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What Is the Pinellas Trail?

The Pinellas Trail is a paved path that runs more than 50 miles in Pinellas County in west-central Florida. Built on a former railroad route, it’s west of Tampa Bay and east of the Gulf of Mexico. It’s primarily flat and 15 feet wide in most places, with a surface of either asphalt or concrete.

How the Pinellas Trail Got Started

The official name of this incredible greenspace corridor is the Fred Marquis Pinellas Trail. It’s named for a former Pinellas County administrator devoted to seeing the project come to life.

A Multipurpose Route

Technically, the Pinellas Trail is called a “shared-use path.” The trains don’t run there anymore, nor do any other motorized vehicles other than electric bikes. According to Florida law, e-bikes are classified as bicycles. Besides cyclists, the steady traffic flow includes walkers, runners, and in-line skaters.

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Trail Rules




Keep things moving and keep to the right

If you want to pass someone else, pass on the left and warn them first.

Users should maintain a safe speed, keep a safe distance from others, and not take up over half the trail.

Scenery Along the Pinellas Trail

The trail connects downtown St. Petersburg with a string of other communities, including Bellair, Clearwater, Dunedin, Seminole, and Tarpon Springs. Many use the access point in the Dunedin parking lot because it’s near a particularly scenic stretch.

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