Do RVs Need to Obey Truck Speed Limits?

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"Keeping an eye on passing regulatory signs can help you stay on the right side of the law and avoid a costly ticket. However, there are some areas where the speed limit varies based on the type of vehicle. Since it can be very confusing, you might be wondering what the RV speed limit is."

Should RVs Obey Truck Speed Limits?

When it comes to RV speed limits, like passenger speed limits, each of the 50 states sets the speed limits. This causes quite a bit of confusion as maximum speed limits and how vehicles are classified often vary when crossing state borders.

There is no specific RV speed limit. However, some states classify RVs as trucks and require them to follow the posted truck limit. As mentioned before, California is one of the states that requires specific speed limits for RVs. Any vehicle towing a trailer is not to exceed 55 miles per hour.

Is There an RV Speed Limit?

How Fast Should You Drive an RV?

RVers who value safety typically have no issues with the reduced speed limits while RVing. This is because most RVers know you usually don’t want to exceed 65 miles per hour while RVing. Trailer tires are very different from passenger tires and tend not to handle high speeds efficiently.

Can RVs Use Runaway Truck Ramps

RVs that have lost brakes can use runaway truck ramps. They are specifically for those individuals who cannot safely stop their vehicle, regardless of its type. Using a runaway truck ramp is typically the safest option, whether in a passenger vehicle, motorhome, or towing a large fifth wheel. It can help you avoid a dangerous accident.

Driving Tips for RVing

Adjust for Weather/Road Conditions You must be mindful of the weather and road conditions while RVing. Not only do you have to watch for snow or rain, but also wind. RVs are notorious for having wind gusts blow them from side to side. Slow down and adjust your driving based on the weather and road conditions.

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You must follow specific RV speed limits and remember that slow and steady always wins the race.