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How to Use uShip to Transport an RV

uShip is a platform that connects people who need to ship items, including vehicles like RVs, with qualified transport service providers. We’ve experienced uShip shipping several times during our RV tenure to sell an RV out of state and ship our own RV from Florida to Michigan. From hiring a driver for your motorhome to having someone tow or flatbed haul a towable RV, uShip offers lots of options for safe and reliable RV transportation.

Here’s how to use this shipping platform.

Find RV Transport Options On uShip

The uShip platform can help you ship almost anything, including cars, furniture, art, antiques, boats, or heavy equipment. Over 41,000 shipping providers use the platform to find and bid for jobs. This includes large companies, small fleets, single-truck owners, and even roadtrippers. All the carriers are feedback-rated on the platform to help you select the best option for your shipment.

It is important to note that uShip is not a broker and does not verify all of the carriers’ shipping qualifications for specific types of loads.

uShip is a private company based in Austin, Texas. It was founded by Matt Chasen, Jay Manickam, and Mickey Millsap in 2004. Since then, strategic partnerships with Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers, eBay Motors, and Etsy have hooked them into large equipment auction shipments, peer-to-peer vehicle auctions, and small businesses.

What RVs Can uShip Transport?

We were impressed when we discovered that uShip can ship any RV type, including travel trailers, fifth wheels, vans, and motorhomes.

Depending on your RV’s size and condition, uShip has transport methods to ensure your rig arrives safely at your destination. Those methods include:

  • Flatbed Transport: Flatbed transport ensures secure transportation for your RV over long distances. It is an option for non-motorized RVs or rigs that require special handling due to size or weight. 
  • Tow-away Service: For RVs in drivable condition, tow-away service involves attaching your RV to a trailer or dolly and towing it to its destination. This is typically for smaller RVs or trailers. 
  • Enclosed Closed Transport: For RVs that are small enough, the service provider will transport the vehicle in an enclosed trailer protected from weather conditions and road debris.
  • Drive-away Service: If your RV is roadworthy but you prefer not to drive it, drive-away service allows a professional driver to bring your RV to its destination. This option provides convenience and peace of mind, especially for long-distance transport. 

Regardless of the RV type you need to transport, uShip offers a range of transport options to accommodate your requirements.

Motorhome being towed with semi-truck
UShip can help ship almost anything, including RVs.

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How Much Does It Cost to Ship an RV?

uShip has an easy Price Estimator tool that lets you put in basic info about your RV and quickly see an estimate. Not only that, but it shows recent shipments that may be comparable.

Select “Vehicles” from the drop down, then “Recreational Vehicles (RVs)” from the next drop down. Input your origin and destination zip codes, then “Get Price Estimate.”

uShip Price estimator shipping calculator
Example of a uShip price estimate to move an RV from Atlanta, GA to Grand Rapids, MI.

Many factors may impact the price. uShip says that on average, it costs around $3.32 per mile for RV transport less than 100 miles and $1.05 per mile for RV shipping less than 1000 miles.

Apart from the shipping distance, the size of the RV, age, condition, season, demand, and current gas prices may increase the shipping cost. You can check out recent UShip RV transport costs here for different rigs and distances.

How to Use uShip for RV Transport

We found the uShip platform straightforward to use. Finding a shipping provider requires only a few steps and takes little time to complete.

List Your Item on uShip

To list your item on uShip, you will need to know some basic information about your rig. Start by selecting “Recreational Vehicle” as the type of Vehicle you want to ship.

From there, you’ll fill out details about your RV including dimensions, weight, pickup location, delivery location, and any specific requirements.

When you list the pickup location, you don’t have to list a residential address. You can list a business, school, religious building, government office, airport, or campground.

Compare Different Shipping Options

Once you’ve created the listing for your RV, transport carriers on uShip will submit bids for your shipment. These bids will include details like the expected price, estimated delivery time, and feedback ratings and reviews from previous customers.

Carriers frequently ask questions about the RV and the trip, and all of these communications can happen right on the uShip website.

Take some time to review the bids carefully, but also be very responsive. Many shippers are trying to coordinate trips on the fly.

Pick Your Shipping Provider

We’ve found that just because something is the most affordable option does not mean it’s the best!

You will want to consider everything from price and delivery time to the provider’s reputation. You can also message providers directly through uShip to ask any questions.

We recommend verifying each shipper’s Motor Carrier (MC) number with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) website and their USDOT license. As we’ve mentioned, uShip is a marketplace, and they cannot verify or guarantee a carrier’s credentials. However, they do offer Protection Plans.

Also, verify their insurance. All licensed RV transporters are required by law to carry at least $750,000 in liability and property damage insurance, also known as BIPD. Ask for their insurance company or agent and to see a copy of their insurance.

Check out this Safe Shipping Guide for a full guide on what to look for.

Once you’ve chosen a provider, you can accept their bid. 

uShip connects service providers with RV owners to make the transport process easy.

Prep Your RV for Transport

After accepting a bid, you’ll coordinate with the service provider to arrange the pickup of your RV.

You will also want to use this checklist from uShip to ensure the RV is ready to go and the provider safely delivers your RV. Make sure to provide any necessary documentation and instructions to the provider. Try to provide detailed instructions to ensure swift shipping. 

We even got a simple GPS tracker to keep tabs on our RV as it moved. Even an AirTag would work. This wasn’t really for keeping tabs on the carrier, but more so in case anything weird happened along the route, we’d know where it was.

During Transport

Throughout the shipping process, you can track the progress of your RV’s delivery through your uShip account. You’ll receive automatic status updates as it moves from pickup to delivery.

Our carrier even sent personalized messages to us to keep us up-to-date with his progress. We got at least two per day–when he got going in the morning and where he stopped for the evening. This provided us with great peace of mind.

Arrival to Destination

Your shipping provider will give a more accurate time window for delivery once the arrival date approaches. Make sure you know the requirements for the destination where they’ll deposit the RV. You’ll want to ensure the RV and delivery truck will be able to fit at the final destination. 

One thing we’ve seen people forget to do when their RV arrives is to fully inspect the rig to ensure there was no damage done externally or internally during transit. If everything looks good, the shipment will be officially marked as delivered on uShip.

uShip towing RV
It’s not always possible to drive your RV where and when you want to go, so uShip came up with a solution.

Is uShip a Good Way to Transport an RV?

uShip is a highly convenient and effective option for transporting RVs, particularly because of its extensive network of experienced transport service providers and competitive pricing. The platform’s auction-style system allows customers to receive bids from multiple transporters and select the most suitable and cost-effective option for their RV transport needs. The platform makes it convenient to communicate with transports and track your RV during shipping.

Despite these advantages, customers should be mindful of certain considerations. While uShip facilitates connections between customers and transport providers, it’s crucial for customers to vet and research potential transporters to ensure reliability independently.

Additionally, customers bear the responsibility of adequately preparing their RVs for shipping. Remember to secure loose items and ensure the vehicle’s readiness for transit. However, so long as you do your due diligence, you’ll likely have a positive experience using uShip.

Want to Make Money on the Road?

We actually considered joining uShip as carriers when we first hit the road full-time RVing. We had the big truck that would be perfect for hauling, and we wanted to travel the country anyway. If you’re looking for a way to work from the road, this could be a viable option for you. Find out what it takes to sign up as a carrier.

Uship - The Booking Process. How to make money with your pickup truck as a side hustle.

Don’t Let Shipping Stop You From Your Next Adventure

It’s not always possible to drive your RV where and when you want to go. Shipping your RV can help you get your home on wheels where you need to quickly. Using uShip to find the perfect shipping provider can give you peace of mind that your rig will arrive where you need it to, so you don’t have to miss out on an adventure. 

Have you ever shipped your RV before? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

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