8 Great RV Desks & Ideas for Building a Mobile Workspace

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"Many RVers, going on an adventure is a way to escape work. They take off for the campground on Friday and don't intend to check their work email. However, other campers have to work from the road. How do you set up a workstation when RVs are so small? Let's look at eight RV desk ideas to help you work and travel without interruption."

Where Do You Put Your Desk in an RV?

Sometimes you must find creative ways to put a desk in an RV. It might mean removing a piece of furniture you don’t often use or reconfiguring the space. Will you use two sofas? If not, take out one and replace it with a workstation.

First, you can’t turn an entire space into an office unless you have a separate room, such as a mid-bunk or bunkhouse. You usually need to share the living room as a family space. The bedroom needs to bring peace and rest and not flood your mind with tomorrow’s to-do list. So being flexible with your areas will help transform your RV into an office.

How Do You Turn an RV Into an Office?

8 Great RV Desks & Ideas for Building a Mobile Workspace

Tear Out and Replace the Dinette One of the most common and easiest solutions is replacing the dinette with a workstation. Some RVers do this for homeschooling purposes, as well. It can provide a space for kids to focus and get schoolwork done. Small dinette spaces may not work for a larger family.

Convert Your Bunkhouse Into an Office

If you don’t need a bunkhouse for extra sleeping spaces, get rid of those bunks or sofas and create a separate work area. You’ll have an office where you can close the door, have video calls, and enjoy a quieter environment.

Utilize Modular Furniture

Additionally, use modular furniture instead of residential ones. This reduces the weight and allows you to move them when not in use. Modular pieces can separate or change shape to fit in smaller spaces. Like the Lagun or fold-down table listed above, you’ll have numerous office furniture options that work well for RVs.

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