Getting Started with RVing When You Don’t Know How

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"If you enjoy the outdoors and long to disconnect and spend more time with your family, you’ve probably considered getting an RV. Maybe you don’t want to dive in and spend half a million on a luxurious Class A motorhome. But you’d like to dip your toe in the waters with a travel trailer that will accommodate your family. Learning how to RV is vital to the success of your camping experience. If you don’t understand the basics before heading out, you’re in for a world of surprises."

How to RV: Know the Basics

Before planning your first camping trip, research and prepare for an enjoyable and uneventful experience. To set you up for success, let’s look at a handful of RV basics every newbie should follow.

Establish Your Budget

If you don’t establish your budget first, you’ll set yourself up for trouble down the road. You don’t want a monthly RV payment you can’t afford. Then you can’t take advantage of other opportunities. You may miss out on visiting local attractions or trying local foods. Your money is all tied up in your RV instead of having a budget for fun activities.

Take Your Time

One of the biggest struggles for new RVers is trying to go too fast. Take your time when choosing a rig. Take your time when driving down the interstate. Take your time when planning a road trip.

Understand How to Use Your RV Systems

Hookups and Holding Tanks Understanding the plumbing and holding tank system is crucial to ensuring you have an enjoyable weekend. Practice hooking up the sewer, water hose, and power cord at home so you don’t feel lost when you start your first camping trip.

Tips for RV Maintenance

Numerous checklists on the Internet will help you know how often you need to do certain things to maintain your RV. Using an RV is one thing, but taking care of it is just as important. If you don’t properly maintain your rig, you’ll likely experience problems that lead to costly repairs.

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