Camp Any Day of the Year By Finding Year-Round Campgrounds Near Me

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"Camping may feel like an activity best left for spring and summer. But lovers of the great outdoors don’t need to wait for warmer seasons to enjoy their next camping trip. Still, finding a good all-season campground is a little more complicated than just an online search for “year-round campgrounds near me.” So pack up your gear, and let’s explore the secrets to finding that perfect campground for your off-season adventure."

What Is a Year-Round Campground?

A year-round campground is a campground open 12 months a year (or close to it). No matter when you plan your trip, you can rest assured that an all-season campground will be open and ready to receive you.

What Are the Best States for Year-Round Camping?

Unless you particularly enjoy extreme temperatures, it makes sense that states in the extreme north and south of the country tend to have fewer year-round campgrounds. This means you shouldn’t expect many options in states like Alaska, Maine, Minnesota, and large parts of Arizona, Nevada, and the desert southwest.

Are Year-Round Campgrounds Expensive?

Like all accommodations, campgrounds will naturally run the gamut from ultracheap to high-end and luxurious. This is also true for year-round campgrounds, which can fit nearly any budget.

How to Find Year-Round Campgrounds Near Me

Have a Camping Road Atlas That’s Up-to-Date You can also go old school and check out a physical camping road atlas. This resource will be available whenever you need it; no internet or cell service required. Regional atlases may provide more detail, while national ones will cover more ground for cross-country trips

Research Private Parks in Your Area

National directories and resources are great, but they can miss some great options offered by local private sites. If you want to visit a specific park, call or stop by to see whether they operate year-round. Who knows, you may find a gem of a campground and avoid the crowds simultaneously.

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