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Can You Live Full-Time in a Truck Camper?

Can You Live Full-Time in a Truck Camper?

It isn’t uncommon these days to find couples and even large families hitting the road full-time. Often you’ll see full-timers in large fifth wheels and Class A motorhomes. Is a massive rig your only option if you want to full-time, though? What about truck camper living? Let’s see if smaller options can still keep you on the road.

fulltime truck camper
Could this be a full time Rig?

Truck Camper Living: Can It Be Done? 

When it comes to RV living, anything is possible. If you have a vision for your idea of adventure and freedom, it’s possible to make it a reality.

While there may not be as many amenities in a truck camper, there are many benefits to truck camper living. For one, the compact size opens up possibilities that a huge rig might not be able to handle.

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Benefits of Living in a Truck Camper

Living in a truck camper can be a rewarding adventure. You can enjoy a minimalist, efficient lifestyle — and it doesn’t get much more minimalist than a truck camper. Let’s see why truck camper living could be the best choice for you.

Can Fit in Most Parking Spots

Camping spots can be hard to come by these days. The ability to fit into a standard parking spot allows you to more easily stay the night at a rest stop or store that allows overnight parking.

Squeezing into a parking spot also comes in handy on travel days when you need to make a pit stop at the store. 

truck camper parking spot
Off Road Ready!

Ability to Go Off-Road

One of the best parts of full-timing is the ability to go on epic trips that you would have never thought were possible before. Truck campers, more often than not, can take your whole set up off-road to places other campers only wish they could go.

To get an RV with 4×4 capabilities you are usually looking at a very high price tag for a custom rig. However, all you need is to buy a 4×4 truck and you can take your whole home offroad with you. 

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Versatile Camper Option

While truck camper living can mean you spend a lot of time off-roading and boondocking in remote locations, that doesn’t always have to be the case. Truck campers are usually welcome at campgrounds, giving you the ability to have access to the same amenities as the big rigs. With a truck camper, you easily have the best of both worlds. 

kimbo truck camper

Can Stay On Truck All The Time, If Desired

While many truck campers can detach and still be usable, a benefit of truck campers is the ability to remain on the truck continuously. Having a truck camper means regardless of where you go, you always have your home with you.

You’ll never have to worry about leaving it behind. Because of their compact nature, it’s safe to assume that if your truck fits, so will your truck camper. 

Some Models Have a Lot of Room

Just because some truck campers are tiny doesn’t mean they all are. Some models have multiple slides and will make you forget you’re even in a truck camper!

In some cases, you can have just as many features as the larger rigs. With some of the biggest units offering 100 square feet of floor space, you won’t feel cramped.

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inside host truck camper
This is inside the massive 3 slide host truck camper! Source:

Great for Solos and Couples

Those taking to the road as solo travelers will find truck camper living to be a great way to get out there. Truck camper living is simple and versatile. When you’re traveling alone, there isn’t much need for a large, cumbersome setup. 

Couples can also benefit from the truck camper life. Those who prefer a more simple living space so they can focus on the adventure ahead will appreciate the easy setup. Often, couples want to go full-time to spend more time together and less time on home upkeep. Truck camper life allows you to spend less time messing with your rig and more time exploring.  

Cons of Truck Camper Living

While there are many benefits to truck camper living, there can be some downsides. There are bound to be a few annoyances with any RV choice. Are the pitfalls to truck campers enough to make you cross it off your list?

Not Great for Families

Families will have a difficult time trying to go full-time in a truck camper. There aren’t many opportunities for privacy in these units.

Even in the largest truck campers, there aren’t separate bunkhouses or living areas for kids. The noise from the routine daily tasks of a family going about their day might be enough to drive anyone crazy. 

Not a Lot of Storage

Storage is a hot topic when it comes to full-time RV life. And space is at a premium when traveling in a truck camper. There are only so many opportunities for storage space when other necessities already use every inch.

You aren’t going to find any large closets or drawers. Choosing a truck camper forces you into a genuinely minimalistic lifestyle. 

Can Be Expensive

Just because something is small doesn’t mean it’s budget-friendly. Many truck campers can cost as much as standard travel trailers. It isn’t uncommon for truck campers to cost upwards of $70,000. There are budget-friendly options, but models with some residential comforts come with a heftier price tag than you might expect.

expensive truck camper
A new truck and truck camper like this could cost over 100k new!

Requires A Large Truck

Truck campers are heavy. Heavy loads require large trucks, and large trucks don’t come cheap. It’s common for those hauling a truck camper to need a one-ton dually to transport the camper safely.

If you don’t already have a truck up to the task, you’ll need to invest in both the camper itself and a well-equipped truck. This expense might be enough to break the bank.

giant truck camper
So maybe you don’t need a truck this big, but big none the less.

Is Living in a Truck Camper a Good Idea? 

For those who can live simply and have a thirst for adventure, truck camper living might be the perfect way to travel full-time. However, if you really want to stretch your legs and need a lot of space, a truck camper may not be the best fit. 

Truck camper living isn’t for everyone, but it’s hard to argue against some of the benefits. Would you consider living full-time in a truck camper? How would it change the way you travel?

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Wednesday 19th of May 2021

Regarding 4x4 pickup trucks with dually tires, I think you once mentioned it is more difficult to go off-road using dually tires. Can you elaborate on that (pros and cons)? Thanks.