Essential Dog First Aid Basics Every Dog Owner Should Know

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"While we might think our dogs are immune to harm, their playfulness and curiosity can make them accident-prone. Part of being a responsible dog owner is knowing the basics of dog first aid."

First Aid Isn’t Just for Humans

Dogs are just as susceptible as humans to cuts, burns, and broken bones. Not to mention, dogs can suffer from medical conditions outside our control. If your best buddy experienced a medical emergency that required immediate attention, would you know what to do?

A basic dog first aid kit will look similar to a human one, including a few pet-specific supplies. You’ll want to include nitrile or latex gloves, hand sanitizer, a leash, and a muzzle to protect yourself. Even if your pet is generally friendly, they are more likely to bite or become aggressive when in pain.

What to Put in Your Dog First Aid Kit

Dog First Aid: What to Do If…

Your Dog Has a Seizure Your dog may be having a seizure if they fall over and twitch or become stiff or rigid. They may also drool, urinate, or defecate uncontrollably. Some dogs will not fall over but will stare blankly into space instead.

Your Dog Is Bleeding

Administering dog first aid for minor external bleeding is relatively straightforward. Apply direct pressure to the wound using gauze pads. If the blood soaks through, add more gauze and continue applying pressure until the bleeding stops.

Your Dog Is Burned

Burns are complicated as they can range from mild to severe and cover small or large areas of the body. Typically, applying dog first aid to a mild burn (often called a “first-degree” or “superficial” burn) involves running cold water over the affected area for several minutes.

Who Should You Call in a Pet Emergency?

If you’re close to home and have a pet emergency, you should call your veterinarian. When you’re away from home or if the emergency happens after regular business hours, you’ll want to call the nearest 24-hour emergency animal hospital.

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