Buying an RV Sight-Unseen: 7 Red Flags to Watch For

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"RVs have been highly-coveted items for the last few years. Trying to find an RV in some regions means shoppers buy their RV sight unseen. Due to the high price of many rigs, this can be very risky for buyers. Scams are possible, and we hate to see anyone become a victim."

Why Would Someone Buy an RV Sight Unseen?

Desperate times call for desperate measures. If you’re looking for a specific floorplan for an RV, you might have to search the country to find it. This could require the buyer to spend hundreds of dollars and hours seeing the RV in person. For some shoppers, it’s a risk worth taking.

Are RV Scams Common?

With the demand for RVs at unprecedented levels, it’s plausible that scammers could see the potential to make a quick buck. While they’re not too familiar, they happen more frequently than they should. Some scammers do a great job of tricking victims.

Buying an RV Sight Unseen: 7 Red Flags to Watch for

No Maintenance Records When buying an RV, you want to ensure that the dealer has done routine maintenance on the unit. The seller should have a list of records or proof that they kept up with the maintenance.

Requiring Cash, Wire or an Advanced Deposit

Large transactions should always have an easily traceable paper trail. Anyone asking to complete a transaction with cash is likely trying to hide something. They should also never ask for any advance deposit during a private sale. You should only give money to a seller when you are 100% comfortable completing the transaction.

Seller Won’t Allow Third Party Inspection

This is one red flag we often see in used and new RV transactions. Some dealerships and private sellers will proceed with caution when allowing a third-party inspector to examine an RV they’re selling. This is likely because they’re hiding something or worried about what might get discovered.

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