Dog Strollers: Ridiculous or Adorable?

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"Have you seen people pushing dog strollers around town? It’s a trend that is likely here to stay. But whether or not it’s ridiculous or adorable is what we’re here to discuss."

What’s the Deal With Dog Strollers?

Elderly dogs may have ailments that restrict how much walking they can do. Likewise, dogs who have had surgery or various health problems may have limited physical ability for a while. Taking the dog outdoors in a stroller allows them to take in all the smells and sounds they love.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Dog Stroller?

Elderly, Handicapped, or Ill Pets Can Get Fresh Air For senior dogs or animals with health issues, a stroller is a way to get fresh air without physical strain. Dogs love to smell the outdoors and have their senses stimulated. If your dog can’t run through fields or play “fetch” in a park anymore, a stroller can be a great alternative to get them outside and sniffing around a bit.

Take Your Dog Shopping or to Events

A dog stroller is a non-intrusive way to take your dog around crowds. For example, if you’re going to a farmer’s market, a stroller keeps your dog contained and safe. Walking your dog on a leash in crowded areas can become a hazard quickly for you, others, and your dog.

Drawbacks to A Dog Stroller

It’s nice for dogs to have some socialization with other dogs. Although, we realize this isn’t the case for all dogs. A dog stroller can limit your dog’s social time. Simply be aware of your dog’s needs. If they need some playtime with other dogs, stop at a dog park and let them engage with others for a while. Set up a play date with a friend’s dog.

Lack of Socialization

Adorable Dog Stroller Options

1. 4-Wheeler Elite Pet Jogger The Paws and Pals 4-wheeler jogger has a front zipper entry and a footboard step for your pet to get in the stroller. It also features a canopy that can go up or down.

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