7 Best RV Kayak Racks For Your Camper

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Many people love exploring new locations with their kayaks, but they’re just so big. How do you transport your kayaks on your RV in a way that doesn’t add additional height and is secure? An RV kayak rack, of course.

What’s the Best Way to Mount a Kayak to an RV?

The best mounting strategy is going to depend on the type of RV you have. Since Class A motorhomes and fifth wheel RVs are some of the tallest vehicles on the road, vertically mounting your kayak often works best. Vertical kayak mounting typically involves standing it up and securing it via a device on your hitch or your RV ladder.

1. RecPro Vertiyak Hitch Mount RV Kayak Rack

This kayak rack will fit up to a 12 ft tall kayak or paddleboard. It’s made out of alloy steel, mounts to a 2-inch receiver, and weighs 46 lbs.

2. YakUps RV Kayak Rack 2KR37W

YakUps, an RV-specific brand, manufactures vertical kayak racks. It’s hard to find other kayak rack brands made specifically for RVs and vertical mounting. YakUps has several models for different needs.

Bring Your Kayaks Along with an RV Kayak Rack

You don’t have to leave your kayaks at home. With an RV kayak rack, you can bring them anywhere you travel and save yourself money on boat rentals.

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