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What Are Wayfarer Van Conversion Kits?

What Are Wayfarer Van Conversion Kits?

If you don’t know about Wayfarer van conversions, learning more about what the company offers might be super helpful. Many people love outdoor adventures and traveling, but not everyone can afford to pay the high prices slapped on many of today’s campers or camper vans. 

Wayfarer is a company that claims to be centered around providing a camping solution adventurers working on a more modest budget can handle. Read on to learn more about what Wayfarer van conversion kits have to offer. 

What Are Wayfarer Van Conversion Kits?

Wayfarer van conversion kits are built to fit a very specific lineup of vehicles. The company doesn’t currently build custom kits for just any old van, but they do what they do to keep the price more affordable. Their kits are simple, and it only takes one day of work for a full installation. The benefit is a quick, quality, affordable way to craft a functional travel van for the average person. 

Wayfarer Van Conversion
Wayfarer Vans offers affordable camper van conversions.

Who Is Wayfarer Vans?

The birth of Wayfarer Vans centered around a camping trip gone wrong. Ian Horgan founded the business, and the company website tells a more in-depth story about how it started. Ultimately, the need for a more comfortable, protected, and dry place to sleep and operate while on an adventure landed Horgan in creative mode. 

He set a goal to create a simple upgrade for campers and explorers that didn’t have to break the bank. Now, the company has grown from an idea into a thriving business with two manufacturing locations. One location is in Colorado Springs, Colo., and the other is in Reno, Nev. 

Which Vans Does Wayfarer Create Conversions For?

Currently, Wayfarer Vans only creates conversion kits for five different van models. They’re for the RAM Promaster City Cargo (2015 to current); the RAM Promaster 136-inch wheelbase, high roof (2014 to current); and the RAM Promaster 159-inch wheelbase, high roof (2014 to current). They also fit the Ford Transit 148-inch wheelbase, high roof, long cargo (2015 to current), and the Ford Transit 148-inch wheelbase, mid roof, long cargo (2015 to current). 

Promaster High Roof Camper Van Conversion - Build Walk Through

Wayfarer designed the conversion kits to be turnkey after installation, so the specs are very specific. The website clearly states that Wayfarer Van conversion kits are not for any other vans, so don’t try. 

How Does the Wayfarer Conversion Kit Purchase and Installation Work?

The actual installation of the conversion kits doesn’t take much time, but don’t get your heart set on a quick turnaround after making your order. Depending on the demand at the time, your order could take anywhere from two to eight weeks to be complete. 

You’ll go through their website to place your order. There’s a space to start building your van, and clicking will take you through the process of ordering your conversion kit.

Once ordered, you have to wait for the complete build and installation. Then, you drop the vehicle off at their shop, and- voila! You’ll have your newly installed kit on the road within the day. 

Pro Tip: Before purchasing a Wayfarer conversion kit, it’s important to shop around and make sure you’re getting the right van build for you. Check out our top picks: 12 Best Small Camper Vans for Living the Van Life.

What Comes With a Wayfarer Van Conversion Kit?

The deal is that you can buy your own van in which to add a conversion kit, or you can buy the van and the kit all in one package from Wayfarer. If you purchase the whole shebang, you’ll get a van that has some pretty sweet specs. 

Ford Transit Camper Van Conversion by Wayfarer Vans

They have dual swivel seats, a rear backup camera, all-wheel drive, a powerful towing package, cruise control, side sensors, and more. The conversion kit turns your van into livable space by adding a sizable bed, a little kitchen area, a power center box, and a lot of storage space.

It’s a simple layout that’s pretty much the same for each van, but it’s important to look at all the little differences. You want to make sure you’re getting what you need out of the build. 

Options you can add to your conversion kit include a Dometic fridge, a thermal barrier between the van’s cab and the living space, a hideaway table, a vented window, various lighting options, a single rear seat, and a heater. Just be careful choosing add-ons. The price of your build can rise pretty quickly as you click. 

Modular Van Conversion Kits vs. Custom Van Builds

There are pros and cons to every decision you make in life, and this is no exception. Purchasing a modular van conversion kit limits the personality and personalization of your van build. Still, you’ll likely have the chance to start your adventure much sooner than waiting for a custom build. 

Wayfarer Van Conversion
With Wayfarer, your van can be converted and ready for travel in two to eight weeks.

Custom builds are excellent because the sky’s the limit in terms of design. However, a custom build could take several months to a year or more to complete. You may not get to enjoy any adventures in your custom-built van for quite some time. 

How Much Does a Wayfarer Van and Conversion Cost?

The price you pay will heavily depend on what you need. If you’re looking to grab a van and the conversion kit all in one swoop, you’ll pay anywhere from $50,000 to $70,000 for your Wayfarer Van conversion. 

The conversion kits by themselves are much more affordable. However, they only fit five specific van builds, so you’ll have to be able to afford the van in the first place. Regardless, the kits run in the $10,000 to $12,000 range, depending on which van you’re converting.

Pro Tip: Not sold on a camper van conversion kit? Consider building your own teardrop camper instead. Learn more: Can You Really Build Your Own Teardrop Camper from a Kit?

How Long Does It Take to Get a Wayfarer Van Conversion Completed?

The time it takes to get your van ready for the road depends heavily on the circumstances surrounding your purchase. As mentioned before, it’ll take consumers anywhere from two to eight weeks to get their order finished. 

Complete Camper Van Conversion in 3 hours - Wayfarer Vans

Are Wayfarer Vans Conversion Kits Worth It?

The worth of the conversion lies in your evaluation of the situation. Wayfarer markets the conversions as an affordable alternative to a custom van conversion. But you have to have one of five vans to even be set up for the kits. 

You also don’t get much without adding on a few things. The add-ons are quite pricey, so it leaves you wondering if it really is affordable.

All in all, it might be worth it if you already have one of the five vans listed. Otherwise, it’s probably better to go with a custom build. Take a look at your specific needs, and you decide. 

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Don Miller

Friday 3rd of June 2022

I picked up my van after a 6 month wait for the van from Ford at Wayfarer in Colo Spgs, as I live in Denver. They did an amazing job of handling everything and getting me the van which I am moving into full time in a few months. I am taking it out on a test campout next week after installing solar panels and a rudimentary power system, iceco frig and extra memory foam on the bed. Should be fun! Then get to finish it out the rest of the summer with deisel heater, zero breeze AC, a more complete power system (15KWh Lifepo with 400 watts of solar for now) and lighting. Then I am out on the road!

Mortons on the Move

Wednesday 22nd of June 2022

That's awesome! Good luck with your travels! :)

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