5 Reasons to Avoid Slab City

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"If you’re looking for the perfect spot to take your family for your next vacation, it might not be Slab City. In fact, you’ll likely want to stay as far from this seemingly lawless city as possible. We visited this area in 2017 and almost immediately questioned our safety."

What Is Slab City?

Slab City is an unincorporated city in California with no water, power, or sewer services. There are approximately 50 to 100 year-round residents. However, during the winter months, the population swells to about 3500.

Why Do People Go to Slab City?

Those who visit Slab City enjoy free camping and experience the unique artwork by local artists. One section of Slab City, East Jesus, is home to an outdoor art museum.

No Amenities Slab City lacks amenities. It would be best if you came expecting no water, sewer, or electricity. Those who visit the area typically travel in an RV, allowing them to bring everything they need to be self-sufficient during their visit. There are designated boondocking spots on site, but it is little more than a dirt lot in a corner of the encampment.

5 Reasons to Avoid Slab City

There’s a Large Drug Scene

Many residents and nomads calling Slab City home struggle with drug abuse and other addictions. It’s a serious issue, and drugs are readily available. You can see the results of what addiction can do to a person.

Trash Is Everywhere

Some of the sanitation issues in the area have to do with how residents dispose of their trash. Since there are no services in the area, debris and waste often end up on the ground. Some have tried to clean up by providing dumpsters throughout the city. However, locals often reject the idea and feel anyone pushing it is trying to gentrify the community.

Would you dare to visit Slab City?