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5 Best Truck Bed Mats for Protecting Your Pickup

If you’re like us, you likely have your pickup truck so you can haul stuff. The bed of a pickup truck is one of the most versatile spaces in any vehicle. However, if you’ve ever slid anything into or out of a bare metal truck bed, you know it can be heartbreaking to see the dings and scratches accumulate on both your bed and your payload cargo. Fortunately, a truck bed mat can be an easy and life-improving add-on to any pickup and hauling situation.

Today, we share five of the best truck bed mats to safeguard your pickup and your load. Let’s dive in and get started!

Protecting Your Truck Bed: Bed Mats, Drop-In Liners, and Spray-In Liners

What Is a Truck Bed Mat?

A truck bed mat is an insulation layer that cushions a truck bed from scratches, dents, and other damages. These are typically high-quality rubber or high-density polyethylene. This allows them to withstand abuse from heavy loads, hard impacts, and constantly changing weather conditions.

Some are single pieces, while others are puzzle-like pieces that fit together to cover the surface. They come in various sizes, allowing them to fit almost any pickup bed. 

Overall, truck bed mats are a fantastic investment for those who want to preserve their property. They can help ensure your vehicle remains in excellent condition for as long as possible.

What Is the Purpose of a Truck Bed Mat?

There are many purposes for installing a truck bed mat in your vehicle. First of all, it shields the truck bed. Absorbing impacts can help avoid scratches, dents, and other everyday damages. These can lead to rust and holes, along with poor looks. These mats preserve the surface and overall condition to keep it looking like new.

Additionally, if you want to enhance the functionality of your truck bed, these mats can help. The rubberized and textured materials are typically anti-slip surfaces. This helps avoid cargo slipping and shifting while you’re hauling it around. As you can imagine, this can make moving a payload more convenient.

Furthermore, a cushioned mat can protect your cargo. If you’re moving furniture or bikes, for instance, you can avoid putting dings and scratches in them. They will also have a softer ride getting from point A to B.

Keeping your vehicle in pristine condition can help with its longevity and resale value. If you sell or trade it someday, you want to keep it in good shape. These accessories can help you get top dollar out of your investment.

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No matter what you carry in your truck bed, protect it from scratches, dents, and other damages by installing a truck bed mat.

How to Choose a Truck Bed Mat?

You need to consider several things when shopping for a truck bed mat. Let’s examine some crucial characteristics to help you choose the perfect mat for you and your truck.


One of the most vital things to consider is the material manufacturers use to construct the mat. The type of material plays a considerable role in its durability, protection, and capabilities. Typically, rubber is the usual choice. It’s incredibly durable, impact resistant, and can withstand weathering. However, some formulas are better at withstanding UV rays, resistant to cracks, and are compatible with common work truck substances, like oil, gasoline, or other truck fluids.

You can also find truck bed mats with the same materials people use for bed liners. These are tough, rugged, and can withstand everyday impacts.

Fit and Size

You can find truck bed mats specific to the dimensions of your automobile to get the correct fit and coverage. Many of them alternatively offer universal sizes that you can cut to the right size and shape for your bed. However, be sure to get the right fit and secure it properly. If not, they can catch the wind and fly out when driving down the road.


The thickness is another quality you want to look for in a bed mat. The thicker the mat, the better it is at absorbing, cushioning, and protecting your vehicle and cargo. While a thinner mat may be cheaper, they likely won’t hold up as long. However, depending on your usual payload requirements you might only need a thinner one. These mats can get very heavy, so a thinner version will be more maneuverable.

Use Case

Consider how you plan to use your vehicle when shopping for a truck bed mat. If you’re hauling heavy-duty loads, like construction or large equipment, it will require a thicker material to provide maximum protection. However, lighter loads don’t need nearly as thick of a layer, and you may want to focus on one that is easier to clean or maintain.

Those regularly subjecting their mat to abrasive materials and impacts should be willing to pay a premium. You’re wasting your money if you purchase a product that isn’t compatible with how you plan to use it.

Truck bed mats are thick and durable to withstand any bumps and scratches. Our Ram 5500 flatbed truck has a nice thick mat.

5 Best Truck Bed Mats for Protecting Your Pickup

If your goal is to preserve and protect your vehicle for as long as possible, it’s essential to do some research while shopping. Here are five of the best truck bed mats you should consider.

1. Dee Zee Heavyweight Bed Mat

One trendy option for a truck bed mat is from Dee Zee. It uses .375-inch-thick rubber, which is rust, crack, and break resistant. It can easily withstand extreme weather conditions and almost whatever you throw at it, including fuel and oil spills. Whether you drive a Ford, Dodge, Chevy, or Toyota, they can help you. 

Dee Zee DZ87005 Heavyweight Bed Mat , Black
  • Helps prevent cargo from shifting and damaging your truck bed
  • Extra thick .375" (9.52 millimeter) rubber compound construction....
  • Will not rust, crack, or break - Even in extreme temperatures

You can easily trim the rubber to get the perfect fit if you need minor adjustments. If you’re worried about the fit, the Dee Zee Universal Utility Mat is an excellent option because it slides between most vehicles’ wheel wells. 

Dee Zee DZ85005 Universal Heavyweight Utility Bed...
  • Universal Design Protects Truck Beds, Shop Floors, or Flat Bed...
  • Extra Thick 0.375" Rubber Construction
  • Highly Compressed Rubber Resists Abrasions & Tears

2. Westin Black Rubber Truck Bed Mat

The Westin Black Rubber Truck Bed Mat has a ribbed and non-slip surface. This helps ensure your gear and anything in your bed stay secure. You can install it within seconds, and it offers optimal protection. 

One customer, Tammy, left it five stars, saying, “Came packaged well/clean, and installation was a breeze. It only took two minutes to unroll and flatten onto the truck bed.” However, it weighs 58 pounds, so it may be worth having an extra set of hands.

There are various options depending on the make and model of your vehicle. However, they offer universal sizes you can cut for the perfect fit.

Westin 50-6365 Black Rubber Truck Bed Mat fits...
  • Lines and protects truck bed
  • Preserves truck value
  • Heavyweight rubber

3. BDK Heavy-Duty Truck Utility Bed Mat

The BDK Heavy-Duty Truck Utility Bed Mat works with almost every type of vehicle. It’s made from BDK’s .25-inch-thick Advanced Performance Rubber Polymer. This makes it extra durable and weather resistant. Despite its thickness, it’s still trimmable, so it matches whatever vehicle you own.

Katrina and Jon left five stars and, in their review, said, “This fit the truck perfect. Easy to install and will last a long time.”

BDK Heavy-Duty Utility Truck Bed Liner + Tailgate...
  • Flex Tough – Our Advanced Performance Rubber Polymers are...
  • BUILT TO PROTECT – Shield your truck from dings, dents and...
  • LONG LASTING DURABILITY - We use only advanced performance rubber...
Rubber truck bed mat
Whether you want to resell your truck in the future or just want to protect your investment, a truck bed mat can help keep your truck bed good as new.

4. Bedrug Classic Bed Mat

The Bedrug Classic Bed Mat is another popular option. They offer various options for nearly every make and model of truck. The manufacturer uses 100% polypropylene, resulting in a rugged, slip and skid-resistant product. 

While it can withstand almost whatever you subject it to, it’s also incredibly soft. You’ll appreciate the cushion on your knees during long work days loading and unloading cargo. In addition, you can find a matching tailgate mat to complete the look and further protect your vehicle.

Bedrug Classic Bed Mat | Fits 2015 - 2024 Ford...
  • [FITMENT] 2015 - 2024 Ford F-150 67.1 Bed (Includes 22 - 23...
  • [WORKS HARD BUT PLAYS SOFT] | 100% Polypropylene makes an ultra...
  • [MORE THAN TOUGH]| BedRug Classic Bed Mat is engineered to be...

5. Husky Liners X-act Contour Series

Husky Liners X-act Contour Series matches the contours of your truck bed to get the perfect fit. In addition to being incredibly tough, it’s also pliable. The DuraGrip HD material allows it to fill in the crannies of your bed while providing a slip-resistant surface for your cargo.

We love a company that stands behind its product. The fact that Husky provides a lifetime guarantee on this truck bed mat says something. If you experience an issue with your product, they’ll replace it hassle-free.

Husky Liners X-act Contour Floor Mats | Fits 2015...
  • CUSTOM FITMENT - 2015 - 2024 Ford F-150 SuperCrew without Fold...
  • TOUGH NEVER FELT SO SOFT — Rubberized DuraGrip construction...
  • PERFECT EDGE-TO-EDGE FIT — Floorboards are 3D laser-scanned...
People standing in truck bed
Your truck bed will get a lot of wear and tear over time. A truck bed mat can help protect it.

Best DIY Truck Mat Option

Why pay a premium when you can get superior results yourself? You can purchase a horse stall mat from Tractor Supply Co. or another farm retailer for a fraction of the price. Measure your truck bed and buy a mat compatible with your width. Whether you want to cover the entire bed or the space between the wheel wells, this is an easy and inexpensive method.

Just keep in mind that this probably won’t look as clean and tidy as the other options. You may also get water down in between the cracks, so you may still get rust on your truck bed.

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Protect Your Pickup With These Truck Bed Mats

Whether you plan to sell your pickup down the road or enjoy taking care of your stuff, a truck bed mat is a great addition to your setup. It can protect your investment and help ensure it looks as good as new for as long as possible. Even if you have a spray-in bed liner, an extra bit of padding is never a bad thing.

Would you use a truck bed mat in your vehicle? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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