8 Critical Recovery Gear You Must Have Off-Road and Overlanding

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"Going off-roading or overlanding can be a fun and exciting adventure. However, if you don’t have off-road recovery gear, you’re putting yourself and your vehicle in danger of getting stuck. Depending on where you’re traveling, you may be unable to call for help, and it may be quite some time before someone passes by to help. Having your own gear ensures you are self-reliant and able to tackle whatever off-roading throws at you."

Most Common Dangers During Off-Roading and Overlanding

No Cell Reception in Remote Areas Some off-roading and overlanding adventures will take you into some of the most remote portions of the country, where cell phone service is nonexistent. Even if you’re not in a remote area, there are plenty of less populated areas where cell phone providers haven’t established coverage. This can make it difficult, if not impossible, to call for help should you experience an emergency.

Is Off-Roading and Overlanding Safe?

Overlanding and off-roading can be safe if you have the proper equipment and know how to do them. It’s also important to know the limits of your vehicle and your limits as a driver. You can find yourself in some dangerous situations if you don’t know these limits.

8 Critical Overlanding and Off-Road Recovery Gear You Need

Off-Road Communication Devices Since some of the best places you can overland or go off-roading may not have cell reception, you’ll need a way to communicate. Satellite communicators like the Garmin InReach can be extremely helpful to help you stay connected and for loved ones to be aware of your location. However, the number of spots where you can’t get or receive communication is shrinking with the advancement of Starlink’s satellite-based internet service.

A Portable Air Compressor

Off-roading and overlanding often require drivers to add and remove tire pressure to maximize traction and avoid getting stuck. As a result, carrying a portable air compressor is practically essential. You may not need it to air down your tires when driving on sandy or loose gravel situations, but failing to air up your tires when you reach a paved road can destroy your tires.

A Basic Toolbox

Having a basic toolbox on hand and easily accessible can be extremely helpful. Something like the BOXO USA Heavy Duty Universal Tool Roll can be extremely helpful. With various tools and a compact design, you’ll have plenty of tools available when you need them. If the price has your stomach churning, you can just as easily buy a small tool bag and assemble your own kit.

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