.

Keystone sprinter with king sized bed
Source: – Keystone Sprinter 372BHS

3. Grand Design Transcend 31RLK (King Bed Optional)

The 37’5” Grand Design Transcend 31RLK has it all. Not only is it a travel trailer with a king bed option, but it’s also prepped for a washer/dryer. The large front bedroom doesn’t feel any smaller with a king bed. It has two large closets and a dresser, giving you all the space you need for clothes storage. 

travel trailer with king bed optional
Source: Grand Design Transcend 31RLK

The rear living design gives plenty of space to stretch your legs and enjoy a quiet evening. Plus, if you have a pet, you’ll love the unique pet drawer in the kitchen.

4. Winnebago Voyage (All Floor Plans King Optional)

The Winnebago Voyage line offers many fine choices, including an optional king bed that measures 72 inches wide. You can also choose various floor plans with everything from bunkroom models for families to rear living layouts perfect for couples. 

You’ll also find lengths for every towing situation. This line has units from 27’ to nearly 40’. With so many different options in the Winnebago Voyage line, it’s easy to find a travel trailer with a king bed.

Source: Winnebago Voyage in Brilliant Silver

5. Heartland North Trail 33RETS

Despite having a 72″ wide king bed that comes standard, the Heartland North Trail 33RETS still has plenty of room. You’ll even find a large closet with washer and dryer hookups. 

The simple rear living layout fits all of your needs but doesn’t require a massive tow vehicle. The impressively low hitch weight of 780 lbs makes this an option for many tow vehicles. 

Inside the rig, you’ll enjoy plenty of seating and even a nice-sized pantry. If having an island is important to you, it has that as well, and you can access both the bathroom and bedroom without opening a slide.

Source: Heartland North Trail 33RETS Floorplan

6. Keystone Outback 330RL

If you travel with a dog, the Keystone Outback 330RL is a travel trailer worth considering. Under the 72 x 74-inch “short king” bed, you’ll find a built-in dog crate, a safe place for your pet when you need to be away.

Note: Tall RVers beware! This king bed is a whole 6 inches shorter than your standard king and queen beds.

The Keystone Outback 330RL gives you style and functionality with the included farmhouse decor. And the washer and dryer hookups and outdoor kitchen are great additions to this unit. You’ll find a pull-out drawer in the under-storage compartment, making reaching your items easier than ever.

Source: Keystone Outback 330RL. Note the 72 x 74 dimensions of the king bed.

7. Jayco White Hawk 32KBS

The Jayco White Hawk 32KBS has a unique layout that sets it apart from many travel trailers. In this travel trailer, you will find a rear bathroom and a large walk-in closet. If the walk-in closet isn’t enough, the bedroom still has plenty of storage!

The bedroom is also very spacious with a 72″ x 80″ RV king bed, fireplace, and built-in seating area. 

Other great features include an entry coat closet and extra counter space that folds when not in use.

Source: Jayco White Hawk 32KBS Floorplan

8. Forest River Rockwood 8335SB Ultra Lite

The Forest River Rockwood 8335SB Ultra Lite greets you with a combination of a front living area and kitchen. In the rear, there’s a spacious 72 x 80-inch RV king bed with a generous wardrobe. This travel trailer comes equipped with washer and dryer hookups and a second entry door. 

The sleeper sofa and theater seating combine to provide a tremendous amount of seating. As you relax in the spacious living area, you can enjoy the views from massive windows.

Source: Forest River Rockwood 8335SB Ultra Lite

9. KZ Sportsmen LE 291THLE Toy Hauler Travel Trailer with King Bed

The only toy hauler to make our list is the KZ Sportsmen LE 291THLE. This toy hauler is a travel trailer with a king bed that comes standard, but exact dimensions were not provided in the brochure.

This trailer offers simple luxury with only one slide, a spacious U-shaped dinette, and a fireplace to keep you warm. In the rear of the unit, you’ll find two 72” rollover sofas. With a large ramp door, you won’t have any problem bringing toys for your next adventure.

Source: KZ Sportsmen LE 291THLE

Sleep Like Royalty In These Spacious Travel Trailer King Beds

A good night’s rest is essential after an exciting day of exploring, and skimping on the size of your bed can lead to restless nights! Thankfully, you’ll have all the sleeping space you need with one of these travel trailers with an RV king bed.

Pro Tip: Looking for a smaller travel trailer? Learn more about Sunray Campers: Tiny Travel Trailers for Big Adventures.

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Wednesday 6th of March 2024

Our Nu-Camp Outback Teardrop has a king bed, along with a shower, toilet, 2 burner stove, sink, kitchen table with bench seating, TV, stereo, ac and heat, all packed into 13', built solid by the Amish in Sugar Creek, Ohio

Tom and Caitlin Morton

Thursday 14th of March 2024

Those rigs sure offer a lot in a small package!!

Jeff Ferguson

Thursday 25th of March 2021

Our Evoke Model L has a king bed. We really like the trailer. Plus I converted to solar/lithium.

Mortons on the Move

Thursday 25th of March 2021

Awesome! Thanks for sharing! :)