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9 Truck Camper Accessories You Can’t Travel Without

Whether you’re new to RVing or a seasoned pro, every RVer knows that the difference between a successful trip and one you just survived are the accessories. The accessories can make or break your trip. Here are nine truck camper accessories you simply can’t travel without. Let’s take a look.

Don’t Hit the Road Without These Truck Camper Accessories.

Although some accessories work at any camping spot and with any RV, some are specific to the type of RV you own. Truck campers have some unique quirks. It only makes sense that they also require some particular accessories.

Let’s see nine truck camper accessories you need.

1. Tie Downs

Tie-downs are the anchor points used to attach a truck camper to the pickup. They’re one of the most critical truck camper accessories. Without tie-downs and properly used tie-downs, your truck camper could slide out the back.

Tie-downs are usually round or square metal rods that you bolt to the frame of your truck. Because each truck frame is unique, tie-downs are generally specific for your vehicle model. 

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Tie-downs and turnbuckles are essential accessories for properly mounting your truck camper.

2. Turnbuckles

Turnbuckles are simple rigging devices that reduce slack and increase tension in ropes, cables, or other assembly systems. They consist of three parts: a body and a left- and right-hand threaded end fitting. Attach both fittings to an object. Then twist the body to either tighten or loosen the slack in the rigging system. 

For RVers, these truck camper accessories are most commonly used to anchor a truck camper to the tie-down plate on their pickup. There are many types of truck camper turnbuckles. Do some research to find the kind that works best with your truck camper.  

3. Truck Camper Jacks

Truck camper jacks raise and lower the truck camper for mounting and dismounting. These jacks can be free-standing, tripod-shaped, or cylindrical. These jacks can also use manual, electric, or hydraulic systems.

You need the right size jacks for your truck camper. Accessories like these are essential if you ever want to store your truck camper outside of the bed. They also help stabilize the truck camper whenever you’re parked for a duration of time.

truck camper with jacks down
Truck camper jacks can stabilize the camper even if it is still mounted on the truck bed.

4. Truck Camper Steps

Truck camper steps are the stairs you use to get in and out of the camper. Because truck campers sit in the truck’s bed, most truck campers are too high to step in and out of comfortably. Therefore, steps are an essential truck camper accessory.

You can detach your steps for storage or mount them permanently to the exterior. Step riser height and sturdiness are two crucial factors that can directly affect the comfort of truck camper steps.  

Pro Tip: Looking for the perfect set of stairs for your home on wheels? Check out these 8 Best RV Steps for Easy Camper Entry.

truck camper steps
Since truck campers sit higher up from the ground, a solid set of steps will be necessary to enter.

5. Sway Bars, Airbags, and Other Suspension Enhancement

With the added payload weight of the truck camper in the bed of the truck, you can crush your vehicle’s existing springs and cause your truck to ride nose-high. Sway bars and airbags are suspension enhancement systems that help keep your vehicle from swaying, rolling, and riding unlevel. They assist with vehicle control as well as ride comfort.

A sway bar is a u-shaped metal bar that attaches to the truck’s frame. The sway bar is a torsional spring, so when one side is lifted higher than the other, such as when the RV begins to tilt and roll, the other side of the sway bar springs in the opposite direction and brings the bar and vehicle back to level.

Air bags added between the axles and leaf springs allow greater flexing and soften the ride. Their pressure can be adjusted with an air compressor to meet the weight of the camper and ride demands of your adventure.

6. Leveling Blocks and Leveler

Keeping your RV level is essential for comfort and because an unlevel RV can damage some appliances like the refrigerator. Truck camper accessories like leveling blocks and levelers can help level your truck camper.

Leveling blocks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are flat and rectangular and stack together like legos. Others are curved wedges with a fatter side that tapers down to a thinner side. If you don’t need anything fancy, you can also use wooden blocks.

Pro Tip: Do you know how to level an RV the right way?

Leveling blocks will prevent RV damage and make your truck camper generally more comfortable.

7. RV Surge Protector

Similar to a household surge protector, an RV surge protector guards your RV against power spikes. This device will not interrupt power to your truck camper but will absorb high voltage power spikes seamlessly, protecting the electronics inside.

Another great option is an RV Electrical Management System (EMS). Although the goal is the same, the EMS also protects against low and high voltages, polarity reversals, open ground, and more. The added protection will come at a higher cost, however. If money is an issue, an RV surge protector is sufficient.

Get 10% off Hughes RV Surge Protectors and EMS with coupon code MORTONS!

8. Dogbone Power Adapters

Power adapters are essential truck camper accessories. They allow you to adapt your camper power supply cord to any amp outlet. Truck campers can often fit into places that other RVs can’t, opening them up to more electrical source options including 20amp services.

Dogbone adapters are short, typically 12 inches, with two fat ends, a male and female adapter, and a skinny middle. This shape mimics the shape of a dog bone with two fat portions connected by a narrow piece.

We recommend carrying a 30amp to 20 amp adapter in your arsenal.

dog bone adapter electrical cable
Don’t get caught without all the truck camper accessories, like a dogbone power adapter, that you need.

9. Air Compressor

An air compressor pressurizes air by forcing it into a compressed volume. After compression, the air releases through a small hole in a nozzle fitted to an air hose.

Although not technically a truck camper accessory, an air compressor is necessary for the vehicle hauling your truck camper. When driving off-road or in unstable terrains, such as sand, slightly deflated tires can give you better traction. But when you’re back on solid roads again, you’ll need to re-inflate your tires to drive safely home. 

If you have air bag suspension, you’ll need an air compressor for adjusting the pressure.

We highly recommend the Viair 400P Air Compressor for your towing truck.

air compressor on truck camper
An air compressor is a vital truck camper accessory to have in your tool chest! Here we use the Viair 400P air compressor.

Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, having the right accessories are critical to a successful camping trip. Don’t get caught away from home without these nine truck camper accessories.

What is your must-have accessory? Drop a comment below!

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Tuesday 5th of December 2023

you MUST have a generator. Thats truck camping 101. Our Lance came with an Onan propane generator, and it runs everything, Even if you have solar you need one

Mortons on the Move

Thursday 7th of December 2023

Good point, or at least a heavy vehicle charger. With a proper DC-DC setup you can get away with just alternator charging.