12 Volt RV Refrigerator: Fridge Fad or the Real Deal?

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One of RVing’s greatest pleasures is having fresh food and cold drinks on hand at all times. And while a 12 volt RV refrigerator may not be the most common option, it can still provide this benefit. And keep your ice cream rock solid!

What Is A 12 Volt RV Refrigerator?

A 12 volt RV refrigerator runs primarily on the 12-volt DC power from your rig’s house batteries (or potentially your car or truck’s starter battery). These refrigerators operate solely on electricity, as opposed to absorption or two-way RV refrigerators that can burn propane to power their cooling system.

How Does A 12 Volt RV Fridge Work?

These fridges cool via a more traditional compressor and condenser system instead of the complex propane-reliant cooling system used by absorption-style RV fridges.

Benefits of a 12 Volt RV Fridge

Reliable Cooling. You can generally rest a little easier knowing your food is cool and safe using a 12-volt model. Many of these fridges can operate their freezer well below zero degrees and hold the refrigerator at a safe 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Benefits of a 12 Volt RV Fridge

Auto Defrost. Most 12V DC RV refrigerators have active cooling similar to what you see in residential fridges. This allows them to build in auto defrost for the fridge and freezer. This is a huge benefit for full-time RV users who know the hassle of having to defrost the fridge every few months.

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