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Updated ‘Go North’ Rig & Schedule

Updated ‘Go North’ Rig & Schedule

As our departure date for Canada and Alaska approaches, we have some updates to share on our rig and schedule as well as a couple of exciting announcements!

New ‘Go North’ Rig?!

The rig that we revealed at RVX was — at the time — the truck camper we were going to be taking to Alaska.

However, in working with Lance following the show, and making plans to do some modifications and test product adds (which they have been very open to exploring with us), it was determined that it would be easier to add/change things during the assembly and build process instead of trying to retrofit them after the fact.

The new “Morton Demo” 1172 truck camper just came off the assembly line, and we got to actually watch much of the build on the factory floor, which was really cool!

We’ve got lots of great footage to share in the early episodes of our Go North series.

Watching the beginning build stages of the new 1172 we will be taking to Alaska!

New Schedule

We naturally had to wait a while for new unit to be planned (options and decor), scheduled into production, and also schedule some installations for after the unit was ready.

Two very important test product installations (which we will go over in more detail in the series) were scheduled for the week of 4/22, with completion on 4/24. Our original target start date was April 20 – but we can’t leave without these installations!

So our schedule has experienced a bit of a shift out due to that, and due to the fact that one of the installations requires the rig to be pretty much empty…meaning that we can’t start packing until after it is done!

We are aiming to leave on April 25 now – which may be a little ambitious as that leaves us one day to do all of our packing and prepping our fifth-wheel for storage over the summer!      

T-2 Weeks until Departure

We are coming down to the wire! We can’t believe we are just 2 weeks away from the end of the preparation phase and the start of the driving phase. Words can’t describe how excited we are!

We still have quite a bit of work to do, like putting a wrap on the truck, completing the final paperwork, working with Lance and our other partners to make sure all the pieces of this project are moving and on track, completing all the pre-production tasks, and of course the filming and editing to make this video series a reality!

But we have a feeling that these final weeks are going to fly by, and we’ll be on the move again before we know it!

Thanks so much for reading! It means the world to us to have you along for the ride 🙂

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Brett Hays

Saturday 13th of April 2019

Soooooo it begins. We had a blast seeing you guys and wish you absolute safe travels over the Summer. Our other ultimate wish for you guys is that you are able to make it through our area during your trip. I will cook you guys a great dinner if you do...LOL! have a blast and we will see you again! Brett and Danelle Hays