8 Best Campfire Starters to Bring on Every Outdoor Adventure

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"Camping wouldn’t be complete without a cozy fire and s’mores. A campfire starter gets things roaring quickly and easily! We searched high and low and found the best fire starters for your outdoor adventures."

What Is a Campfire Starter?

A campfire starter is similar to tinder or kindling. It’s a highly combustible material that can ignite a fire quickly and easily. Fire starters are typically made from flammable scrap material like sawdust, fabric fibers, wax, or recycled paper.

How To Choose a Fire Starter For Outdoor Adventures

Starting your campfire doesn’t require striking rocks or rubbing sticks together to create a spark. These days, companies make convenient, individual sticks or pouches that you can easily light and build around.

8 Best Campfire Starters to Bring on Every Outdoor Adventure

TRULite 20 pcs Natural Fire Starter Sticks – All-Weather Odorless TRULite Natural Fire Starter Sticks are beneficial in any type of weather. They are composed of renewable, recycled natural wood and paper chips compressed in food-grade wax. Additionally, these sticks are tasteless, smokeless, and odorless.

Hot Snot Fire Starter Fire Paste – Instant Fire Starting Without Kindling – Fire Lube in a Tube

Hot Snot Fire Starter Fire Paste is great for fishing, hiking, emergency kits, and camping. It starts fires quickly, and it can even burn damp wood. The paste is odorless and clean. For example, if you’re ready to start up your campfire all you have to do is simply squeeze out the product like toothpaste and light it with a match or lighter.

Tumbleweeds Fire Starter, 70 Pieces

Tumbleweeds Fire Starter is an easily combustible eco-friendly product. It’s composed of non-toxic wood shavings and wax, and it is odorless for campfire cooking and grilling. Additionally, the starters are weather-resistant, and you can use them indoors and outdoors.

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