7 Best Dog Hiking Backpacks for Saddle Bag Packing Their Gear

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"Hiking with your dog can be a rewarding experience. You get the companionship of your furry friend, and they can help encourage you on those rugged hikes. They can even make your trek a bit easier by reducing the number of supplies you have to carry by using a quality dog hiking backpack."

What Should You Look for in a Doggy Backpack?

Weight. Dogs can only handle so much extra weight. Additionally, you’ll want to pay attention to the empty weight of the dog saddlebags.

If you hike in hot weather, you want to make sure you use a bag with breathable materials. If you hike in colder climates, a backpack can double as a warm coat, protecting your pet from the elements.


The Best Dog Backpacks for Your Pup

Ultimate Direction Dog Vest. The Ultimate Direction Dog Vest features expandable side pockets and smaller pockets for smaller items such as treats or waste bags. It includes a collapsible bowl for on-the-go food and water as a bonus. A D-ring on the top and front of the harness allows owners to position their leash how they please.

Kurgo Baxter Dog Backpack

The Kurgo Dog Saddlebag backpack weighs less than 1 lb and has eight adjustment points to create an optimal fit for your dog. The rugged design can withstand outdoor conditions. The two side pockets will have a generous amount of room for toys, treats, and doggie bags.

How Long Can a Dog Be in a Hiking Backpack?

Just as with any physical exertion, the two-legged and four-legged hikers will need to build up distance with their equipment. Start by going on short hikes while wearing the dog hiking backpack to determine their comfort level and abilities.

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