Is It Okay to Bathe in a Lake While Camping?

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Is It Okay to Take a Bath in a Lake Or River While Camping?

Can you bathe in a lake? There are typically no laws regarding taking a dip in a lake or pond to get clean. Is it a good idea? Not always. Even if you’re using biodegradable soaps, it doesn’t mean they’re not potentially harming the water, which is home to plants and animals.

How to Take a Bath in a Lake When Camping

Never Use Soap. While you may have a favorite soap or shampoo, you should avoid using any soaps while bathing in a lake. Even if your soap is biodegradable, it can still be harmful to the water. Chemicals in the soap can change the pH levels in the water, making it toxic or challenging for animals to thrive in the lake.

How to Take a Bath in a Lake When Camping

Pick a Spot Away From Other Bathers. You want to avoid bathing in a spot frequented by other bathers. If large amounts of people are taking a bath while camping, it will likely affect the quality of the water. Oils and other residues that come off while bathing will linger in the water.

How to Take a Bath in a Lake When Camping

Bring a Washcloth. Since you’re not going to be using soap to get yourself clean, it would be best to bring a washcloth. Soap makes it easier to get clean and leaves behind a scent, but it’s possible to get clean without it. A washcloth can help you scrub away the oils and other gunk you’ve collected on your skin during your camping adventures.

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