Is Camper Insurance Required?

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"An insurance premium is a fee we hate paying but are glad to have when we need to use it. No matter how careful you are, accidents can happen, and having insurance can help reduce the impact on your wallet and bank account."

What is Camper Insurance?

Camper insurance is similar to auto insurance and other types of insurance. An insurance policy for your camper helps protect the owner from the costs associated with injuries or damages in an accident. Tap below to learn more!

There probably is an insurance requirement, but the answer won't be straightforward since each state sets its own insurance requirements. Tap below for more information!

Is Camper Insurance Required for Your RV?

What Does Insurance Cost on a Camper?

The cost of camper insurance varies from state to state. The coverage in one state could be exponentially higher in another state for identical vehicles and drivers. Tap below to learn what could determine insurance costs!

Can You Insure a Camper That You Live In?

If you’re living in your camper, it’s best to have insurance on your RV and everything inside it. A standard policy may be sufficient for recreational use, but it's not nearly enough for RVers. In the event of a fire or other disaster, your RV will be a total loss, along with your belongings.

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Do you have full-time or recreational coverage on your RV?