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7 Best Truck Floor Mats for Keeping Your Truck Looking Like New

7 Best Truck Floor Mats for Keeping Your Truck Looking Like New

A quality set of truck floor mats can help keep your truck looking as good as the day you drove it off the lot. However, you may not want to sacrifice the look and feel of your new truck by installing ordinary mats.

Today, we’re sharing seven sets of truck floor mats that we think will keep your vehicle’s interior looking great. Let’s get started!

What Are Truck Floor Mats?

Truck floor mats can protect your vehicle’s carpet from dirt and other debris you and your passengers track in. A set of rubberized floor mats can also protect your carpet from liquids such as snow, ice, and drink spills.

Some of the toughest floor mats can make your vehicle’s interior look new even years down the road. No matter what kids, pets, or mother nature throws your way, you shouldn’t have to worry about how it will affect your interior.

Why do factory carpet floor mats suck? I use my truck for work, so mud & sand eat the floor.

What Are the Benefits of Truck Floor Mats?

With suitable truck floor mats, you can have seamless protection of your vehicle floor. You’ll not only protect your truck from big and small spills but also large and small particles like sand and dirt.

The right truck floor mats can be durable but also luxurious. Protecting your truck and keeping it in pristine condition can also help when it’s time to sell or trade in your vehicle. Avoiding rips, tears, and stains in your interior can help you achieve the maximum value.

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Truck Floor Mats vs. Floor Liners: What’s the Difference?

Truck floor mats and liners are great options for protecting your vehicle‘s footwell. A floor mat typically has a flat bottom to cover the flat surfaces of your flooring. If you’re looking to protect the flooring on your new vehicle, they’re a significant upgrade from the standard carpeted floor mats dealers usually include. 

However, a floor liner is an upgrade from standard floor mats. These are often custom-fit to each truck model. Whether you drive a Ram, Ford, Chevy, or Toyota, floor liners conform to the edges and various contours of your specific truck. This reduces the chance of spills and debris getting buried in your carpet.

Muddy boots entering into truck
Keep your truck looking like new with a quality floor mat.

7 Best Floor Mats and Liners for Keeping Your Truck Looking Like New

Want to keep your truck looking sharp? Here are several of the best truck floor mats that we think are worth your money. Let’s take a look!

1. WeatherTech FloorLiner HP

About: WeatherTech is one of the highest-rated floor liners in the industry. Their team of designers and engineers created some of the highest quality products. They are laser measured to ensure a custom fit for your vehicle.

With these floor liners, you’re not only protecting the floor, but the front, back, and side of your vehicle’s footwell. They come with anti-skid nibs that ensure your floor liner won’t slide or move while you’re driving. 

Stand-Out Features: Cleaning the WeatherTech Floorliner HP with mild detergent, warm water, and a soft-bristle brush should keep your floor liners looking like the day you installed them. They offer options for both carpet and vinyl flooring.

Red truck parked at campsite
Trick out your truck with a custom-fit floor mat design.

2. Husky Liners WeatherBeater Floor Mats

About: Husky Liners is a top performer for truck floor mats. They’ve been in the industry since 1988, and their heavy-duty floor mats have a unique look and feel.

The entire process of selecting the proper floor mats for your vehicle and installation is as hassle-free as you can get. If not, they stand behind their product with a lifetime guarantee. 

Stand-Out Features: While other brands allow you to select by year, manufacturer, and vehicle model when shopping for your floor mats, Husky Liners takes it a step further. You can even narrow down your specific trim level to help ensure you get the best fit possible for optimal protection.

3. Rugged Ridge All-Terrain Floor Liners

About: These budget-friendly floor liners have everything you could ask for to protect your truck without the hefty price tag. They’re not available in all makes and models, but if they offer one for your vehicle, you’ll love the thick thermoplastic molding and anti-slip nubs. They attach to the OEM hooks that come standard on your truck and won’t move once put in place.

Stand-Out Features: It’s hard to compete with the quality of this product at this price point. The same floor liners with other brands could cost $100+ more.

Interior of truck.
If you want to trade or sell your vehicle, a quality truck floor mat can help you get top dollar.

4. Gator Floor Liners

About: If you need your floor liners to be as hardy as an alligator, then look no further than Gator Floor Liners. They’re made for carpeted vehicles and are resistant to chemicals, water, mud, and other debris you pick up during your adventures. They’re flexible and won’t fold or warp over time.

Stand-Out Features: Gator Floor Liners use elastomeric material to be highly flexible and resistant to chemicals and other materials that could damage your interior.

5. Motor Trend FlexTough All-Weather Deep Dish Floor Mats

About: If you do not need a custom-fit option, these Motor Trend FlexTough floor mats might be for you. FlexTough is a universal-fit floor mat that comes in multiple colors and fits most passenger cars, vans, SUVs, and trucks.

They also come with a budget-friendly price of less than $50 for the entire set. You can easily cut the rubber polymer material to better fit your vehicle.

Stand-Out Features: A floor mat with a no-slip grip and a high-quality look doesn’t have to break the bank. For less than $50, you can get all you need to protect your vehicle’s flooring.

Motor Trend Black Deep Dish Rubber Floor Mats...
  • FlexTough Premium - Our Advanced Performance Rubber Polymers are...
  • Designed for Compatibility - Made to be Trimmable to Fit your...
  • No-Slip Grip - Rubberized Nibs on the Bottom so the Mat Does not...

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Truck floor mat
Prevent stains and damage on your truck floor with a sturdy floor mat.

6. Armor All 4-Piece Black All Season Rubber Truck Floor Mats

About: Armor All 4-piece rubber mats can provide all-weather protection. They come at a cost-effective price but are built for performance. They’re durable and can withstand temperatures from 0 degrees to over 100 degrees without issue. Trim away the excess material with a pair of scissors, and you’ll have a tight and sleek look with optimal protection.

Stand-Out Features: No matter what type of climate you’re in, the Armor All rubber truck mats can take the beating. Dirt, sand, snow, or mud won’t defeat these floor mats.

Armor All® Car Accessories 4-Piece Black Rubber...
  • All Weather Protection: This four piece set of all season rubber...
  • Built for Performance: These durable rubber polymer mats can...
  • Fierce Gripping Power: Better than ordinary rubberized nibs, our...

7. Amazon Basics 4-Piece Thick Flexible Rubber Floor Mats

About: Leave it to Amazon Basics to create what you need in a rubber floor mat at a tremendous value. This 4-piece set protects both your front and rear flooring from mud, snow, dirt, spills, and just about anything else you throw at them. The thick rubber is flexible and bends easily. The deep ridges and grooves trap dirt and debris.

Stand-Out Features: Combine the deep grooves and ridges with the thick rubber, and you should expect these floor mats to cost three or four times their value. If you’re looking for an inexpensive product that gets the job done, this is it!

AmazonBasics 4 Piece Heavy Duty Floor Mat - Black
  • Heavy-duty 4-piece set of front and back floor mats; protects...
  • Made of thick, flexible PVC that bends easily; ridges and deep...
  • Non-skid design won’t slip or slide around on the floor; cleans...
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Are Truck Floor Mats Worth It?

If you’re planning to trade or sell your vehicle, truck floor mats can help you get top dollar. Having a quality set of mats can keep your truck’s interior looking as new as when you bought it.

Keeping your vehicle in optimal condition is more than just doing routine maintenance. Stains and other interior cosmetic issues can reduce the value of your vehicle by several hundred dollars. This makes the cost of a durable, good-looking floor mat set an easily justified expense. So go ahead: treat yourself.

Which floor mats would you trust to keep your truck looking good? Tell us in the comments!

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