How to Find the Best Dog Friendly Hikes Near Me

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"Hiking with a friend is one of the more enjoyable activities for those who relish exploring nature. Many travelers schedule their trips to national and state parks around available hikes. For most outdoor lovers, even an impromptu excursion on a local trail is a stress-relieving exercise. Those of us with canines are always looking for dog-friendly hikes, as we’d like to include them in our outings."

Is It Good for Dogs to Go on Hikes?

Unless your pet has a health condition that doesn’t allow them to hike, most dogs enjoy exploring, whether on a walk through the neighborhood or a hike.

Good places to hike with your dog include areas that are safe and free from distraction. Busy roadways or locations fraught with wildlife or other domestic animals could cause your pet distress. They may chase a squirrel or provoke the neighbor’s dog into a bark fest. These distractions could also make it more challenging to control them on a leash.

Where Are the Best Places to Walk Your Dog?

Are Dogs Allowed on Any Trail?

Some trails are off-limits to dogs, and that rule exists for numerous reasons. The most frustrating is because pet owners don’t actively pick up after their dogs, so some property owners that once allowed hiking with your dog had to overrule their permissions. Those hikers ruined the trail for other dog owners by not taking responsibility for their pets.

How Do I Find the Best Dog Friendly Hikes Near Me?

Online Search If you know specific travel destinations, the best way to see if hikes are dog friendly will be to look up that location’s website or governing organization online. Most businesses realize that many of us travel with our pets, and they offer detailed rules with the amenities you might find at their site.

If you know where you are going, can help you find dog friendly hikes near you. Type in the destination, and the massive database will provide hiking trails close to your location. The trail descriptions are specific, providing the length of the hike, its difficulty, and the time it might take to complete.

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