7 Best Ghost Stories for Kids for Around the Campfire

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"Kids love a good ghost story. And these seven ghost stories for kids will keep them on the edge of their seats, just enough to put a tingle into their toes. But more importantly, they’ll keep the giggles in their bellies."

Tips for Telling Good Ghost Stories for Kids

Use Your Surroundings for Sound Effects A campfire offers a fantastic backdrop for kids ghost stories –use it. There’s the crackle of the wood, the eerie light of the fire, and the shadows dancing in the trees. You can’t get better effects than those.

7 Best Ghost Stories for Kids for Around the Campfire

Dem Bones Dem Bones is a classic pirate’s tale of buried treasure. Starting with meeting Captain Kidd and his mates, kids will be intrigued with the idea of finding hidden treasures.

The Pink Jelly Bean

The Pink Jelly Bean is the perfect example of a ghost story for kids that needs appropriate strategic pauses. It helps if you put on a spooky voice too. Without these effects, the story is just about a bland pink jelly bean.

The Lady with the Emerald Ring

They say money can’t buy happiness, but the lesson at the end of this almost creepy tale begs to differ. On the day of a young couple’s wedding, the unfortunate bride-to-be becomes ill and dies–or does she? The distraught young man has the priest perform a funeral instead of the wedding ceremony.


Todd, AKA, Toad to all of his Scout buddies, had a lifelong dream of winning the annual Smelly Sneakers contest. He’d won second and third place, but that wasn’t good enough.  He desperately wanted first, so when the opportunity came along to trade his beloved backpack for a magical potion that was guaranteed to get him the first place trophy, Toad never hesitated. And that year, finally, you guessed it, Toad won.

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