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Is a Two-Bedroom Fifth Wheel Right for You?

When it comes to fifth wheels, there’s a layout to fit every travel style. If yours includes needing additional sleeping or working areas, a two-bedroom fifth wheel might be exactly what you’re looking for. Curious to learn more? Keep reading!

Two-Bedroom Fifth Wheel Campers

You’ll find two-bedroom fifth wheels across a variety of brands and layouts.

Two of the most common designs featuring two bedrooms are rear bunkhouse models and mid-bunk models. Meaning, the RV has a traditional master bedroom in the front, plus a room with bunk beds in either the middle or the back of the rig.

Some fifth wheels have an additional loft as well, giving you even more space.

Pro Tip: Layout options are one of the many things we love about fifth wheel RVs!

bunk bed in second bedroom rv
Bunkhouse in a Cyclone Two-Bedroom Fifth Wheel

Benefits of a Two-Bedroom Fifth Wheel

Now you know the concept of a two-bedroom fifth wheel, but why should you consider owning one? Here are some reasons:

Can Sleep More People

With two bedrooms, you can bring along the whole family and maybe a few friends. Some two-bedroom campers can sleep six to eight people, and that doesn’t even include the extra sleeping space provided by convertible couches in the living room.

Additional Storage Space

With all of those extra people, of course, you’ll need more storage space. Having a two-bedroom RV allows you to store additional clothes, toys, and anything else you need for camping.

Separate Office Space

Having a second bedroom in your fifth wheel isn’t only for those with large families. The additional bedroom could also make a functional office space!

With more and more people working remotely, a second bedroom can help you stay productive while on the road.

Many RVers work on the road and need designated office space in their RV.

Feels More Residential

Whether your RV is your home away from home or serves as your primary residence, a residential feel can be more comfortable. Having a two-bedroom fifth wheel will give you the feeling of a more traditional home.

Offers More Privacy for Family and/or Guests

While spending time together makes for great memories, sometimes we just need our space. Bedrooms with physical doors can make all the difference in privacy.

In a two-bedroom fifth wheel, you can have people in the master bedroom, second bedroom, and living and dining areas without infringing on others’ personal space. Doors also provide sound dampening, so you’ll find real solitude, even in a tiny home.

Is a Two-Bedroom Fifth Wheel Right for You?

If having separate spaces for the individuals in your family is essential, a two-bedroom fifth wheel might be for you. Consider the additional benefits listed above, like extra storage, office space, guest capacity, and the need for solitude.

truck towing fifth wheel
Make sure your truck can handle the weight of your fifth wheel.

You might also consider your ability to tow a larger fifth wheel. While some two-bedroom rigs are compact, others are massive.

Not to mention, you’ll likely bring along more things, so your rig will be heavier too. If you have a vehicle that can tow the additional weight, it might be perfect for you!

There’s also the cost. Depending on the amenities and specs, a two-bedroom fifth wheel will likely be more expensive than a one-bedroom unit in the same style. If you have the budget, a second bedroom might be a great way to spend it!

Awesome Two Bedroom Fifth Wheels

After considering all the pros and cons of having a rig with a second bedroom, you might have decided it’s time to buy. When you’re checking out various models with your needs in mind, consider our list of recommendations.

Montana 385BR – 2nd Bedroom and/or Office Space

If you want a fifth wheel with two bedrooms but don’t want to lose a large living space, this is it.

The Montana 385BR not only has a second bedroom with a desk area but also a loft. The layout is a mid-bunk with a loft setup, making it perfect for multiple children who want their own space.

two bedroom fifth wheel Montana 385BR
Montana 385BR Floor Plan

This model also has washer and dryer hook-ups in the master bedroom, and both bedrooms in the Montana 385BR have wardrobe space, giving you plenty of storage.

Dutchmen Astoria Platinum 3553MBP

Sometimes simple things like a double sink bathroom vanity make all the difference, and this fifth wheel offers that. The Dutchmen Astoria Platinum 3553MBP will make you feel right at home with several comfort-driven amenities.

Dutchmen Astoria Platinum 3553MBP Floor Plan

This two-bedroom fifth wheel features a mid-bunk with a loft. Additionally, you’ll have plenty of lounging space with both theater seating and a trifold sofa.

The large island and kitchen pantry are perfect for family meals, and the large windows in the rear living area will help you appreciate fine views during your travels.

Grand Design Solitude 3950BH

The Grand Design Solitude 3950BH is a rear bunkhouse model that features two full bathrooms. Bunkhouse users won’t have to share a shower with the main facilities, which is pleasantly unique.

Experience the Solitude S-Class 3950BH

There are also three proper beds in the bunkhouse, in addition to a folding sofa. Those in the front bedroom and bathroom will have absolute privacy from those in the back if they want.

The main living space is open concept with a spacious kitchen island and theater seating. Owners have the option to choose a larger sofa instead of a dinette too.

Other interesting fifth wheel designs include the front kitchen models. Learn about their unique features here: How to Find the Perfect Front Kitchen Fifth Wheel for You

Recharge in a Two-Bedroom Fifth Wheel

Even though traveling creates opportunities for beautiful memories, we all need some time to recharge. Choosing a two-bedroom fifth wheel allows for those moments of privacy as you get ready for another day of adventure.

Is privacy an essential factor for you when choosing a fifth wheel? Let us know below!

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Hi Sheri! We're glad you're enjoying our articles, and we're also so sorry to hear that your husband passed away. If a fifth wheel toy hauler is too much for you to tow, have you considered a smaller travel trailer toy hauler? These days you can get toy hauler RVs as small as 18 feet long, and the smaller units may be more affordable as well.