5 Signs You’ve Stayed Too Long at a Campground

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"Some campgrounds are so good that you never want to leave. However, if you’re not careful, you can stay too long at a campground. Some apparent signs appear when you’ve outstayed your welcome. So how long can you stay at a campground? Today, we’re looking at a handful of signs so you know what to watch for while camping. Let’s get started!"

How Long Can You Stay at a Campground?

The longest you can stay at most public (state or national) campgrounds is 14 days. However, some are more generous and allow stays up to 28 consecutive days. Frequently there is also a set time between visits for most campgrounds.

Weekenders Know Your Name (And Come to You for Answers) If guests who only come on the weekend know your name and you have a reputation for understanding the campground, you might have stayed too long. The longer you stay in a campground, the more you learn about it.

5 Signs You’ve Stayed Too Long at a Campground

Campground Staff Complain About Your Package Deliveries

Thanks to Amazon Prime and other online retailers, you can order almost anything online and ship it directly to you. Some campgrounds will allow RVers who spend most of their time on the road to send packages to the office. However, if you have an addiction to online shopping, it might become a bit annoying to the staff. You might have stayed too long if you’re starting to hear comments about your package deliveries.

You’ve Accumulated Too Much Stuff Outside Your RV

The longer your stay, the easier it is to accumulate stuff outside your RV. We’ve seen some long-term campers with potted plants and other decorations to make their campsite feel more comfortable. However, if you’re not careful, you can quickly clutter your spot and attract attention.

You Get Offered a Job

Many campgrounds are looking for quality individuals to help out around the campground. They don’t want to risk hiring at random. Staying for an extended period can give the campground enough time to get to know you and develop trust. If you form a friendship with the management, don’t be surprised if they try to make you stay longer by offering you a job.

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What’s the longest time you ever stayed in a campground?