Can You Put a Sleep Number Mattress in an RV Bed?

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"Some love their Sleep Number mattress at home and wish for one on their RV bed. After all, it only takes one night of sleeping on the mattress that came with your RV before searching for a better option seems like a good idea."

What Is a Sleep Number Bed?

Many people love these mattresses because they have DualAir Adjustability, allowing couples to have individual settings based on their preferences.

Yes, you can use a Sleep Number bed in an RV. However, you’ll want to take into account the weight difference. The weight likely won’t be drastic, but if you’re already up against your cargo carrying or towing capacity, you’ll need to remove items to make up the difference.

Can a Sleep Number Bed Be Used in an RV?

Does Sleep Number Make Mattresses for RVs?

Sleep Number makes mattresses that fit the shorter queen and king-size beds for RVs. You can consider the Sleep Number R5 and Sleep Number R3 if you have a medical condition that requires a comfortable mattress or simply value quality sleep.

How Do You Put a Sleep Number Bed in an RV?

Putting a Sleep Number bed in an RV is relatively easy. You start by assembling the base and foam supports around the edging. You’ll then need to attach the air chambers to the unit air pump. Some RVers drill holes through the floor under their beds to store the air pump in the basement or an under storage compartment.

Traveling Through the Mountains with an RV Sleep Number Bed

Sleep Number recommends that if you travel through the mountains, you should lower the firmness of the mattress. This will help avoid any issues with the expansion of the air from elevation change.

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