Is the Cabrillo National Monument Worth Visiting?

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"Historically, California has a deep attachment to Hispanic ancestry. But many people don’t know that its coastline was first visited by a European living in Guatemala. Almost 500 years ago, a shipbuilder and businessman set out to find a trade route. They wound up discovering the coastline of what would become the Golden State. Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego celebrates Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo’s accomplishments. "

Who Was Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo?

Born in Spain, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo was considered a conquistador who spent his later life exploring the southwestern coast. He concentrated on California. He accumulated wealth as a leaser of land in Guatemala, building a shipping empire, and made money from mines on the land.

What Is Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo Famous For?

Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo became the first European to set foot on the American West Coast in 1542. He was looking for a trade route and rumored golden cities. His accomplishment occurred in what is now known as Point Loma in the region of San Diego.

What Can You Do at the Cabrillo National Monument?

View the Exhibits in the Visitor Center The park visitor center of the Cabrillo National Monument reflects the modern California landscape design. It has exhibits ranging from 16th-century Spanish armor, 400-year navigation instruments, and lighthouse lenses.

Take a Self-Guided Tour of Old Point Loma Lighthouse

The Cape Cod-style lighthouse at Point Loma was originally put into service in 1855 and has been restored to its grandeur. From Fresnel lenses to oil lamps and reflectors, the old lighthouse put out guiding light for almost 40 years before it was retired.

Is the Cabrillo National Monument Worth Visiting?

With a wonderful temperate climate, a thriving city nearby, and the history of its discovery by outsiders, Cabrillo National Monument has so much to celebrate and preserve.

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