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6 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Florida You Should Visit

6 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Florida You Should Visit

When someone mentions waterfalls, you might picture mountainous vistas with 200-foot waterfalls crashing down from forested ravines. But, did you know that there are waterfalls in Florida, too?

With Florida’s highest point being 345 feet, you won’t encounter towering ravines. However, you will come across a certain kind of beauty you can only find in The Sunshine State.

Keep reading as we explore six of the most beautiful waterfalls in Florida you need to visit. Let’s jump in!

florida waterfall

Are There Any Natural Waterfalls in Florida? 

With Florida being the flattest state in the country, it’s no surprise that many people believe there are no natural waterfalls here at all. While they aren’t the towering whitewater majesties that our minds conjure up when we think of waterfalls, there are several natural ones to be found.

The three most well-known waterfalls in Florida are Falling Creek Falls, the Falling Waters State Park waterfall, and the Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park waterfall. Each location has unique features that draw out Florida’s natural beauty.

Rainfall levels increase the depth of the rivers that feed these and other small waterfalls. Also, much of the water is not the clear water you’d think of from typical waterfalls. Instead, it’s usually more of a brown-red color due to the high amount of tannic acid in the water. This tannic acid is a result of the many decaying leaves in the rivers.

But don’t let the lack of elevation or crystal clear water fool you. The waterfalls in Florida can be just as gorgeous as those in the Rocky Mountains.

Rainbow Falls
After relaxing on a sandy beach, head out on a hike to Florida’s Rainbow Falls.

What Is the Largest Waterfall in Florida? 

The largest waterfall in Florida is also a natural phenomenon. Measuring 73 feet tall, the waterfall at Falling Waters State Park begins from a 100-foot deep, 20-foot wide sinkhole. Where the water ends up after falling into the pit, nobody knows.

The sinkhole formed when acidic rainwater flowed down the limestone. While there are natural sinkholes in various places across Florida, this is the only one that has created a waterfall. At 73 feet, it is taller than the state’s average elevation.

Dad and son walking into waterfall.
Explore stunning waterfalls while in Florida.

6 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Florida You Should Visit

Natural or man-made, Florida has many beautiful waterfalls. Some are in the state’s many parks, while others are in meticulously maintained gardens. Most are fairly small compared to waterfalls throughout the U.S., but this doesn’t diminish their glamour. These six waterfalls are some of the best in Florida.

1. Falling Waters State Park

Address: 1130 State Park Rd, Chipley, FL 32428

About: As mentioned previously, Florida’s highest waterfall is located at Falling Waters State Park and is quite the phenomenon. A stream starting within a lush tropical field of fern passes through a 100-foot deep sinkhole causing a rush of water that drops 73 feet.

There are several boardwalks and viewing sites allowing you to enjoy the full view of this Florida waterfall. It is a two-mile hike to access the waterfall. While visiting, you can also spend time in the butterfly garden, go swimming, or just enjoy the tropical feel of this state park.

Morton Road Trip Rating: This Florida waterfall gets a 9/10 rating for being the state’s largest waterfall, but also for its tropical setting and its exotic sinkhole oddity.

Falling Waters State Park Florida

2. Waterfalls at Big Shoals State Park

Address: 11330 SE Co Rd 135, White Springs, FL 32096

About: Big Shoals State Park has the largest whitewater rapids in Florida and has a Class III rating. If you’re embarking on this water trail, you’ll need to be aware of the water level. The canoe and kayak launches are closed when the water level is above 62 feet. Otherwise, bring on the paddling because this is the place to be.

Not a water warrior? There are also stunning vistas of bluffs towering 80 feet above the river below. So grab your hiking or biking gear, or even your horse, and get ready to experience the views on 28 miles of forested trails.

Morton Road Trip Rating: These waterfalls in Florida deserve a 9/10 rating for offering a rare opportunity to partake in some serious whitewater rafting.

Pro Tip: After chasing waterfalls connect to your spiritual side in Florida’s Psychic Capital of the World.

Waterfalls at Morikami Japanese Gardens in Florida
Nature lovers will treasure the waterfalls at Morikami Japanese Gardens.

3. Waterfalls at Morikami Japanese Gardens

Address: 4000 Morikami Park Rd, Delray Beach, FL 33446

About: The Morikami Gardens and Museum allow people to experience Japanese culture within historical and natural settings. The gardens here are called Roji-en, meaning “Garden of the Drops of Dew,” and they enhance the many museum exhibits of artistic and historical collections.

Inspired by actual gardens in Japan, there are six gardens here, with many waterfalls throughout all of the gardens. Exquisitely designed, you can experience pine forests, bamboo groves, cascading waterfalls, peaceful lake shorelines, and unforgettable flora and fauna around every corner. Whether you’re visiting Morikami Japanese Gardens for education or relaxation, you’ll find both at this gorgeous site.

Morton Road Trip Rating: With a combination of historical and natural beauty built into this oasis, the waterfalls at Morikami earn a 8.5/10 rating. 

4. Waterfalls at Rainbow Springs State Park

Address: 19158 SW 81st Pl Rd, Dunnellon, FL 34432

About: This Florida waterfall dates back over 10,000 years, so when you’re taking a dip in this brilliant blue spring, you’re taking a dip in history. One of Florida’s largest springs, it pumps out more than 400 million gallons of water every day through its many small vents.

Coming out of the ground 72 degrees year-round, this is the place to be for that perfect swim. And at a depth of at least 5 feet and at times 18 feet, not only can you swim, but you can snorkel, canoe, and kayak. Maybe you’ll even catch a glimpse of some turtles while doing so. 

Swimming Florida's Crystal Waters of the Forgotten Rainbow Springs Amusement Park | MOTM VLOG #33

Morton Road Trip Rating: Earning a 9.5/10 rating, this waterfall in Florida is one of the best for its crystal clear waters and natural springs. It’s the perfect cool-off amidst Florida’s well-known hot summer days.

5. Waterfalls at Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park

Address: 4732 Millhopper Rd, Gainesville, FL 32653

About: The falls at Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park are another example of one of Florida’s many sinkholes. Being 120 feet deep, several mini-falls are trickling down the steep walls. This provides the perfect home for various plants, which creates a rainforest-like atmosphere.

And, it’s not called a geological park for nothing! While there are many sinkholes in Florida, this one is quite unique in that you can actually see the layers of rock that were created over time. When visiting Devil’s Millhopper, you’ll also see how these falls and sinkholes have an impact on the local environment. 

Morton Road Trip Rating: This Florida waterfall earns an 8/10 rating for its steep walls and impressive depth, highlighting the many geological features.

Pro Tip: Need somewhere to stay while in Florida? Try out one of these 9 Best Campgrounds With Cabins in Sunny Florida.

Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park
You’ll feel like you’re walking through a rainforest at Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park.

6.  Falling Creek Falls

Address: 953 NW Falling Creek Rd, Lake City, FL 32055

About: Falling Creek Falls is a great little respite from the heat and the hustle and bustle of Florida. One of this area’s first settlements, there are several historical buildings on site from when Falling Creek was also a town and not just a waterfall. 

Here, you‘ll also find a boardwalk trail that guides you to your final destination of the 12-foot waterfall. And, while it may be your destination, the journey there is well worth it, too.

Starting at the trailhead, before you head to the falls, you can enjoy a picnic while your kids play on the playground. When it’s time to hike, the trail will take you through a forest of bald cypress, magnolia, and sweetgum trees, culminating in the views of one of the best waterfalls in Florida.

Morton Road Trip Rating: Falling Creek Falls earns an 8/10 rating for its natural beauty and amenities at the trailhead.

Swimming with Manatees in Crystal River, Florida with Manatee Tour and Dive | MOTM VLOG #32

Is Visiting Waterfalls in Florida Worth It?

Florida has over 8,400 miles of coastline, so it’s no wonder that people come here from all over the world for its beaches. But Florida’s waterfalls shouldn’t be forgotten.

With natural sinkholes, lush rainforest environments, and water that cools you from the hot Florida sun, these unique waterfalls are definitely worth a visit. 

Have you ever been to any of the waterfalls in Florida? Drop a comment below!

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