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These Are the Best Truck Camper Floorplans We’ve Ever Seen

Big motorhomes and travel trailers may be well and good for some RVers. But others may be looking for a more compact way to hit the road while taking the comforts of home with them. That’s where the truck camper comes in. But not all of these campers are created equal, especially when it comes to truck camper floorplans.

So join us as we take a look at some of the best and what makes them so unique. 

What Is a Truck Camper?

Truck campers are a special type of RV. They combine the functionality of a traditional travel trailer with the drivability of a small motorhome.

They’re small, self-contained units that sit in the bed of a pickup truck rather than get towed behind it like a trailer. Because they need to fit within a standard truck bed, they’re among the more compact RV options. 

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Host truck camper
Truck campers sit in the bed of a pickup truck rather than being towed like a trailer.

Truck Camper Floorplans Are Unique

Because of these units’ unique size and mobility requirements, truck camper floorplans need to get a bit creative to find a place for all the features buyers are looking for. Here are some of the most notable differences and tweaks you’ll find. 

Bed Length

If you’ve always driven cars or SUVs, you might assume all truck beds are the same length. However, truck beds can range from 5.5 feet to 8 feet long. Of course, this means truck campers will come in various sizes to fit different truck bed lengths.

Weight Constraints – Size of Truck

Truck campers are very different than trailers in one crucial way. Rather than pulling the rig’s weight behind you, you’ll have it entirely within the truck bed.

The amount of weight a truck can carry in the bed is called the payload capacity.

Depending on the size of your truck, its payload capacity will limit you to campers of a certain size due to weight and the center of gravity.

Therefore, you’ll find certain truck campers targeted specifically at half-ton pickups. At the same time, owners of three-quarter or one-ton models will be able to consider larger and heavier truck campers.

Lance truck camper on Ford F550
Many truck campers require one-ton or heavy-duty trucks for safe carrying.

Pop-up Truck Camper vs. Hard-Sided

Some truck campers have the standard hard sides you’ll find on most other motorhomes or trailers. But others are designed to pop up and fold down as needed.

This may save you space while storing it and allow your truck to keep a lower profile while driving. However, you’ll often have to remove just about everything from upper areas and other storage spaces before folding the camper down. That can add extra time to your camp setup and breakdown. 

Truck Camper Slide-Outs

You’ll typically find slide-outs on trailers and motorhomes, but certain truck camper floorplans include them, too!

This can dramatically expand the space inside your truck camper and allow for more creative floorplans. However, you will likely find yourself paying a premium for the extra room. Slide-outs also significantly increase the weight of the camper, restricting them to use on larger trucks only.

Truck Camper Layouts Get Creative with Space

When cramming an entire home into a space the size of a truck bed, truck camper manufacturers naturally have to find unique solutions for how to fit it all. The most innovative aspects are often found in the bathrooms when they’re included.

Truck camper floorplans that include restrooms may have a typical bathroom or a “wet bath.” This is the term for bathrooms where occupants use the entire space for cleaning and toilet-related purposes. You may sometimes find yourself sitting on the toilet as you shower simply because there’s no other space!

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Host truck camper floorplan
Truck camper manufacturers have found creative ways to maximize the space in these units.

Kitchens are often small and contain spaces that have multiple uses, such as a way to convert a cooktop or sink into food prep space.

Beds can also benefit from some creative arrangement, whether it’s a loft area above the truck’s cab, bunks, or even a dinette that folds down or converts into a bed. You may see east-west or north-south orientations depending on the size of the RV mattress and other layout features.

The Best Truck Camper Floorplans We’ve Seen

With all the different brands and models of truck campers out there, you may find yourself sorting through plenty of mediocre (or worse) layouts. So we’ve put together our list of the best truck camper floorplans you can find and what makes them stand out. 

We’ve divided our list into larger floorplans and smaller floorplans. This is because the larger floorplans obviously have more room to work with and generally can have more features. But don’t discount creative layouts in small truck campers, which need even more creativity to stand out.

The Best Large Truck Camper Floorplans

These rigs need one-ton trucks or bigger to haul, so why not pull out all the stops? From spacious bathrooms to expansive kitchens, we bet you won’t even believe we’re talking about truck campers.

Host Mammoth Truck Camper

About: The Host Mammoth is an excellent choice for those looking for an expansive living space with plenty of features in their truck camper. Thanks to the ultralight aluminum construction, it has a base/dry weight of just 3,955 pounds.

It has a roomy interior of 11 feet 4 inches and makes the most of the space through a side-entry door. This allows the back of the camper to hold one of the rig’s three slides. That can dramatically expand the floor space when expanded.

Additionally, a full dry bathroom is tucked conveniently into the corner, and a well-sized kitchen sits on one of the side slides.

Best Floor Plan Features: The coolest feature of this camper is the amazing floor-to-ceiling picture window out the back of this camper! The huge dry bath is also awesome for more normal showering/bathroom use.

MSRP: Starting around $78,000

host mammoth truck camper floorplan
We love the floor-to-ceiling windo in the Host Mammoth truck camper!

Eagle Cap 1165 Truck Camper

About: Foodies, this may be the truck camper for you. The Eagle Cap 1165 offers one of the best kitchens of these innovative truck camper floorplans.

A center island allows additional space for cooks to prep or serve food while allowing easy movement throughout the camper. A spacious bedroom is tucked conveniently at the front, behind a full dry bath. It boasts 11 feet 11 inches of floor space and weighs in at 4,917 pounds without any of your belongings inside.  

Best Floor Plan Features: The large kitchen island stands out in this rig to expand kitchen capabilities. Camp food has never been easier! Plus, we love the dry bath with skylight.

MSRP: Starting at $52,000

2021 Adventurer Truck Campers Eagle Cap 1165

Bigfoot C10.4 Camper

About: With a dry weight of 3,220 pounds, the Bigfoot C10.4 is the lightest of our top larger truck camper floorplans. To accomplish this, the interior space is a bit shorter at 10 feet 6 inches.

But Bigfoot makes the most of this slightly more limited space. A conveniently placed bathroom separates the kitchen and living space from the bedroom, and a standard back truck camper awning provides a comfortable outdoor hangout space. 

Best Floor Plan Features: This floorplan is simple, practical, and smart. This is our favorite non-slide truck camper layout due to the long, very usable kitchen counter, center aisleway, and dry bath. After many truck camper tours, we settled on this general layout for our own camper choice.

MSRP: Starting at $55,000

Bigfoot 10.4 Tour / Truck Camper / Our New Camper

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Best Small Truck Camper Floor Plans

Most truck campers are pretty small for an RV. But if you’re looking for an even more compact truck camper floorplan, check out these top options. 

NuCamp Cirrus 720

About: The Cirrus 720 offers all the perks of a top truck camper in a package that’s just 1,875 pounds and 8 feet 3 inches long. It’s essentially set up as a large “studio,” with an entrance at the back, a bedroom space at the front, and a small wet bath and kitchenette in between.

As with many small truck camper floorplans, many spaces offer multiple uses, from the glass-topped sink to the swinging/folding table area.

Best Floor Plan Feature: The innovative, space-saving wet bath is unique. The swinging/sliding table space allows for multi-use space without blocking access to the bed area. Open-concept cabinetry and walls makes the space seem larger.

MSRP: Starting around $28,000

2019 Cirrus 720 Walkthrough Tour

Lance 650

About: Owners of half-ton pickups, rejoice! The Lance 650 is designed specifically for you. Lance crafted this unique camper for 5-foot and 6-foot truck beds. However, it still allowed for 6 feet 10 inches of floor length.

Your truck will also appreciate the relatively slim 1,700-pound dry weight. Inside, you’ll find a dedicated sleeping area, a dual-use dinette and bed, and a small kitchenette with a two-burner range and a microwave.

Even with its small size, you’ll also still have a toilet included so you can take care of business without having to leave the comfort of your camper.

Best Floor Plan Feature: Our favorite feature is the large and cozy dinette. Despite the camper’s small size, you can still stretch out and get comfy on recovery days.

MSRP: Starting around $20,000

Lance 650 Truck Camper Walkthrough Tour

Kingstar North-South Truck Camper

About: If a typical truck camper is too big, but smaller models feel a bit cramped, this “goldilocks” model might feel just right to you. The Kingstar North-South measures up with 9-foot 2-inch floor space and a dry weight of 2,655 pounds.

It includes an astonishing amount of sleeping space, including a convertible dinette/bed and a fold-down bunk above. This model also includes a dry bath for additional comfort and convenience. 

Best Floor Plan Feature: We love the innovative and clean designs on the interior of the Kingstar. Since each is built to order, you can also put your personal touches on it. The multi-function layout allows the seating area to transform to your needs.

MSRP: Starting around $51,000

Kingstar Camino88 NORTH/SOUTH Tour

Find a Truck Camper Floorplan for Your Adventures!

Truck campers can be one of the best ways to enjoy the fun of RV life without the hassle and stress of a massive rig. These compact, creative models offer a fantastic amount of comfort in a small package.

No matter what you’re looking for in a truck camper floorplan, keep these models in mind. You’ll be sure to find a great fit for you and your truck. 

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