Do Bigger Tires Affect Your Truck’s Transmission?

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"Adding bigger tires to your truck may make it look a lot cooler. However, there’s more to adding bigger tires than simply upgrading your aesthetic. Big tires and lifted trucks have quickly become a part of American culture. And having the biggest, baddest truck on the road is the goal for many drivers."

Can Bigger Tires Cause Transmission Problems?

In short, yes. You have to think about all the parts of your truck that have something to do with the tires. When you increase the size of the wheels and tires on your truck, you change the ratio of all the components working together to make your truck stop and go.

What Happens If You Put Bigger Tires on Your Truck?

Many different things happen when you put bigger tires on your truck. It’s kind of a ripple effect, really. Changing the tire circumference changes the gear ratio for your transmission to the road. .

Whether or not you need to add a lift kit to your truck depends entirely upon just how big you’re planning to go with your wheels. The lift kit addition would only be due to the lack of clearance.

Do I Need to Lift My Truck for Bigger Tires?

Will Smaller Tires Affect My Transmission?

Smaller tires can also affect the performance of your vehicle’s transmission. The transmission needs a specific circumference. Changing the circumference will change the needed gear ratios inside your transmission or differential.

Is It Worth Putting Bigger Tires On My Truck?

The question of worth comes down to what you hope to achieve with your larger tires. There are some notable perks to having large ones on your truck. That includes added clearance when offroading, a better grab in muddy situations, and the sheer intimidation factor.

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