9 Most Fascinating Ghost Towns in Michigan

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"Did you know there are ghost towns in Michigan? As Michiganders, we have toured many ghost towns and will take you on a tour in this article. You might be surprised to learn why there are so many abandoned places in the state. Keep reading to learn where you can find ghost towns in the mitten-shaped state. And maybe they’ll make it on your next road trip through Michigan."

What Are Ghost Towns?

Ghost towns are abandoned cities, towns, or villages. They once had a community living there with buildings or structures of some sort. Today, it has no more residents, leaving unoccupied buildings. Therefore it’s referred to as a ghost town.

Why Is Detroit So Abandoned?

Although a large city, Detroit has taken the brunt of many of Michigan’s factory closings. Some streets in Detroit are completely abandoned due to job losses and the middle class leaving the city to the suburbs.

The 9 Most Fascinating Ghost Towns in Michigan

Fayette  Fayette, Mich., became a ghost town in the 1890s due to the decline of the iron industry. Due to this, the once mining town’s residents moved away for new jobs.

Pere Cheney

Pere Cheney is a ghost town in Michigan known as one of the most haunted. There have allegedly been ghost sightings at the cemetery since people abandoned it in the 19th century.

Gibbs City

Established in the 1800s, Gibbs City had a sawmill along the Paint River. But the sawmill burned in 1921, causing many to abandon the town. The post office hung on until 1952, but the abandoned buildings burned down.

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