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6 Best Two Room Tents for Camping With Family and Friends

6 Best Two Room Tents for Camping With Family and Friends

Are you gearing up for the camping season and looking to buy a two-room tent? You might be camping with friends and want extra space for them. Or, it could be that your family’s outgrown your current tent. Two-room tents definitely expand the camping experience.

There’s no reason to be cramped and on top of one another when you’re tent camping. That’s why we’ve thought through a list of things to consider when shopping for your new two-room tent. And we’ve even pulled together a list of our top picks to give you a head start.

Let’s get started.

What Is a Two Room Tent?

A two-room tent is a tent with a room divider. A curtain serves to create two distinct spaces in the tent. Of course, this divider doesn’t offer the noise cancellation a wall would in a home, but it does offer a level of privacy that can only improve your camping experience.

Choosing the perfect tent: how to pick the best tent for your needs!

What Are the Benefits of a Two Room Tent?

A two-room tent is ideal for individuals, families, and even those wanting to host guests while camping. For families, having a separate room allows you to put the kids in one space while leaving the other side for the parents. If you have younger kids that still nap, they may get to sleep easier if you’re out of sight and in the other room. 

And, if you’re hosting friends or family, a two-room tent allows them to have their own space. That way, you’re not on top of each other. Even if you’re camping with one other person, having two rooms gives you both a separate sleeping area and a living area.

How Do You Pick the Right Size Tent?

We’d never encourage you to buy a tent larger than what you’d need. The saying goes, “you can never have too much of anything,” but that’s not always true. A larger tent could mean more time spent setting it up and more things to clean. You might even be tempted to buy more gear to fill the tent.

Consider what camping looks like for you. Do you camp solo or invite others? Or, would you like to have more space so you could invite others to join you? What size tent do you need today? Also, what size tent will you want soon? Buying a tent isn’t an inexpensive purchase, so it’s not a bad thing to consider how your needs might change over time.

Tent set up in the backyard for camping
Tent camping can get crammed depending on the size of your tent. Spread out in a two room tent.

Things to Consider When Buying a Two Room Tent

Aside from the price and size of the tent, here are other things to consider when buying a tent.

Ease of Setup

Starting your camping trip by setting up a tent can be such a buzzkill. It’s exactly why manufacturers come up with new tent designs to improve the ease of setup. There are now instant tents, where setup happens in seconds to minutes.

Some offer color-coded poles, while others come with telescoping poles that are attached to the tent fabric. There are also pop-up tents that are easy to set up, but they may not be as structurally sound and can be harder to tear down at the end of your trip.

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Number of Doors

Ah, the little luxuries. Doors are one of them when it comes to tent camping. If you’re solo camping, you may only need one door. But with a two-room design, you may want another one.

With two doors, do you want them to be in separate rooms making two separate entrances? Or, would you rather have one large door that splits into the two-room when the room divider’s in place? If you have little ones, it could be you only want one door for peace of mind and safety.

Another thing to consider is if the tent has a vestibule near the entrance where you can store your gear or take off your shoes.

Tent and SUV set up at campsite.
Sleep under the stars in a spacious two room tent.


Having a tall tent center really opens up the spaciousness. It’s not fun – or in your case, it may be impossible, depending on your health or your height – to crouch while getting dressed or walking inside the tent. You want plenty of space to spread out inside the tent.

A tall tent center will make the place feel more spacious. Another thing to consider is if the tent has straight or curved sides. Straight sides allow you more space to walk around, giving you more height throughout the tent.

Fixed vs. Removable Room Dividers

Two-room tents come with either fixed room dividers or removable room dividers. Either is a great option, but they offer different things. If you always want to have two rooms, having a tent with a fixed divider could be a good option.

With a fixed curtain, you typically can tie back or zip the panel to open up the space. But, if you want the ability to remove the screen entirely, it’s best to get a tent with a removable divider. 

A bonus: Go ahead and tie that panel up outside once the sun goes down and have an outdoor movie night.

Aerial view of a campsite with truck and tent set up for camping.
Camp in the sun, snow, wind, or rain in a weatherproof tent.

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Tent manufacturers have also come up with many ways to weatherproof your tent. Ultimately, the tent material needs to be durable and water-resistant with a high waterproof rating. The frame should be strong enough to withstand high winds.

Many tents offer inverted seams, welded corners, and waterproof floors and zippers. Some tents come with UV protection to keep the sun from increasing the temperature and help extend the tent’s life.

Ventilation is also key to keeping condensation to a minimum and providing you with a pleasant camping experience. The tent needs plenty of guy lines and stakes to secure it and a rainfly to keep the precipitation out. 

The last thing to consider is whether you want a fair-weather tent or one that’s suitable for all seasons. A four-seasons tent has some additional features, like snow flaps, full-seam fly coverage, and is fully waterproof. Its shape may even help resist snow and wind.

A winter or cold weather tent is different from fair-weather and all-weather tents. They have less ventilation, more insulation, and some can even have built-in stoves.

6 Best Two Room Tents for Camping with Family and Friends

These tents range from $150 to $300, and all come with room dividers, making them ideal for camping with friends and family.

Tent set up at busy campsite for camping.
Camp with your friends or family in a spacious two room tent.

1. Core 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent

About: This 14-foot by 9foot durable polyester tent is water-resistant and fits up to nine adults in sleeping bags. It features a 6-foot 5-inch center height, giving most people enough room to stand up inside. The tent weighs just under 31 lbs. It comes with a one-year warranty.

CORE Instant Cabin Tent | Multi Room Tent for...
  • INSTANT SETUP: The tent body with pre-attached poles that lock...
  • WEATHER PROTECTION: H20 Block Technology combines water-repellent...
  • ADJUSTABLE VENTILATION: Lower air intake vents draw in cool air...

Key Features: Enjoy the night sky with the large mesh ceiling panels that span the entire ceiling and upper walls. There are cooling vents throughout the tent and a large door to keep the air flowing.

Best of all, there’s no fighting this tent during set-up. It comes with pre-installed telescoping poles, making it truly an instant set-up.

The tent has an electrical cord access port near the bottom. And, you can remove the room divider when it’s not in use to open up the space into one large living area.

CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent Setup and Review 2019

2. CAMPROS 8-Person Camping Tent

About: This 14-foot by 9-foot polyester tent is 6 feet tall and fits up to three queen-sized air mattresses or eight sleeping bags. It weighs only 17.4 lbs and comes with a one-year warranty.

CAMPROS CP Tent-8-Person-Camping-Tents, Waterproof...
  • 【Roomy for 8 People or 9-Person Family】 CAMPROS tent is the...
  • 【Durable & High-Quality Material】 Made with 185T polyester....
  • 【Easy Set-Up】 No particular skills needed, 2 people could set...

Key Features: This tent is water-resistant in light rain and strong enough to be windproof. A curtain divider hangs from the ceiling to separate the space into two rooms. And, there are five mesh windows to let lots of lights and air in.

It’s ultra-portable with its lightweight design, yet it’s windproof and built to stand. It features an electrical port to easily power your inside gear.

Campros 8 Person Tent - Setup tips and Review

3. Coleman WeatherMaster 10-Person Outdoor Tent

About: This 17-foot by 9-foot tent has a center height of 6 feet 8 inches. You can fit 10 people or even three queen-sized air mattresses in here. Its frame can handle winds up to 35 mph, and it weighs just under 31 lbs. This tent comes with a one-year warranty.

Coleman WeatherMaster 10-Person Outdoor Tent ,...
  • Cabin-like 10-person tent has enough room for 3 queen size air...
  • WeatherTec system with patented welded floors and inverted seams...
  • Hinged front door for easy entry and room divider for extra...

Key Features: This tent has two doors, one with a hinged design, making it ultra user-friendly to open and close. Its angled windows allow you to leave the windows open during rain while keeping it dry inside. And the inverted floor seams and waterproof welded floors help keep you extra dry.

Finally, it has an electrical access port and a gear pocket inside.

Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Person Tent - its Awesome!

4. Ozark 10-Person 2 Room Cabin Tent

About: This 14-foot by 10-foot tent fits up to two queen-sized airbeds or up to 10 sleeping bags. Its made of durable polyester. And it’s ultra-lightweight at only 13.5 lbs. It has a six-month warranty.

Ozark 10-Person 2 Room Cabin Tent Waterproof...
  • Fully taped, factory-sealed seams provide dry zone camping with...
  • Electrical cord access for added convenience
  • Rainfly included for long lasting rain protection

Key Features: The tent offers the second-tallest ceiling on our list, with a center height of 7 feet 2 inches. It’s perfect for those taller folks or anyone wanting a spacious feeling.

We appreciate the factory-welded tub floor. And, we love the windows on all sides and the large mesh ceiling. It features a gear loft and electrical cord access, too.

Unboxing Ozark Trail Tent 10person Instant Cabin Tent/ Set up, Review and Dismantle

5. UNP 10-Person Family Camping Tent

About: This 18-foot by 9-foot tent is 6 feet 5 inches tall. Coming in at just over 23 lbs, it has five large windows and a large screened ceiling. It comes with a one-year warranty.

UNP Camping Tent 10-Person-Family Tents, Parties,...
  • 100-percent-polyester
  • 【Spacious for 10 Person】Unique 18ft x 9ft x78in, well fitting...
  • 【Easy up Tent】Attach FRP poles onto the cabinet tent...

Key Features: This tent fits up to three air mattresses or 10 sleeping bags. For anyone who struggles to get the tent back in its bag, this one comes with an oversized bag making it easier to pack up after your trip.

It also features a vestibular awning spanning over the door, which is positioned to go into either room. This one also has an electrical access port and gear loft.

UNP Camping Tent 10 Person Family Tents Review

6. Browning Camping Big Horn Two Room Tent

About: This 10-foot by 15-foot tent fits eight sleeping bags. It has six large windows, two doorways (one into each entrance), and a mesh roof. It’s the heaviest on this list, weighing just under 35 lbs. At 7 feet 3 inches tall, it also has the tallest ceiling on this list. It features steel uprights to add extra strength. 

According to Browing’s website, they warranty this tent “…against defects in materials or workmanship for the life of the product.” The room divider is fixed but can be tied back when not used.

Browning Camping Big Horn Two-Room Tent -...
  • Our Browning Big Horn Series is a free-standing tent with...
  • Two-room wall divider, extra tall center and straight side walls...
  • Six large windows, two doorways and mesh roof offer easy entry...

Key Features: Aside from the height and the amazing warranty, we love this tent’s straight sidewalls that offer more usable space all around.

And, you can rest assured that this tent’s been put through the test in the Browning’s wind and rain room, where they put the tents up to the elements to make sure they’re actually leakproof. For added protection, you can purchase a floor saver designed to go with this tent.

TINY HOME Tour | Browning Big Horn TENT Review

Is a Two Room Tent Worth It?

If you have a larger family or like to host while camping, it makes sense to buy a two-room tent. Or, if you go camping often, it may be worth it to purchase a two-room tent for a more spacious set-up.

After all, if you dread your time camping, you’ll likely not want to go back that often. Spending a little more money up-front to have a nice setup may just be the ticket to get you out camping more often.

What features are most important to you in a two room tent? Tell us in the comments!

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