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This Tonneau Cover Has Lasted Us 7 Years: TruXedo Review

TruXedo tonneau cover keeps your stuff safe from water, wind, or theft. It doesn’t matter where you side in the gas or diesel, Ford or RAM, or DRW or SRW debate; you can find a TruXedo tonneau cover for your truck. Let’s take a look at these tough bed covers that will serve you well for years to come. Let’s get started.

What Is a TruXedo Tonneau Cover?

TruXedo is a specialized line of soft roll-up tonneau truck bed covers. You’ll find a variety of options to fit practically any brand. Because they take into account your vehicle’s dimensions, it creates a watertight seal to help protect the contents of your bed from the elements.

With a sleek and low-profile design, these covers provide a natural look. However, they’re very functional as well. Because these covers roll back, you have more room in your bed. Compare this with a tri-fold option, and you typically gain 30% more bed space.

A bed cover protects your items from theft. Because these covers fully enclose your trailer, you also don’t have to worry about things blowing out the back on a windy day or while traveling down the highway. For a few hundred dollar cover, it’s hard to ask for much more.

Truxedo Truxport Tonneau Cover | Product Review | Soft Roll up cover for pickup truck beds

Construction Quality

The TruXedo line of tonneau covers uses durable leather-grain vinyl material to withstand the harshest weather conditions. The paddle latches secure it to the truck. You can recognize the quality construction in its sturdy and durable components.

Our unit has withstood 7 years in varying exterior conditions from tropics to freezing conditions. It has been opened and closed thousands of times and has not once had a problem.

rollling up the truxedo

Ease of Installation

Another reason to love the TruXedo line of bed covers is that you don’t have to drill into your truck to install it. The easy installation doesn’t require any special tools either. Even with no prior experience, you can install it in under 30 minutes. Simply clamp the rails in place to your truck bed, attach the cover, and roll it out.


The black leather grain material has incredible durability. Many users have owned them for years with no issues. However, TruXport backs their TruXedo covers with a 5-year, no-hassle warranty.

Were at year 7 and I think we have a few more years to go on our material. It is golding up great.

If you do have an issue or need replacement parts for some reason, you can give their team a call, and they’ll take care of you. Consider getting this tonneau cover if you want a bed cover that will last as long as your truck.

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truxedo durability
7 years and the material is still looking good with only minor cracking on the edges

How Much Does a TruXedo Tonneau Cover Cost?

TruXedo tonneau covers typically cost around $300-400. However, depending on your truck’s size, some of their more premium models can cost close to $600. However, even their more budget-friendly covers have a reputation for excellent quality. While other covers can cost upwards of $1,000, you don’t have to break the bank to own a TruXedo tonneau cover.

Check our RealTruck or Amazon to check prices and size options on these covers.

What Are the Benefits of Using a TruXedo Tonneau Cover?

Aside from making your truck look sleeker, there are several reasons why you might choose one of these covers. Let’s take a look.

Theft Prevention

When you own a truck, you’ll likely use the bed to store things. Whether you have fishing gear or power tools, you want to keep them out of sight. Having a cover over your truck bed keeps them safe when you’re not around.

The TruXedo covers require you to open the tailgate to roll it up. Many modern trucks have locks on the tailgate that activate when you lock your vehicle. If your cover is closed and you lock your car, the bed contents get locked away too.

The vinyl cover is not completely theft-proof of course as someone could cut through it, but most of security is out of sight out of mind.

Weather Protection

No matter what your favorite meteorologist says, it always seems to rain when you leave items uncovered in your truck. Repeated sun exposure can also damage tools and other things. 

The TruXedo line of bed covers fit snugly, ensuring no water gets inside. It has a rubber gasket on the back that the tailgate makes contact with. We have only seen a few drops of water make it into our bed and have trusted it to items we really wouldn’t want to get wet. You can rest easy knowing your items won’t get damaged.

Truxedo tonneau  theft
Rain, Snow, Sun, Dust, Ice, Hail… our cover has seen it all

Increased Fuel Economy

When driving with the cover closed your truck is more aerodynamic as the tailgate no longer blocks airflow. It’s not majorly significant but we have noticed that the truck gets better fuel economy with the cover closed. This is more noticeable when driving at higher highway speeds than around town.

Mortons on the Move truck with TruXedo cover
Keep your truck theft free by covering your truck with a TruXedo.

Does the TruXedo Tonneau Cover Affect the Ability to Tow?

While some bed covers can get in the way with towing, the TruXedo does not. When rolled up, the cover gives plenty of space for towing a fifth-wheel or gooseneck trailer. 

One thing many RVers love about these bed covers is the increased visibility. Other tri-fold covers make it very difficult, or impossible, to view the fifth wheel hitch when connecting their trailer. You want to have the maximum amount of visibility to avoid any potential damage to your truck or trailer.

truxedo towing
Cruise down the highway without interrupted visibility with the TruXedo.

How Do You Roll Up a TruXedo Tonneau Cover?

To roll up a TruXedo cover, you must open the tailgate to access the two latches at the rear of the cover. After unlatching the cover, roll it back. Then you use Velcro latches to secure it and keep it from unraveling. 

truxedo latches

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TruXedo Tonneau Cover Care Guidelines

You want your tonneau cover to last for years to come. Ensure you properly care for it and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. TruXedo makes the Pro-Tex soft tonneau protectant. This helps to clean, condition, and protect it.

You also want to ensure you roll up the cover correctly and secure it to your truck. Failure to do so can cause damage to your or another person’s vehicle. So make sure you tighten the Velcro and attach it before each trip. 

TruXedo product shot
From deserts to beaches, the TruXedo is the perfect accessory for all of your truck adventures.

We mainly just wash the cover any time we wash the truck and spray it with a UV blocker.

Is TruXedo Made in the USA?

TruXedo bed covers are headquartered and manufactured out of Yankton, South Dakota. So when you buy one of these covers, you know you get a product made in the USA by an American company.


Is Installing a Truxedo Tonneau Cover Worth It?

The Truxedo tonneau covers durability, affordability, and strength make them stand out. If you value your stuff and need a cover for the bed of your truck, it’s hard to beat the bang for the buck from these.

Personally, for the versatility and cost, we highly recommend the Truxedo line of covers. We will have one on our next truck for sure!

Check out all of RealTruck’s tonneau covers here – our readers receive 8% off!

Do you prefer a roll-up or tri-fold bed cover? Let us know in the comments below!

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